17 Ideas Of Brown Hair With Blue Highlights for All Textures And Tastes

One of the biggest trends right now is brown hair featuring blue highlights. It is incredibly appealing to have black hair and blue highlights together. Since it is difficult to completely change the tone without causing damage, brittleness, harsh texture, and other issues, women with dark hair sometimes feel excluded from current trends. Take a glance at the images below for some chic hair ideas if you’ve always desired to try this intense blue shade as your highlight color.


1. Dark Brown Hair With Blue Highlights

dark brown hair with blue highlights

Your dark brown hair will stop being mundane today! The right trick lies in highlighting their dark blue! Wear them in the middle partition and let them loose on both your shoulders. That’s the right way to wear your short dark brown hair with blue highlights!


2. Light Brown Hair

light brown hair

Not sure of a cooler look for your light brown long and wavy hair? Get a sidelined partition with blue highlights! Not much hard a look to pull with only bottom hair highlights! Remain out of the spotlight but yet bright!


3. Brown Hair With Blue Highlights Underneath

brown hair with blue highlights underneath

Does long brown straight hair need a spark? Dense flicks will give the necessary bounce. Getting blue highlights underneath will make your hairstyle pop! Brown hair with blue highlights at the bottom is just the hairstyle you will rock!


4. Short Brown Hair

short brown hair

Short hair and clueless? Don’t be! A clean Bob cut with thick bangs is your right choice. Get your brown hair highlighted with blue and see how it’s an entirely new you! This hairstyle will suit both your comfort and fashion!


5. Medium Brown Hair

medium brown hair

Straight brown hair medium length? Quite a boring hairstyle to do! Medium-length brown hair, with curls and blue highlights, popping out front, the middle partition, that’s a much cooler hairdo! Running down the length of your hair, the front blue highlights is a definite must do!


6. Highlights And Blue Eyes

Highlights and blue eyes

Light brown hair and blue eyes, not fitting in well? Need something exciting with the hairstyle you carry? Highlight the front flicks and the underneath hair blue. A middle partition will just fit in the right with your blue eyes!


7. Purple And Blue Highlights

purple and blue highlights

Long brown and straight hair make you think of what style to choose. Get the Purple and blue highlighted bottom hair. Let them loose on both your shoulders with a middle partition. The soft curls in the bottom will fit right into the look!


8. Brown Curly Hair + Blue Highlights

brown curly hair + blue highlights

Have short brown hair with curls? Pop out a few strands of the brown hair with blue highlights. Give a side partition. Let a few curly and highlighted flicks pass through your forehead. You are now ready to go!


9. Chocolate Brown Hair + Blue Highlights

chocolate brown hair + blue highlights

Need the right hairstyle for your shoulder-length straight chocolate brown hair? Get these hair arranged around both your shoulders. Highlight the hair blue above your partition to the bangs and below, leaving a length for your natural hair color. There you are ready with the best to-go hairdo!


10. Ash Brown

ash brown

Beautiful ash brown hair needs a notch up in hairstyle? Get your hair blue highlights underneath, peeking from the middle partition. Let the hair loose with soft curls at the bottom of the hair. There you are, ready with your new look!


11. Blue Highlights With Short Dark Brown

Blue highlights with short dark brown

Short brown hair in need of styling? Leave them ruffled with over-hair highlights of blue. You can turn the waves to the back or the side. There’s your new look ready to go!


12. Blue Peekaboo Hair

Blue Peekaboo Hair

Want something new for medium-length dark brown hair? Part them from the middle and let the curls fall down your shoulders. Add the peek-a-boo highlights of blue. Brown Hair With Blue Highlights is a hairstyle for new confident you!


13. Blue Highlights On Wavy Brown Hair

Blue Highlights on Wavy Brown hair

Is wavy brown hair being a little difficult to style? Get front blue highlights with a middle partition. Get bottom hair to have pastel blue highlights. Let the waves fall free to get your new and cooler looking hairstyle!


14. Blue Streaks On Brown Hair

Blue Streaks on brown Hair

Have dense and fine straight short brown hair? Confused about the style that’ll suit you? Not in for going full in? Get a few strands of your brown hair blue highlights. Part in the sides and give them a bounce. There you have the perfect look!


15. Pastel Blue Highlights

Pastel Blue Highlights

Want something new to go for your brown hair? Get pastel blue highlights over your hair and dark blue underneath. Let them flow with your highlighted flicks set free with a side partition. This can be the new look you rock!


16. Pixie Cut And Blue Highlights

Pixie Cut and Blue Highlights

Are you a fan of short hair? Looking for a new look to suit you? Try a Pixie haircut with blue highlights! Won’t regret this choice of hairstyle. It will leave a style statement with comfort! A side partition will give the right fluff to your hair!


17. Brown Hair With Light Blue Highlights

brown hair with light blue highlights

Does your straight hair need just the right highlights and cuts? Medium-length hair with flowy curls and medium partition is the right hairdo! Pair it with light blue highlights, and make those flicks pop up! This Brown Hair With Blue Highlights hairstyle will be the best thing to do!



Can you put blue hair dye on brown hair?

Yes. But if you wish to avoid bleaching, use a blue color formulated for dark hair. Put the dye, let the hair absorb the color, and then rinse.


Do highlights damage your hair?

Blue highlights aren’t as damaging as bleaching. It depends upon the process you do.


How long will blue highlights last?

Blue hair highlights may fade after 7-8 washes. But, it relies upon the shampoo, technique and water you use to wash your hair.


Final Word

You may wish to experiment with the trend of blue highlights on brown hair, and we have presented 17 styles that you may consider. So go funky this season with blue highlights with a good hair makeover.

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