28 Dazzling Curly Pixie Cut Ideas To Show Your Stylist

Curly pixie haircuts have come a long since the twiggy style of the 1960s. However, it is a classic that continues to evolve as the years pass. With a versatile and unsurprisingly rich background, the modern pixie cut is a chip off the old block. Therefore, anyone can wear it.

Celebrities continue to show us that pixie cuts can be worn in different styles. The styling is timeless as long as you know what you want. Of course, some lengths are more flattering than others, but it is never a miss.

Whether you have natural, textured, or relaxed hair, finding a style you love is one of the best ways to transition into a pixie cut. That said, this cut is not a one-size-fits-all. So, get ready to experiment, talk to your stylist, and enjoy the adventure.


Is a Pixie Cut Good For Curly Hair?

Yes, a pixie cut is great for curly hair. It comes with reasonable maintenance and also encompasses diverse styles. In addition, ladies with a natural texture often enjoy pixie cuts because they spend less time styling their hair.


Different Collections Of Curly Pixie Cut

Like a bob, a pixie cut is a crop with longer tops or sides and a shorter back or side. Generally, the cut accentuates the facial structure, elaborating the essential features. We know it’s a bold move, but these images will convince you it’s worth the risk.

1. Naturally Curly Pixie Cut

naturally curly pixie cut

If you are a naturalist and want to keep a shortcut, a curly pixie is perfect. Instead of leaving it as a big chop, a pixie cut crops your curls into layers, creating an edgier effect. First, consider lighter layers at the back. Then, gradually build your way to the top.


2. Curly Pixie + Undercut

curly pixie + Undercut

Ladies who are not afraid to shave off some hair should consider this style! An undercut enables you to design the pixie without compromising the rest of your haircut. Also, don’t forget to maintain the V cut at the nape of your neck from time to time; it only takes a few minutes.


3. Short Pixie With Curl

Short Pixie with curl

Go for a relaxed pixie cut if you need an easy way to keep track of your hair growth after a big chop. The style is best for women with finely textured hair. You can create baby bangs with a few curls, finishing them with a low fade.


4. Long Pixie

Long Pixie

For medium, fine, and thick hair, a long pixie is often a good idea. The combination is better with vibrant highlights. With this style, you’d keep people wondering. But, more than that, you’d create a creative style that adds a nice definition to your eyes.


5. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie Cut

asymmetrical curly pixie cut

This is how to get creative with your pixie if you don’t want the standard style. A modern twist with varying layers and lengths. If you are willing to go even further, allow the tendrils to fall closer to your chin. You will not regret it.


6. Wavy Pixie

Wavy pixie

Try a wavy sweep on a curly cut and watch people compliment you. Aside from being a top choice for oval faces, this cut keeps you in your best look everywhere. The side-swept curls need a curling iron, but the short sides can remain intact.


7. Tomboy Pixie For Curly Hair

7. Tomboy Pixie for curly hair

A woman constantly on the go and in touch with her masculine side might favor a tomboy pixie. It’s neat. The best way to style these curls is with a low fade or undercut. Although you can combine it with other cuts, you get better results with air-dried hair.


8. Edgy Curly Pixie Cut

Edgy curly pixie cut

Because some women prefer loose and flowing curls, this cut made our list. The cut is feathered and appropriate for short cute faces. Although some might argue that it looks better on pale skin, you can make it work on all skin types with the same hair color.


9. Curly Top + Pixie

Curly top + Pixie

Closed clipped sides and some sunshine is ideal for this confident pixie with a curly top. Here is a clean curly pixie cut appropriate for the businesswoman and the relaxed party rockers. Again, this gives you a boost of volume and clean edges. The accuracy is mind-blowing.


10. Plus Size Curly Pixie

Plus size curly pixie

Here’s the thing about pixie hairstyles; if you don’t like them, you can grow your hair. But people hardly hate it, and you can join the wagon too.

With face-framing pieces, try something different, especially if you have heavily textured curls. It’s just the perfect length for the summer months.


11. Super Short Curly Pixie Cut

super short curly pixie cut

This style produces consistent curl patterns that cannot go unnoticed. It opens up your face and neck, teasing with some extra vibrancy.

Here’s the perfect way to do it the dude way and remain feminine. While the hair is chopped to its lowest layer, the hard part keeps it edgy.


12. Pixie Bob

Pixie bob

Sophisticated girls can adopt this stylish bob at the edge of waves and still curly. Women with smaller faces should consider this look.

Ensure that your stylists make the bob as compact as these, giving your hair extra volume.


13. For Thick Curls

For thick curls

While you may find similar styles on our list, this is more adaptable for thick hair. In terms of styling, it can achieve an organized but carefree look.

In addition, the shorter it is, the more beautiful it is. It may require more time, but it is worth it.


14. Curly Pixie For Fine Hair

Curly Pixie for Fine hair

A well-made, flawless curly pixie cut brings out the best in fine hair. Simply trim the hair on the sides and let the curly top maintain this style.

