24 Trendy Braids With Undercut For Girls(2024 Favorites)

You may remember the undercut braids from the Jada Pinkett Smith era when braids were a thing on the red carpet. Braids have always been popular, and women find better ways to wear them as trends evolve. Braided hairstyles with undercut are one of those ways and have become more popular recently.

Aside from aiding hair growth, braids are one of the ways to keep your hair neat. Fortunately, they come in different shapes and colors; creativity is limitless. Undercut braids allow women to display their edginess and sophistication.

If you are looking for a balance of both Worlds, the undercut braids are a perfect option. Braids with undercuts are particularly functional, creating a balance for women to love masculine and feminine looks. In all, undercuts make your hairstyle lighter, taking the weight off your head.


How to Wear Your Undercut Braids

The Undercut braid is a traditional hairstyle with shaved sides and back. It allows flexibility and reasonable maintenance. Braids with undercut can be worn in different styles. We discuss some of them below:


1. Box Braids With Undercut

box braids with undercut

You’ll be happy with the undercut braid if you are tempted to opt for an edgy, low-maintenance, and versatile style. To make it pop better, consider the color blue with a slight highlight on the side. It is overall a stylish pattern.


2. Feed In Braids With Undercut

feed in braids with undercut

Feed-in braids are very simple and easy to do. It is a painless and more natural way to wear your braids. The outcome is close to your natural hair because the addition is minimal if any. Finish the style with beautiful accessories and a clean shave on the other side.


3. Knotless Braids

knotless braids

Knotless braids are the toast of the braiding world because they are very light. Furthermore, you can cut your hair into larger bits, making them a good option for people who are heat intolérant. You can leave the braids free while showing off your clean undercut.


4. Lemonade Braids + Undercut

lemonade braids With undercut

Lemonade braids are attributed to Beyoncé. She debuted Lemonade in her 2016 album. The undercut lemonade braid follows the natural hairline and is swept up in a Mohawk style, with the shaved sides keeping the focus on your braids.


5. French Braids

french braids

This style features some free-spirited strips on the undercut. The three lines make way for the stylish highlight with the perfect compliment. Your French undercut is better with more colors, patterns, and textures. After the side shave, your hair goes in a single braid.


6. Braided Short Hair + Undercut

Braided Short Hair with Undercut

Double your hair game with short, colorful box braids on the undercut. The perk of this hair is that you don’t have to worry about the hair disturbing you or touching the back of your head. You also get to keep the shave medium layered- perfect for the summer.


7. Micro Braids With Undercut

micro braids with undercut

Tiny micro undercut braids are back in trend. They are easier to style and manipulate, allowing the wearer to explore their creative side.

While you can wear the braids in a bun, you can also make them into a stylish Mohawk or ponytail. A smile is a good touch too.


8. Crochet Braids

crochet braids

Of all short braided undercut hairstyles on this list, the crochet braid is the edgiest. It mixes bob braids and undercut, hence the edgy detail. You may consider shaving just a side of your hair or the sides and the back. Also, consider a contrasting color for your braids; it adds; a nice touch to your natural hair.


9. Goddess Braids

goddess braids

You cannot resist the failing loose section of this style. It adds a princess-like look to the one-sided braid. In addition to the exquisite color choice, this style frames the face nicely. Let some of the braids down if you like, or an updo to add a curly touch.


10. Jumbo Box Braids With Undercut

jumbo box braids with undercut

It’s challenging to commit to Jumbo box braids and shaved sides. You must be certain that it is the style that you desire. If not, you’ll have difficulty growing out the buzzed sides.

Smaller bits above the ears are a fantastic substitute for the entire buzz. The small undercut detail may stay buried if you decide it’s not for you.


11. Tribal Braids

tribal braids

Undercut tribal braids can be poetic. They are more colorful with the right cultural accessories and a mix of colors. For a lovely yet undone look, think about plaiting only the midsection of your hair and a subtle shave on the sides.


