35 Trending Asymmetrical Pixie Cut Looks for 2024

Want to put an end to bad hair days? Go for a fuss-free and versatile asymmetrical pixie cut! This head-turning chop is the modern take on the old Hollywood pixie that has been winning hearts since the ‘50s.

Like a pixie, this cut keeps the hair short on the back and sides with more length on top, sideburns, and bangs. If this sounds like something you’d love to try, then this is the place for you! Our guide shares all you need to know about this popular cut, so read on.


Asymmetrical Pixie With Different Hairstyles And Ideas

Texture, side-swept bangs, fringe, two-tone colors – there’s so much you can do with the extra hair to accentuate, cover, or lengthen your face. The rundown below will give you an idea of the sheer versatility of this major hair trend. Let’s dive in!

1. Asymmetrical Curly Pixie

asymmetrical curly pixie


Maintaining curls is no easy task. And while long gorgeous curls are the stuff of dreams, we bet there are moments when the sheer volume and frizz get to you. Well, you, my friend, are the perfect candidate for snipping your curls into a sassy asymmetrical pixie haircut.


2. Asymmetrical Long Pixie

asymmetrical long pixie

Here’s the thing about a pixie cut – it doesn’t always have to be super short. A long pixie cut lets you retain enough length to play around with (think side-swept bangs and layers), making it perfect for those who want to ease into the idea of a short pixie.


3. Asymmetrical Short Pixie Cut

asymmetrical short pixie cut

An asymmetrical twist on the stylishly short pixie is chic and efficient. The highlight of this low-maintenance crop is the longish bangs that do wonders in accentuating your face.


4. Undercut Pixie

undercut pixie

Nothing says edgy and nonconformist more than an asymmetrical pixie with an undercut on one side. It’s perfect for those looking to debulk and get a tighter look around the ear on one side with flattering layered bangs on the other.


5. Asymmetrical Thick Pixie

asymmetrical Thick pixie

While asymmetrical pixie suits a variety of face shapes and hair types, it’s particularly blissful for the thick-haired with extreme volume.


6. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

asymmetrical pixie cut for thin hair

If you have thin hair, then a cut that adds volume and texture will do wonders – and an uneven pixie cut scores in both these departments! Wear it in low parted side-swept bangs that cover a part of your forehead for a youthful look.


7. Asymmetrical Wavy Hair

asymmetrical wavy hair

A tight-to-the-ear look on one side with striking long waves on the other – what better way to show off your beautiful wavy hair minus the hair drama? Pro tip: Use a curling wand or modeling wax and get creative with the styling.


8. Messy Pixie Cut

messy pixie cut

This out-of-bed haircut has our hearts! It’s perfect for confident and carefree souls, not aiming for a polished look. The messy pixie minimizes your forehead and draws attention to that spark in your eyes.


9. Edgy Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

edgy asymmetrical pixie cut

This edgy chop does what it says – make you stand out in the crowd. The hair is kept long on the crown and one side, while the rest is cropped to the ear’s length. It’s particularly flattering for round faces and heart-shaped faces.


10. Asymmetrical Shaved Pixie

asymmetrical shaved pixie

To achieve this bold and sassy look, ask your stylist to chop your mane into an asymmetric pixie but closely shave the shorter side to create a striking contrast.


11. Asymmetrical Layered Hair

asymmetrical layered Hair

To achieve this bold and sassy look, ask your stylist to chop your mane into an asymmetric pixie but closely shave the shorter side to create a striking contrast.


12. Asymmetrical Pixie With Choppy Hair

Asymmetrical pixie with choppy hair

A pixie cut with bold, blunt chops or edgy spikes is hassle-free to style and perfectly complements the confident, rebellious you.


13. Pixie Bob

Pixie bob

A match made in heaven! This chop flirts with two of the hottest short hair trends – pixie and bob. The hair length is typically left longer than a straight-up pixie (ear length) but shorter than a bob (neck length).


14. Asymmetrical Pixie With Fringe

Asymmetrical pixie with fringe

Imagine your hair short on one side, long on the other side, topped off with a beautiful front fringe! Get this chop, and you won’t be going back to long locks for quite some time.


15. Asymmetrical Pixie With Stacked Cut

Asymmetrical pixie with stacked cut

Here’s why we love the stacked cut – the layers upon layers add texture and significant volume on the top and are neatly tapered at the nape of the neck. A cut like this looks even better with soft blonde highlights.


16. Very Short Asymmetrical Pixie

very short asymmetrical pixie

If a fresh, lighter look is on your mind, this haircut is for you! The short pixie sheds the volume while the longer cheekbone-touching side frames the face to make it appear slimmer.