The hair color might also be worth your time. Check out the elegance of this cut; give it a shot and see what happens!


15. Pixie Cuts For Curly Hair Over 50

pixie cuts for curly hair over 50

Sometimes, older women get tired of styling their hair because of the grey. But these days, what they can do with their never ceases to amaze us.

The options are numerous, but you can define your style with a pixie cut. This would be perfect for naturally curly hair.


16. Pixie With Bangs

pixie with bangs

This clean and wavy pixie cut is ideal if you want a curly cut that offers you a professional and fashionable appearance.
Of course, no one cares what color your hair is, but ginger is always a good choice if you’re a daring woman.


17. African American Curly Pixie Cut

african american curly pixie cut

Black women’s natural curls are so beautiful that a curly pixie cut is a popular hairstyle request. However, you need not be black to rock this stunning do.

To join in, all you need are natural curls or the desire to curl your hair to accomplish the appearance, and you can be of any race.


18. Layered Curly On Pixie Cut

layered curly on pixie cut

A curly pixie cut is not only a stylish way to show off your fun and cool attitude but also a style that has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Although soft curls are stunning, layering them offers greater versatility in hairstyles. Customize by requesting longer bangs or a longer fringe.


19. Messy Curl+ Pixie

Messy Curl+ Pixie

If you’re not afraid to explore, make your curls messy. This picture shows the flirty side of a chic woman with no dramatic sweep.

Pair with makeup for a striking look that will turn heads. Don’t be afraid to skip your accessories; your head and face are saying enough.


Curly Pixie Cut For Different Face Shapes

Choosing a fantastic hairstyle that works well with your characteristics (such as face shape and hair type) is the best way to stay one step ahead. Here are some facial frame-friendly styles for your consideration.

1. Curly Pixie Cuts For Round Faces

curly pixie cuts for round faces

Have a round face? You are not alone. Curly pixie cuts are great on round faces and have a fashion moment.

For a fun look, have your hairdresser give you a short, curly pixie cut and ask that the bangs fall slightly over your forehead. This edgy pixie has a gentle and romantic quality because of its color.


2. Curly Pixie For Oval Face

curly pixie for oval face

Curls complement the oval face shape beautifully when worn asymmetrically. The key to maintaining a stylish appearance is to keep the hair short around the face, towards your ear, while the curls emphasize the face.


3. Heart Shaped Face

heart shaped face

It’s possible to find a cut that flatters your cheekbones and brings out the best in your eyes if you have curly hair and a heart-shaped face. Any curl works as long as the twist is not drawn apart.


4. For Square Face

For Square face

Choosing a cut that rounds off your features will help you avoid the unflattering “boxy” appearance.

You can even conceal the sides of your face with the right bangs. Curls, thankfully, almost take care of this challenge.


Curly Pixie With Different Hair Color And Shades

Face framing curls and color enhances pixie cuts. With various color selections, take your short curly style to the next level.

1. Blonde Curl With Pixie

Blonde curl with pixie

Adding texture to your hairstyle is another way to trick the eye into perceiving thicker hair. To achieve maximum volume, go blonde, curl your hair, and brush it upwards. However, this technique should not cover the entire head.


2. Pixie With Grey Curl

Pixie with Grey curl

It might be challenging to compile all the possible ways to play around with short, grey hair.

Although all cuts and styles have their risks, some are more daring than others. Grey pixie is made for you if you want to look great and get noticed wherever you go.


3. Curly Pixie Cut Black Hair

curly pixie cut black hair

This cute and easy pixie cut shows off the wearer’s unique sense of style while highlighting the natural beauty of her hair.
It’s a great style if you have short hair but don’t want to spend too much time styling it each morning.


4. Brown Curly Pixie Cut

brown curly pixie cut

Do you want to cut your hair short but can’t decide on the color? There’s always room for compromise. For example, try a brown pixie cut that eases your transformation into a curly pixie cut. You can also wear it while your hair grows out.


5. Curly Pixie With Highlights

Curly Pixie with Highlights

The last item on our list is fashionable and convenient to maintain. This style features a short haircut with a sectioned highlight. You can have the best of both worlds with hair like this. Beautiful, manageable, and classy.


Things to Consider Before Considering A Pixie Cut For Your Curly Hair

  1. Facial frame, shape, and structure: just because a style looks good on the other person doesn’t mean it will look good on you. With a curly pixie cut in mind, you must consider your facial structure.
  2. No one-size-fits-all: we have discussed short curly I cut in this list. However, there are several variants: medium, long, pixies with undercuts, and bangs. The variations are endless. Therefore, you can find more creative ways to wear your pixie cut.
  3. New routine and styling: remember that your routine will not be as you used to know. A short pixie hairstyle should save you time.
  4. Investment in products: for your hairstyle to last longer, quality products are a must. Consider the cost before you begin.


When considering curly pixie haircuts, choose what makes your curls more prominent. Then, with myriad options, focus on your features and what makes your daily life easier.

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