21 Creative Middle Part Curly Hairstyles For Women

Curly hair has a texture to die for but middle part curly hairstyles are even better. They’re great for warmer seasons and seldom run out of style. Although they are not easy to maintain, middle part curly hairstyles are worthy of any event.

There are a few flattering ways to style your curls naturally, but the shorter, the better. Consequently, side parts are pretty popular. However, middle parts are recently making waves. If your curls are natural, you can achieve the middle part with the right product or when your hair is wet.

A few pointers to choosing the perfect style for your curly hair is to know your face shape. While it can be tempting to stick to a few basic techniques, several styles are possible if your hair is bountiful and curly. Here are 21 picks and how you can achieve them.


How to Style Middle Part Curly Hair

  • The primary focus for hair styling is to create height regardless of your facial shape. Before you start, wash and moisturize your hair.
  • When washing, avoid knots. Use conditioner and moisturizer to prevent frizz.
  • Pat your hair to dry, but do not tangle the part if you have a natural part. If not, create one.
  • To create your part, a haphazard parting with your finger may suffice when your hair is still wet.
  • After this, create a more defined parting and allow it to dry.
  • Consider layering the curls systematically to form the exact style of choice for the best results.


Best Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

Defined curly hairstyles are easier to maintain regardless of the length. We have compiled 21 middle part curly hair options that will care for your strands and save you time.

1. Short Curly With Middle Part

Short Curly With Middle Part

Some say curly hair does not slay when short; this style proves that myth wrong. We think it’s the perfect choice for every woman because the length and color fit every skin tone.

So here’s a tip, consider cutting your curls shorter on dry hair. It’s a better bet for the best results.


2. Middle Part Long Curly Hairstyle

Middle Part Long Curly Hairstyle

This style looks simple owing to its natural attitude and carefreeness. Because of its personality, the lower section appears effortless to achieve. When you let your hair down, apply a defining cream. For a lasting effect, use a holding spray.


3. Curly Bob With Middle Part

Curly bob with Middle Part

Curly hair with a middle part is one of the better ways to enhance dimension on dark skin. Black skin girls can blend their rich black hair with their facial frame, skin type, and fashion sense.

Keep the bouncy curls out of your face to keep the focus on your eyes.


4. Ombre Curl

Ombre curl

Parting an ombré style in the middle is one of the versatile ways to wear them free or in an updo. Treat yourself to a thicker volume by twisting out your hair or intentionally enhancing it with a curly cream. This style is so pretty on black skin girls.


5. Blonde Curl

Blonde curl

Here’s a perfect style for women tired of simple colors. The blonde tips melt into a darker root, giving an ideal contrast to the skin. While this look is complete, the model’s poise adds a touch of perfection.


6. Layered Curl With Middle Part

Layered curl with middle part

Keep your fluffy curls out of your face but on your shoulders. The layered cut combines a short and long style in one. Essentially, the center part flows into the subsequent sections.

So if there’ll be a picture-perfect look on this list, this is it.


7. Middle Part Curly For Natural Hair

Middle part curly for natural hair

Natural hair has the best appeal when presented neatly. This hair with a middle part is a simple yet classy way to let your curls down. It is a face-framing pick that shapes the hair beautifully. A collarbone sneak beautifies the look; with a simple necklace.


8. Middle Part Ponytail With Curly Hair

middle part ponytail with curly hair

Women with long curly hair can take a break from the typical styles. But, of course, nobody goes wrong with a ponytail, especially when you carefully pile the strands on top of your head.

You can quickly switch up your look by adding pull-outs in front.


9. Curly Crochet Hair With Middle Part

curly crochet hair with middle part

Spice up your hair game with curly crochet pieces. Like dreads, crochet is easy to refresh so that you rock them for longer. Try a contrasting hair color, like a mix of dish wash brown and butterscotch.


10. Middle Part Curly With Bangs

middle part curly with bangs

You should not shy away from new styles because your hair is curly. Instead of wearing it down or in a ponytail, consider middle part bangs. This emphasizes your facial frame.

Bring the front section of your hair forward so that it drapes down on either side of your middle part.


11. Curly Hair Weave With Middle Part

curly hair weave with middle part

A better way to wear your curly weave is to leave it flowing like a princess. Flaunt it with confidence. The size of your curls determines how beautiful they will appear in the wind.

When paired with subtle makeup, the style is appropriate for every time of the year.


12. Kinky Curly

kinky curly

In a pinch, the sleek kinky middle part of curly hair is fit for every woman’s crown. Women with naturally coily manes can work their way around this style. The result is rich, voluminous hair, super for every occasion.


13. Sleek Middle Part Curly Hair

sleek middle part curly hair

You may consider this a tamed version of the curly weave with a middle part. The styling makes the difference. While this gives a wet look, it also shines differently. First, apply a rich mix of smoothing oil to the middle. Then, press down with a flat iron.


14. Space Buns With Parted Middle

space buns with parted middle

Space buns are a fun way to rock your curls and stay in touch with the child in you. In addition to keeping hair out of your face, space buns bang with hoop earrings. So, if you’re looking for a mix of fun and stylish, this is a great option.


15. Braided Curly Hair

Braided curly hair

Braids are for days. They are low maintenance and can be styled in different ways. But this middle part of curly braids is in a league of its own. Go all out on the volume with the curly details. Aside from looking beautiful, you’d be protecting your edges.


16. Kinky Ombre Curly Hair with Middle Part

Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

If you love experimenting with your thick natural curls, we’ve got one for you. This ombre kink is a depiction of a high-definition hairstyle.

Ladies with thick hair will enjoy the ease of the length because it will not weigh them down. In addition, you can wear it wet or dry, locking in the moisture.


17. Simple and Carefree Middle Part

Middle Part Curly Hairstyles17

Instead of a conventional middle part, a messy, carefree part will suffice. This style incorporates brown color with streaks of blonde. You can convert this to a neat and casual look with a slight slick down in the middle. Or, sweep it up on a hot day.


18. Butterscotch Curls With a Mix of Blonde

Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

We love this color mix and the dimensionality of the curls. The rich butterscotch color melts into blonde, giving a perfect foundation for anyone seeking an adventure. This shade is suited for medium and deep skin tones.

However, its balanced brightness might work for fair skin too.


19. Kinky-Afro Middle Part

Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

Your afro can do wonders at the appropriate length. Fancy a new look? Moisturize your afro and blow it out. Then create a middle part and sweep it in both directions. Tuck the front section behind both ears and secure with a pin or holding spray. To avoid shrinkage, lock the moisture in.


20. Red Curly Middle Part

Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

We shamefully adore this red middle part curly hair it is hot and spicy, everything a daring woman loves about her curls. With red lips, you will create a bold look that will keep heads turning.

The parted center and the fall of her waves are beautiful on her facial silhouette. This is everything and more.


21. Shoulder Length

Middle Part Curly Hairstyles

This glamorous middle-parted curly hair is structured for sophistication. While the natural curls are perfect for the face, the length makes it better. This style is unique and beautifully structured in the middle for a neat finish. This is perfect for you if you don’t have the time for long curls.



Curly hair with a middle part is the current trend for stylish women. Whether spiral, loose, or ringlets, these styles suit every event. However, if your curls are not adequately layered, they may weigh you down.

Therefore, you should create a cut that takes the weight off your neck. We also suggest using an experienced hairstylist who will help nurture your curls and create the perfect style for your taste.

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