How Do You Thin Out Long, Thick, Curly Hair?

How do you thin out long, thick, curly hair is undoubtedly the most common question that goes through your mind when you have extensive, voluminous, unruly tresses. Even though big hair always attracts attention and gives a fuller appearance, it’s not always glam and glitz. Such tresses are not only high-maintenance but might also feel uncomfortable because of the enormous hair weight. And therefore, we understand your need to get your curly tresses thinned out as soon as you can.

Keeping in mind your comfort and style too, in this article, we have discussed some of the easiest and most practical ways to thin out your thick, curly tresses. Pick the one that suits you the best girl!


Should I Thin Out My Curly Hair?

If you think your long, curly, thick tresses are too much for your comfort, you should try thinning your hair. It will make your hair feel light and breezy, ensure comfort and become more manageable. After making them thin and controllable, you would love your manes more, and we can assure you that.


How to Thin Out Long, Thick, Curly Hair? 6 Easy At-Home Hacks

Not everything works to make your unruly tresses controllable. But then again, there are some amazingly effective ways too. Let’s learn a few tricks you can try to thin out your manes so that getting easy-breezy hair is no longer a dream for you.


Method 1: Use A Shampoo For Thick Hair


One of the quickest and easiest ways to thin out your unruly thick, curly tresses is by using a shampoo specially made for them.

Shampoos made for thick curly tresses are rich in moisturizing ingredients that tame them down and provide your hair a smoother and more manageable appearance. It helps to make the big manes sleek and give them a thinner look.

Just make sure to buy a shampoo that doesn’t have any bit of volumizing components in them.


Method 2: Straighten Your Manes

Thin Out Long, Thick, Curly Hair

Another easy, no-fuss way to give your tresses a thinner appearance is by straightening them with a suitable hair straightener. Flat ironing the unruly manes will provide them with a sleeker appearance and make the hair strands look thinner and more manageable.

To straighten your curly, long, thick hair, start with completely dry hair. Take a suitable flat iron according to your hair type and start straightening the strands in smaller sections. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant to shield these from any heat burns and damage.

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Method 3: Volume Reducing Products Work Too

Thin Out Long, Thick, Curly Hair

Because thick, curly tresses are big and voluminous, volume-reducing products would definitely help to smoothen these locks and give your hair a silky, thin, tamed-down look. As these products hydrate the strands from deep within, they flatten the cuticles, sleek down the hair and as a result, make them appear thinner than ever.

However, before putting on anything on your manes, make sure that it is just the right one for your specific hair texture.


Method 4: Try A New Haircut


Trying a haircut method doesn’t mean you have let go of a lot of hair. You can get a suitable layered or short graduated bob haircut to not only makes your voluminous tresses look thinner but also take a whole lot of hair weight from your head. A new hairdo would also switch up your overall style considerably.

Before getting a new haircut, don’t avoid consulting with your hairdresser and explaining your concerns. Otherwise, there are chances that you might not end up getting what you want.

Method 5: Wash Your Manes with Cold Water


Even though it might sound a bit weird, washing your big, unruly hair with cold water can actually make them sleeker and thinner than before. The cold temperature of the water closes the hair follicles and reduces frizz to make the tresses silky and smooth. And when your manes are smooth, they automatically lose the extra volume and appear to be thinner and sleeker- just as you have always wanted.


Method 6: Incorporate A Moisturizing Treatment Into Your Routine

How Do You Thin Out Long, Thick, Curly Hair

If you feel like the home remedies aren’t giving you the results you have been looking for, you can always try a professional moisturizing treatment to reduce the fluffiness in your manes and make them look thinner and smoother.

If you are unsure what treatment to get, ask the hairdresser for suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Thinning Scissors Ruin Hair?

Thinning scissors can ruin and damage your precious hair, and there is no doubt about that! As this scissor has a texturizing blade, it can ruin your manes in no time, even if the slightest goes wrong. And therefore, we would advise to only use a thinning scissor in the hand of an expert rather than yourself.


Does Thinning Out Hair Make It Frizzy?

Too much and too frequent thinning will most definitely make your hair dry, frizzy, and static. Make sure to do it once in a while to maintain your manes health and luster.


Wrapping Up

Even though it might seem impossible to thin out unruly thick, curly manes, in reality, it is quite an easy and popular haircare procedure. Women often adopt a hair thinning method in their hair care routine to enjoy sleek and manageable tresses rather than big, weighing ones. And with the tips and tricks we shared above, you can achieve that without much difficulty.

Try them, and let us know how they transformed your hair!

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