33 Cutest Pixie Haircut With Bangs for 2024 and Beyond

Pixie cut with bangs is a great option for all hair types. While it helps women with thicker hair manage the volume, women with fine hair use it to mimic volume. Usually, a pixie haircut has a pointy section going in one direction or the opposite.

Since it first appeared on the fashion screen in the 1920s, pixie cuts have been worn short, medium, and long. However, women have experimented with the style, adding colors, bangs, and accessories. Some of the earliest inspiration is the pixie rose of the 1950s.

These days, pixie haircuts with bangs are popular among women of all ages because of the variety. Even though a new season is an excuse to switch styles and try something new, you don’t need to wait till then to shed some layers.


Modern Pixie with Bangs Ideas

If a pixie with bangs has piqued your interest for so long and you didn’t know where to start, you’re at the right place. Check out 33 stylish picks and how you can pull them off.

1. Long Pixie Cut With Bangs

Long Pixie Cut With Bangs

The long pixie bang might remind you of Singer Keri Hilson. While she has rocked several hairstyles on the screen, her blonde pixie with long bangs leaves a lasting impression. The playful aura of the style enhances movement and texture.


2. Messy Pixie Cut With Bangs

Messy Pixie Cut With Bangs

Get ready to stun everyone by cutting your long brunette hair into a pixie cut with a hint of burgundy color. This hairstyle is about sporting something that makes you comfortable. Although the bangs are messy and free, it adds height and draws attention to your eyes.


3. Short Pixie

Short Pixie

Pixies are timeless and cute. This may be the perfect style if you have thin hair and are thinking about a new cut. In addition to being the cut for every mood, this is edgy and elegant, making your neckline more visible. Hence, drawing attention away from your fine hair.


4. Pixie Cuts With Long Bangs

Pixie Cuts With Long Bangs

Long bangs give you access to volume, texture, and fluffy layers. Lean into a fluffy appearance and extra texturizing without losing sight of the hairstyle. Get a luminous shine with your glasses and a beautiful smile.


5. Pixie Bob With Bangs

Pixie Bob With Bangs

If you want to project a high-fashion, this pixie hairstyle with bangs is for you! It has excellent contrast, with a close-clipped finish and sides and a long, casually styled fringe falling over one eye. The grey over dark roots produces fantastic texture and a 3D impression.


6. Curly Pixie Cut With Bangs

Curly Pixie Cut With Bangs

Give your hair a stunning makeover with a pixie cut like this. Here’s a gorgeous pixie with flowy curls. The cut appears to be delicate and lovely. A timeless haircut like this will keep you appearing great for any event and is a fit for everyone. This is a stunning haircut and one of our favorites!


7. Medium Pixie Cut With Bangs

Medium Pixie Cut With Bangs

The charm that comes with the classic medium pixie cut with bangs never fades away. This one is generally short and trimmed, so it flatters all facial shapes perfectly. It is typically fuss-free and does not need any upkeep or styling.

Of course, you may add your quirks and personality to the haircut by using styling tools.


8. Pixie Cut With Curtain Bangs

Pixie Cut With Curtain Bangs

Is a pixie cut appropriate for dense or thick hair? Yes, it is a natural choice if you want to keep your mane short. But what about people with thin or fine hair? Using the correct care and style products, you can pull off a pixie haircut on finer hair. The trick is to add volume to your hair.


9. Pixie With Side Bangs

Pixie With Side Bangs

A side part is a way to do it when it comes to having an edge. This is much more daring and ideal for individuals with long pixie cuts. It gives your haircut the right edge while refreshing the overall look.

What is our recommendation? Flatten the sides and fluff the longer side.


10. Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs

Pixie Cut With Side Swept Bangs

The next hairstyle we have for you is another adorable cut with bangs. This time, we’ve got a lengthier pixie cut with side-swept bangs. It’s a lovely and easy-to-wear look.

The lengthier pixie is ideal for individuals who do not want to go short. Then, of course, you can get the same style with the same color and black roots.


11. Undercut Pixie With Bangs

Undercut Pixie With Bangs

Want to stand out from the crowd with your hairstyle? This may be ideal. The short pixie cut with bangs features curly hair on top. Its brilliant hue creates a fashionable statement and lets you show off your sense of style. You may copy this or sport a color change.


12. Pixie Cut With Straight Bangs

Pixie Cut With Straight Bangs

If you are a fan of the retro-modern look, you will love a good bob with full bangs. This style has grace, taking a pixie bob to the next level. While it is best for women with round faces, all face types can explore the style.


13. Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical Pixie

What is the best way to highlight your eyes? Unquestionably a jet black hair color. Try an asymmetrical pixie cut with short sides, back, and more prominent bangs. Cut them into angles, wear them over your ear, or hide one side of your face.


14. For Round Face

For Round Face

This is probably one of the most fabulous recipes for a pixie cut with bangs and dimensions. To begin, produce messy jet-black hair on a low fade background. Layers can also be added to this pixie hairdo.

Next, use hairspray to mess up your appearance. Then add a subtle touch of makeup for the best effects.


15. Shaggy Pixie With Bangs

Shaggy Pixie With Bangs

As the name implies, this one is all about being messy, fuzzy, and experimental with the pixie cut. This shaggy pixie is evocative of a classic appearance with a purposefully unkempt attitude. Also, if you ever want to grow out your pixie, this is a perfect alternative.


