28 Chic Asian Hairstyles With Highlights That You Can Confidently Rock

Contrary to Popular opinion, you will find many gorgeous Asian hair highlights that are fresh and inspiring. More than 70% of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indian women have signature fine and silky hair that can sometimes be difficult to style.

The main concern about highlights for Asian hair is selecting a color that will flatter their unique skin tone. Besides, not all Asian women are blessed with those dark long silky strands. In fact, some of the boldest and freshest hairstyles with highlights come from this region. Read on to uncover 28 inspiring Asian hairstyles with highlights!


How to Choose Highlight Color for Asian Hair?

Asian women’s skin has a unique undertone that should be considered when choosing a hair color. The wrong color will pose a negative contrast against your skin, making you look like a mashup of clashing colors. Determining your skin color can be challenging, but there are a few tricks to achieving it.

  1. The first step to choosing your highlight is determining your skin tone. The reason is that some color works best for a particular skin tone while they are simply disastrous for others.
  2. If you have a yellow skin tone, you should naturally avoid the colors red, orange, and blonde. The reason is that highlighting your hair with these colors only makes your skin tone appear an unhealthy yellow. Rather, you should favor colors like blue, dark red, brown, or olive.
  3. Red skin tone naturally should avoid the red hair color because it will only amplify their redness. They should go for colors like dark blonde, brown, dark purple, or dark green that will neutralize the redness.
  4. Women with dark skin tones should go for bright colors to improve their overall appearance. Colors like blonde, red, and orange will look beautiful against the dark skin tone.


Best Highlights Ideas For Asian Hair

Highlights are one of the simplest ways to change your appearance. Asian women have a unique skin tone enhanced by certain colors. You can read on for inspiring highlights that elevate your skin tone!

1. Balayage on Asian Hair


Balayage may be of Italian origin, but they are just the perfect technique you need to give your hair the perfect highlight. This long wavy hair creates a color gradient that gives the impression of grown-out roots. Now you have the ideal way to give yourself a makeover!


2. Platinum Highlights

Platinum Highlights

Platinum highlights on fine silky hair are divine. They are one of the trendiest Asian hairstyles with highlights that go well with a neutral skin tone. Moreover, this style is best suited for long, thick, and wavy hair bringing attention to the eyes.


3. Caramel Highlights On Asian hair

Caramel highlights on asian hair

This shade is perfect for those who want to keep it subtle and natural, especially for people with a warm undertone. If you are new and don’t want to experiment much, the caramel shade is just what you need to brighten your overall appearance.


4. Ash Blonde

Ash blonde

This long wavy blonde hair completed with a grey highlight is worth trying, especially if you have a calm skin tone. While you can make this highlight bolder, it is actually better in an ombre. The darker roots and lighter tips bring out the beauty in this style.


5. Ombre On Asian hair

Ombre on Asian hair

The ombre effect is always good, regardless of the color you use. The darker roots, blonde tips, and silky texture are the perfect combo more suited for Filipinos. It blends with each other showcasing both conservative and wild aura! This style is perfect if you are feeling adventurous.


6. Light Brown

Light brown

This shade is a lighter version of chocolate brown but with a caramel undertone. It is more like a playful blonde giving warmth and brightness to your overall appearance. The long, slightly wavy hairstyle is everything to project a classic chic look.


7. Rose Gold

Rose gold

If you want to be expressive with your hair, the rose gold highlight is the way to go. The pink shade appears toned, which makes this color sweet and explicit. Combined with the dark-brown roots, it creates a beautiful color layer.


8. Sun Kissed

Sun kissed

This is one of the best highlights for Asian hair that you are absolutely going to love. The Sunkissed hairstyle is a mixture of shades of blonde and brown, making it a beautiful combination for Koreans. The layered haircut is a suitable backdrop to showcase the different highlights.


9. Red on Asian hair

Red on asian hair

Red is one of the most common highlights for Asian women. Whether you are going for the warm or cool shade, they always produce the best effect. Moreover, many prefer a red highlight because they consider it low maintenance.


10. Blue Highlights

Blue Highlights

You know this is your color if you have a cool skin tone. The bluish highlight is perfect for Japanese women’s naturally black and silk hair. It creates a beautiful contrast against the cool skin tone. If you love dark colors, you should choose this shade.


11. Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey Blonde highlights

Honey blonde highlight is sweetness-encompassing. While bleaching your hair to this color will produce something magnificent, the highlights create an innocent aura against your naturally black hair. It is one of the styles you should consider if you have long dark or brown hair.


12. Chestnut Highlights on Asian Hair

Chestnut Highlights on asian hair

Chestnut brown is one of the beautiful shades of brown that always look warm and classy. It produces a glamorous appearance if you have long, thick, and slightly wavy hair. It is also an excellent way to project a bright and sunny aura.


