20 Stylish Dishwater Blonde Hairstyles Trend That You Should Try

Lately, dishwater blonde has been on the lips of trendsetters, hair enthusiasts, and women in general. A color that women preferred to hide has made a big break in the hair industry, leaving everyone in wonder. Although many people still don’t know what it is, chances are, you know what it is, but you don’t know the name.

Hair enthusiasts believe that dishwater blonde combines light and dark shades of blonde. That’s true because you can carefully tailor the blonde color to suit your skin. A unique benefit of this blonde hue is that it gives other blonde shades a flattering effect. In this article, we will share some ideas and inspiration for styling your dish blonde hair perfectly.


What is a Dishwater Blonde?

Dishwater blonde is a dark or the darkest shade of blonde. Some people call it dirty blonde because it is also a light mousy shade of brown. Some people also believe that the dishwater shade is more silver than golden, making it cooler than warm. Therefore, you can tailor it to match your skin tone.


Dishwater Blonde vs. Dirty Blonde

Dishwater blonde and dirty blonde are commonly classified as a dark blonde. But dirty blonde is a bit lighter. While dirty blonde has a cool dark blonde shade, dishwater blonde has more brown hues. Dishwater blonde is also the darkest shade of blonde with ashy undertones. However, dirty blonde adds a soft tone to the harshness of the blonde color.


The Perfect Dishwater Blonde Shade

Since the dishwater blonde takes the color of dish wash water, it is mostly called natural color. You can get it on any natural color scheme without stress. Whether your hair is light, dark, or medium blonde, you will get the perfect dishwater blonde on this list.

1. Dirty Dishwater Blonde

Dirty dishwater blonde

The dirty dishwater blonde is in the ‘one size fits all category because it can work for skin colors. From the roots, there’s a cooler tone. As the shade travels down the length of your hair, it gets lighter. Your imagination is the only limitation of this particular shade.


2. Natural Dishwater Blonde Hair

Natural dishwater blonde hair

There are several reasons for you to consider the natural dishwater shade. One, you don’t have to worry about bleach. Furthermore, it is all beige, enhancing your natural tones. Lastly, you have a gorgeous hairstyle.


3. Dishwater Blonde with Highlights

Dishwater blonde hair with highlights

Wondering how blonde highlights looks on your hair? This is the best option for you. Every woman who wants something like the beachy vibes of summer will love this style. In addition, it brings out your naturalness.


4. Ash-Blonde

Ash blonde

To produce a soft, sun-kissed appearance, dishwater blonde is the perfect color. The ashy color fades into the blonde roots, providing a subtle ombre look. Stunning results are achievable when you add loose waves to long hair. It is icy and appealing.


5. Balayage Dishwater

Balayage dishwater

All Balayage color schemes are unique. Dirty blonde balayage is a fun method for creating a cutting-edge results. About three distinct blonde tones are displayed here, with the darkest in the roots and the lightest at the tips. Additionally, this concept produces babylights.


6. Blonde Highlights on Dishwater Blonde

Blonde highlights on dishwater blonde

The glossy blonde highlights are a must-try if you love experimenting or want to bring out your hair’s brown undertones. A dark base is balanced by brighter highlights at the ends, creating a beautiful fusion of tones.


7. Dark Dishwater Blonde

Dark dishwater blonde

Need to tone down your naturally warm skin tone? Changing from darker hair to a lighter, cooler one is a great technique to bring out the warmth in your complexion and create harmony. It is an exciting dance of tones, from dark at the base to nice and balanced.


8. Blonde With Red Highlights

Dishwater blonde hair with red highlights

Using varying shades of highlights results in a stunning color fusion. Red highlights, bolder than natural dishwater blonde, blend well with your hair to provide a glossy, natural effect. Finish off the look by creating a luxurious shoulder-length style.


9. Dishwater Blonde on Pale Skin

Dishwater blonde on pale skin

This pretty hair on pale skin is to die for. Even if your hair is either completely natural or tinted a dark brown at the roots, the rest of it is a very light dishwater blonde. Layers, giving a layered cut effect, make the hair texture lovelier and the shade great for the skin.