16. Layered Pixie Cut

Layered Pixie Cut

Layered haircuts are popular among long or medium-hair lovers. However, short pixie cut enthusiasts are also in the rave. From the color to the specifically arranged layers, this doll look misses no detail.

Also, if you’d rather not color your hair, consider opting for a wig.


17. Pixie Cut With Bangs For Thick Hair

Pixie Cut With Bangs For Thick Hair

If you thought a pixie cut with bangs was good for thin hair alone, think again. This gorgeous thick mane shows you how to tease your hair while using the volume to your advantage. For more contrast and color, consider highlighting your natural color.


18. Pixie Cut With Bangs For Black Woman

Pixie Cut With Bangs For Black Woman

There’s no need to stress because you’re black; this haircut is perfect for your face shape. Your pronounced characteristics will have the right texture and dimension. This hairstyle is also highly low-maintenance and flattering to the shape of your face.


19. Shaved Pixie Cut With Bangs

Shaved Pixie Cut With Bangs

Here’s that look that defies the standards and indulges your quest in defying the standards. There’s probably nothing bolder than combining baby bangs with an undercut pixie to produce a faux hawk and a metallic style. It looks better when you toss the larger volume to a side, showing off that shaved side.


20. Textured Pixie

Textured Pixie

Texture, volume, dimension, and structure flatter pixie cut the best. You can achieve this look in several ways. The easiest method is to straighten hair strands. However, don’t overdo it; the point is to get sloppy, one-sided bangs.


21. Choppy Cut With Bangs

Choppy Cut With Bangs

This pixie cut is quite precise and may be preferred by some ladies because of the desired effect. It is feminine, cute, and simple. Consider a choppy cut to emphasize your hair in a slightly layered dimension. Then, add a bit of oil for that shine.


22. Edgy Pixie Cut With Bangs

Edgy Pixie Cut With Bangs

The ideal haircut for women who want some volume and an undercut. The volume becomes more pronounced with the undercut, creating an edgy look. Make some wavy bangs if you’d give this look a touch of drama. In contrast to the style, your eyes will pop.


23. Korean Pixie With Bangs

Korean Pixie With Bangs

Korean women do it right when it comes to pixie cuts with bangs, creating beautiful chaos with their cuts.

While this is a lovely look, it does not distract from the benefits of a pixie cut. Instead, you keep your hair straight and well-styled, and the details are more noticeable, which is precisely what you want.


24. Tomboy Look

Tomboy Look

A regular tomboy cut is a variant of an androgynous haircut, but a pixie makes it even better. Because this is a practical style, you can switch it to suit any ambiance. Cop this hairstyle by tousling your strands with some texturizing product.


25. Blonde Pixe

Blonde Pixie

If you are a punk lover, you want to try this cut at least once. It is the perfect one for a baddie. For a consistent color in the blonde shade, expect some change in the application and frequency.

It’s best to do this with a professional stylist; the results will convince you to ride on the trend.


26. Pastel Pink Pixie

Pastel Pink Pixie

As sweet as it looks, pastel pink does not fit every hairstyle. But it is perfection on a pixie cut with bangs. The shade is chic and sleek, giving a stylish finish.

This cut will likely draw attention to you even though the color is subtle. It is a glamorous and natural blend-in hue.


27. Brunette Pixie Cut With Bangs

Brunette Pixie Cut With Bangs

This brunette pixie cut takes us back to the 50s and 60s when actresses Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow graced premieres with charming pixie cuts. Since several celebrities have tried the style even on the red carpets. As an advantage, it is practical, expressive, and versatile.


28. Dark Brown Pixie With Fringe

Dark Brown Pixie With Fringe

More women are into a pixie cut with bangs, adding their creativity to the less conventional hairstyle. This dark brown, textured pixie cut with bangs is great for women with oval faces.

If you have less time for styling, this is the best way to create your distinct look and highlight your eye color.


29. Copper Pixie With Fringe

Copper Pixie With Fringe

Natural bangs are layered since copper hair is one of the finest hairstyles. This short pixie cut has layers that form a lovely curved shape on top of the head. piecey fringe at the front, giving it a beautiful outline. The longer side strands add to the elegant pixie hairstyle’s artistry.


30. Silver Pixie

Silver Pixie

A pixie haircut with bangs and a silver hue is art in itself. The combo forms an ultra, easy-to-style hairstyle, perfect for women who love to wash and go. It doubles as an ideal cut for older women or those wearing it for the love of silver.


31. Grey Pixie With Bangs

Grey Pixie With Bangs

One of the simple hairstyles for fine or medium-thick hair is a super-cute pixie cut. The short layers provide volume to flat hair and give the sides and short, curving bangs a lovely texture. In addition, it is an excellent technique for balancing skin tone.


32. Red Textured Pixie

Red Textured Pixie

You don’t need to straighten your gorgeous waves to achieve the ideal pixie cut because curly or wavy hairstyles with bangs are quite modern.

This red hot pixie hairstyle balances out a wide face, add height and hides your forehead. It is a perfect pick for oval faces.


33. Pixie With Soft Balayage

Pixie With Soft Balayage

Balayage gives the best results on different bases; this technique is perfect for pixie cuts. Pull off these brown highlights to soften your look and straighten your hair for a flawless finish. Pixie cuts with bangs on natural hair are a delight, but with balayage, a whole new world.


Beyond business, pixie with bangs helps you enhance your daily styling. We have shown you fab new styles, shapes, and color ideas. These styles can help you learn to balance your appearance. If one does not work for you, another will. Lastly, enjoy the journey.

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