13. Copper Highlights

Copper highlights

Copper highlights go a long way to elevate your warmth. The most incredible thing about this color is that they bring out the beauty in your silky black hair. This Asian hair highlight is one to rock if you love subtly creating attention.


14. Sombre on Asian hair

Sombre on asian hair

Sombre is regarded as an ombre but with a more subtle color gradient. Instead of the stark color contrast you see in an ombre, the colors are closer, creating a more blended shade. The pro is that the blonde highlights look more natural.


Asian Highlight On Different Type Of Hair

Asian highlight is unique because they showcase their skin tone, which is different from their Caucasian counterpart. These highlights can be subtle or bold, depending on what you want. There is always a color that soothes your personality.

1. Curly Asian Hair

Curly Asian hair

Not everyone is blessed with curly hair, but if you are, you should consider this hairstyle. The bleached blonde highlight draws attention to your curls while showcasing your beauty. And they are perfect for short-length curly hair.


2. Highlights on Asian Straight Hair

Highlights on Asian straight hair

You can do several highlights on long straight hair, but the brown to blond shades are one of the best. They are beautiful and always noticeable. The layered hairstyle provides the perfect style to showcase the beauty of these varying shades.


3. Short Asian Hair

Short Asian hair

Of course, not all hairstyles are long. Short hair is particularly fitting for middle-aged women. The thick hair is perfect for the grey blonde highlights creating a more youthful appearance. You can also add shouty colors if you want to make a loud statement.


4. Highlights on Shoulder-Length Hair

Highlights on Shoulder length Hair

Shoulder-length wavy hair is perfect for showcasing any color or technique. The front strand is highlighted with a dull brown that only elevates the dark hair color. Also, you won’t miss the ombre that graduates from darker roots to lighter tips.


5. Asian Highlights on Long Hair

Asian highlights on long hair

If you have a natural brown color eye, then you should try the different shades of brown to elevate your eyes and skin tone. Brown highlights uplift the natural silky dark hair of Korean women. Besides, they look good in cool skin tones.


6. Pixie Asian

Pixie Asian

You can never rock a better feminine look with the pixie cut. Adding the blue and sandy blond highlight gives a chic and classy look which is surprising considering the blue makes a bold statement. Let’s not forget the bangs, which provide styling possibilities.


7. Bob with Bangs

Bob with bangs

The first thing you notice about this hairstyle is the fringe which makes it perfect for projecting different appearances. The brown highlight is so subtle that it is almost unnoticeable at first glance. It is well blended against the dark background, making it gorgeous.


8. Wavy Bob

Wavy bob

Silky hair is the signature Asian hair texture. Not all highlights color will do justice to the skin tone like this ashy brown. The silky, wavy short hair length and the highlights are fun, bold, and endearing while having a glamorous outlook.


9. Messy Bob with Highlights

Messy bob with highlights

It shouldn’t be surprising that blonde is perfect for this messy bob; you can’t picture anything more than this highlight color. Although, adding pink would add a dramatic flare that is cute and innocent. However, this is one of the best Asian hair highlights to try!


Some More Exciting Ideas Of Asian Hair Highlights

Finding highlighting inspiration for your hair is a simple task, but first, your skin tone influences the color you should go for. However, the appearance you are trying to project also matters, but there is never a shortage of exciting ideas you can use.

1. Straight Asian Bob with Blonde Highlights

asian hairstyles with highlights

The chin-length bob might be old school, but there is something modern about the blonde highlights. It looks bold, yet you don’t miss the defiant undertone. This Asian hairstyle with highlights will definitely give you a bold and chic appearance.


2. Asian Short Undercut Pixie Cut

asian hairstyles with highlights

Bright, bold, and decisive are adequate words to describe this pixie cut with an undercut. While the blue highlight is a bold and cool aura, the subtle green at the edges injects warmth into the whole appearance.


3. Long Wavy Hair with Brown Highlights

asian hairstyles with highlights

Generally, the different shades of brown always go well with Korean women’s skin tone. You can make the brown highlights subtle or bold depending on the style. But making it in a gradient is also a good idea.


4. Long Wavy with Balayage

asian hairstyles with highlights

Long wavy hair is an excellent choice for Asian hair highlights, especially for performing techniques like balayage and ombre. The blonde and brown shade makes the highlights look natural and beautiful.


5. Ash Blonde Highlights

asian hairstyles with highlights


If you love grey or Ash color, you found yourself a winner. Ash color is not a common highlight for Asian hair, but it is stunning when you see one. It is simple yet stylish and is perfect for cool skin tones.



Most highlight options in this post are suitable for all Asian women. Selecting one of these would be based on your personal preference and the appearance you are trying to project. However, there is always room to experiment with any of these Asian hair highlights. So feel free to try these options. We hope that these ideas will inspire you!

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