17. Pixie Cut With Bangs

pixie cut with bangs

Elevate the classic pixie with bangs to add dynamics and movement. It’s a cute look and would take years off you if that’s what you’re looking for!


18. Asymmetrical Pixie+ Long bangs

asymmetrical pixie+ long bangs

Go short without giving up on your long hair game with this haircut. Pro tip: Use a flat iron to tame the strays and give a sleek finish to your new hairdo.


19. Asymmetrical Shaggy

asymmetrical shaggy

We’re obsessed with this shaggy chop. It’s a cool, low-maintenance chop, ideal for those with large foreheads. What’s more, you can always tweak it into the classic asymmetric pixie.


20. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Side Part

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut With Side Part

A deep side parting drapes your forehead with side-swept bangs to emphasize your features. Long plunging side bangs will add definition and make styling more fun. Works best on oval faces.


21. Asymmetrical Pixie For Black Women

Asymmetrical pixie for black women

An ultra-low maintenance cut for African American women to put an end to the daily struggles that come with thick, curly hair.


22. Straight Asymmetrical Pixie

Straight Asymmetrical Pixie

Think of this haircut as your launchpad into the world of short hairdos. It’s an excellent pick for long, thin hair as it kicks in extra volume. Your crown appears fuller, and you also have ample extra hair to play around with your looks and keep them versatile. Win-win!


23. Pixie Cut For Women With Glasses

Pixie cut for Women with Glasses

If you wear glasses, this chop might just change your life. Ear skimming undercut on one side and long sweeping bangs on the other deliver an overall no-fuss look that goes brilliantly with glasses. Pro tip: Have fun by experimenting with different styles of frames.


Asymmetrical Pixie With Different Haircolor and Shades

How about changing your natural hair color to take the edginess up a notch? Here are nine ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Blonde Pixie Cut

blonde pixie cut

Turn your glam on with a short blonde asymmetrical pixie – the very definition of edgy!


2. Asymmetrical Brown Pixie

Asymmetrical Brown Pixie

A brown hue topped off with soft caramel highlights – oh so dreamy!


3. Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

Ash Blonde Pixie Cut

When in doubt about what hair color to pick, go for ash blonde with a shadow root. A surefire head-turner!


4. Grey Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Grey Asymmetrical Pixie cut

A grey pixie chop isn’t just reserved for those above 50. The color works for any age, face shape, and hair type. Try an icy-grey blue hue to jazz things up a bit!


5. Purple Asymmetrical Pixie

Purple Asymmetrical Pixie

Purple is a huge hit with fans of the pixie cut, especially pastel lilac, which looks absolutely magical!


6. Asymmetrical Pixie With Skunk Stripe

Asymmetrical Pixie with Skunk Stripe

Say hello to the two-tone quirky skunk stripe variant! Embraced by the likes of Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish, and Dua Lipa.


7. Asymmetrical Pixie With Highlights

Asymmetrical Pixie with Highlights

You can never go wrong with highlights to add a dash of mystery and texture to your hairstyle!


8. Silver Layered Pixie

Silver Layered Pixie

An asymmetrical layered pixie with silver highlights is a fascinating 2022 hair trend we cannot ignore.


9. Asymmetrical Pixie With Burgundy

Asymmetrical pixie with Burgundy

Burgundy looks rich and radiant on natural brunettes, especially when you step out in the sun. Pair it up with a gorgeous asymmetrical pixie, and you’re sure to dazzle!


Asymmetrical Pixie For Diffferent Face Shape

The same asymmetrical pixie cut may look very different on different people, depending on their face shape. That’s why it’s important to pick a style that not only works well but accentuates your natural face shape!

1. Pixie Cut For Round Face

pixie cut for round face

In this pixie variant, the fringe frames the forehead, while the asymmetrical side bangs make a round face look longer and narrower.


2. Pixie Cut For Heart Shaped Face

Pixie Cut for Heart Shaped Face

A cut that frames the forehead and cheekbones like this one is a godsend for those with heart-shaped faces.


3. Asymmetrical Pixie On Oval Face

asymmetrical pixie on oval face

A lot of hairstyles suit an oval face. However, if you want to add definition and height and frame your face in all the right places, then an asymmetrical pixie is the way to go!


Final Thoughts

Asymmetrical pixie cut combines old Hollywood glamor with modern-day efficiency. Work, college, soirees, or even the red carpet – this chop can get you ready in a hot minute. So, for the next salon appointment, chat with your stylist about which of these variants would best suit your face and hair type. Happy styling!

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