12. Box Braids With Nape Undercut

box braids with nape undercut

With a nape undercut and a buzzing back, the sides of your head produce a mohawk-like appearance. For women who want the cool look of shaved sides without sacrificing too much of their priceless locks, buzzing just the sides is fantastic.


13. Dutch Braids

dutch braids

Often, undercuts are paired with several bits of braided hair. However, a pair is just as awesome. The shaved side cuts focus on the center of your head, where the braids flow seamlessly. Matching it up with big hoop earrings makes a magnificent expression.


14. Braided Ponytail With Undercut

braided ponytail with undercut

A braided undercut ponytail is a fabulous choice if you don’t want to quit your long hair. Show off the stylish undercut with a pair of loose stitch braids.

When you let your hair down, you still achieve a perceived completion. So you get to let your hair down and wear it in a chic undercut updo too.


15. Braids With Undercut For White Girl

braids with undercut for white girl

Your color choice is everything in a braid. For example, this blonde adds the perfect contrast to her natural hair color. Also, it complements her skin nicely. The subtle shave makes eye-catching detail with the best of both worlds.


16. 2 Braids With Undercut

2 braids with undercut

Are you up for a style that speaks for itself wherever you go? With a soft fading undercut, you can create this artistic look. Classic brown highlights make the eyes pop. The undercut is close to the earlobe, blending with your hair magnificently.


17. Black Hair With Braided Undercut

black hair with braided undercut

Black hair with braided undercut channels expresses your inner frenzies. It’s a trendy undercut style that black women can sport. The double-part buzz cut takes off a good chunk of your hair. But a professional stylist can switch it up anytime.


18. Braided Updo

braided updo

When considering a braided undercut, consider a loose braided updo with a touch of color. Retaining your natural hair color is the best way to keep the spotlight on your braids. This results in an eye-catching statement style.


19. Bob Braids With Undercut

Bob Braids with undercut

If you’re up for an appropriate awareness style, bob braids with undercut have a backdrop style that sits well on your shoulders. They are also a great way to protect your hair and add interesting strings to the entire look.


20. Undercut With Twists

Undercut With twists

This shoulder-length twist is a show stealer; it has ‘easy’ written all over it. It incorporates a side shave with a smooth little curve above the ear, giving it a smooth and modern finish. You may slick the shaved side down with a gel while the twists cover up the rest.


21. Long Hair+ Braid+ Undercut

Long hair Braid undercut

Long box braids with shaved sides provide the same sleek look as the back of the head slicked back with gel or wax. Braids are worn for a time, unlike when hair is left unbraided, so it’s important to choose a style that you’re happy with rather than one that you think would make you feel self-conscious.


22. Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde

Men’s haircuts have become a major trend for ladies. This platinum blonde crowns your head suitably; showing cleanly shaven sides is a subtle way to soften the look.

The makeup is perfect for the bold color. If you want to copy this gorgeous style, you want to be sure it is well-suited for your skin.


23. Individual Braids

Individual braids

Make your box braids with shaved sides so noticeable by styling them into individual braids. The finished product is a cool, sophisticated style that will keep your braids sleek and out of your face. A soft tone color works perfectly for the braids.


24. Faux + Undercut

Faux + Undercut

The faux undercut with braids is a popular new haircut that has caught on quickly among modern ladies. Most women like this undercut because of its attractive braided side detail.

With beautiful, long locs, it makes a striking statement. You can see the contrast between the long, soft faux and the equilibrium of the braided hair.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Braid Your Hair With An Undercut? 

Braided hair is a statement hairstyle on its own, and slicing it up with an undercut is so 2023. So, the answer is yes. You can wear your braids with an undercut. Fortunately, there are several options for your taste, style, and skin.



If you contemplate braided hairstyles with an undercut, know that it comes with a maintenance routine. First, you must decide what braid style is best suited for you. Then you consider the length of your braid and the size of the undercut. When you have made these decisions, you are ready to begin your journey into the world of undercut braids. With proper maintenance, you can wear them for months. Add a personal touch with the right accessories. Now that you’re ready, where is your first stop?

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