10. Dull Blonde

Dull blonde

Dull dishwater blonde hair is perfect for people who do not mind going a shade softer than their usual shade. While the name is ‘dull,’ this hair is a cool-toned charm, offering a middle ground for warmer and cooler tones. It is also an excellent way to be beige and neutral.


11. Blonde with Balayage

Dishwater blonde with balayage

The balayage highlight method is a gentler approach to highlighting that gives the appearance of natural sun lightening. Women who like nuanced color palettes will adore the way this filthy blonde balayage highlights combining the sweetness of blonde tones and loose waves.


12. Beachy Waves with Blonde Highlights

Beachy Waves with Blonde Highlights

There are several ways to wear natural dirty blonde hair. Here’s one of them. Dark brown roots meet some silver and blonde highlights, creating a playful beachy vibe. A beachy wave is effortless, natural, and comfortable. And when you cannot decide between silver tones and dirty blonde, mix them.


13. Bouncy Curls

Bouncy Curls

These bouncy curls will turn heads and get people talking about you at first glance. Toss in wavy curls, ensuring the blonde appears against the darker hair. The layers and waves in her long hair help keep her appearance polished and put together. Brilliant gold tones, yet a beautiful shine.


14. Dishwater Blonde with Platinum Highlights

Dishwater Blonde with Platinum Highlights

Try out some voluminous platinum blonde highlights to liven up your darker roots. There are many variations of platinum blonde hair color, so you’re sure to discover one that works with your complexion. One thing’s for sure; you will fall in love.


15. Short Dishwater Blonde

Short Dishwater Blonde

With the proper ombre styling, dishwater blonde hair is perfect for short hair. Whether your hair is naturally dark brown in the roots or not, the rest of your hair has a bright dishwater blonde effect. This style works better with flowing hair. However, you may also attempt this look with a short bob.


16. Light Blonde

Light Dishwater Blonde

If you combine caramel and lots of ice cream, what do you get? A better version of light dirty blonde hair with highlights. However, you should strive for a seamless fusion of the two temperatures while blending them. The idea of warmth is subtle, like the caramel gold barely showing through.


17. Blonde with Subtle Highlights

Blonde with Subtle Highlights

Adding a little cool-toned blonde to a dark hair color makes a beautiful combination. You get your version of dark, dirty blonde hair by opting for streaks of dishwater blonde. You won’t go wrong blending it with ash-blonde tones, as maintaining your natural temperature is what makes the color balanced.


18. Dishwater Blonde with Dark Roots

Dishwater Blonde with Dark Roots

Want to keep your incredible volume without sacrificing your dark roots? This dark root foundation with a rich color accent might pique your interest. The rich and colorful combination incorporates the finest qualities of blonde, brunette, and black hues to create a new and distinctive color.


19. Pixie Cut + Dishwater blonde

Pixie Cut + Dishwater blonde

Pixie cuts are the new spring and summer trend, a modern class of intentionality. The dishwater blonde pixie cut is a surefire way to accentuate your eyes. Do something daring by getting a boy cut to create a stunning appearance and keep the focus entirely on the top. There is no reason to miss this style.


20. Dishwater Blonde with A Money Piece

Dishwater blonde with a Money Piece

Last on our list is the undeniably flattering and sexy dirty blonde money piece. It is a customized highlight blended with brown roots. There’s no harsh line between your hair and the added color. This style will work perfectly for thin and fine hair, adding dimension and depth.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Lighten Dishwater Blonde Hair?

The first and most common way to lighten your dishwater blonde hair is to bleach it. However, if you are not a fan of chemically produced bleach, other natural agents like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea, or cinnamon and honey will suffice. Giving your hair the required change with less or no damage.


Final Sayings

Now that you know what dishwater blonde hair is, you know that it softens the harshness of other colors, especially blonde. It might interest you to know that several women currently favor this style because of it’s natural aura. What are you waiting for? We hope our list helps you find the best style for your skin and personality.

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