32 Beautiful Midnight Blue Hair Color Ideas

When you lay your eyes on the midnight blue hair color, it may be hard to decide what shade of blue you see. It’s a mystery, after all. The burst of color is a rich blend of dark blue tones and black. The result is a rebellious color, a beautiful rebellion.

It is possible that you don’t see this particular shade every day. It’s a unique color that only bold women can body effortlessly. There’s a personalized vibe to it.

However, a good reason to consider midnight blue hair is the class that comes with it. It is not too loud, not too cold, just the exact thing you need. And when you’re under the sun, you’re such a pleasant sight.


Shades of Midnight Blue Color Hair

If you like to walk into a room with all eyes on you, this should be your next hair goal. We have highlighted 32 unique styles that will put the room to a standstill when you’re in sight.

1. Midnight Dark Blue

midnight dark blue

The midnight dark blue falls flawlessly into a category that highlights your skin and eyes. It is everything you may dream about and even more. Whether sporting it on mid-length or longer hair, this style gives your bang a customized definition.


2. Midnight Blue Black

midnight blue black

Midnight blue black is the darkest hair in the category. The gist is that it goes well with darker hair shades. It is perfect when your hair is dark and you desire a subtle change. We like how this looks like the easiest way to give your hair an upgraded look.


3. Midnight Blue On Curly Hair

Midnight blue on curly hair

We love how this midnight blue hair color sits pretty in curls. It is a sophisticated yet edgy look. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to pull it off with the right curly accessories. You may also need a holding spray to keep the curls in place for longer. A touch of makeup will bang on this style.


4. Ombre + Midnight Blue

Ombre + Midnight blue

There is no better way to complement the midnight blue hair color than the ombre combination. It is scrunchy, versatile, and detailed. If you’re into a Hollywood look, this is the one. Remember to wear a big smile and keep the volume rich.


5. On Pale Skin

On pale Skin

Sometimes, choosing a hairstyle is the best compliment you can give your skin. This shade of midnight blue is so gentle on the skin. Don’t be afraid to plunge, especially if your skin type is pale. It gives you all the boldness you need in your skin.


6. On Tan Skin

On Tan skin

If you feel that wearing a midnight blue hair color is not for you, you should probably consider getting tanned. Midnight blue on tan skin is super gorgeous. Keep it mid-length and sweet. A middle part will come in handy as the style lights up your face.


7. Midnight Blue Hair Color On Dark Skin

midnight blue hair color on dark skin

The only thing dark-skinned women love more than their skin is darker hair. This style is one you cannot afford to pass up. It is comfortable, and the contrast looks great on dark skin. Consider keeping your roots darker as you transition softly from the roots to midnight blue.


8. On Dark Brown Hair

Midnight blue on Dark brown hair

Everything about this style is captivating. You might consider making this your pick for the subtle undercut to the brown details on the tips. We are already in the brown era, and this trend may not end soon; why not jump on it?


9. Purple + Blue

Purple + Midnight blue

Dark midnight blue color is something to go by, but have you seen these purple streaks on them? Besides making your hair seriously enviable, the midsection of your hair can make someone fall in love at first sight. It is like violet highlights beginning from the roots.


10. Midnight Blue + Blonde

Midnight Blue + Blonde

When we say midnight blue is for the bold; those who like to make a statement, this is what we mean. To switch up your blonde hair game, consider adding a shade of midnight blue, as seen in the picture. The thing is, the results will be amazing. You may not want to switch back.


11. Silver Blue

Silver Blue

This ashy, silvery shade of midnight blue is both bold and subtle. It is attention arresting. We love the almost invisible black details on the roots and how the silver touch is more pronounced at the tips. There is a good blend of color tones that will suit your hair perfectly.


12. Classy Short Hair

Midnight Blue with short hair

Want to rock the midnight blue hair color on short hair? Then this combo may be all you need. The combination of short undercut pixie and midnight blue hair shows a spirited, confident, and daring woman. The result is a smoldering, bright look.


13. Long Hair

Long hair midnight blue

Try combining this gorgeous shade of midnight blue with your long hair and see the dimensional results. The color will give your curls extra emphasis that won’t just turn heads but make you a proud blue woman.


14. Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Shoulder length hairstyle

Women who opt for shoulder-length hair are either doing it for comfort or the fun of it. Both are great, and you can enjoy the freedom that comes with this decision in the midnight blue hair color. Add minimal makeup and a pair of glasses to keep it cool.


15. On Straight Hair

On Straight hair

If you want a nice, cool-toned shade of midnight blue, consider doing it on silky straight hair.

Because it is a gorgeous blue that looks well with cooler complexion tones, this is one of our favorite hair colors. We recommend talking to a professional if you’re considering this.


16. Bob Cut + Midnight Blue

Bob cut + Midnight blue

Women who desire simple, low-maintenance styles love short, defined bob cuts. If you want to show off or give the impression that you’ve put a lot of effort into your look without really doing much, this hairstyle is for you. You may consider the slightly fuzzy details on the side for a more refined look.


17. Blue Hair Color On Natural Hair

midnight blue hair color on natural hair

When a simple change in hair color can dramatically impact your natural hair, why bother with something else? Keep your hair at shoulder length and dye it to the midnight blue hair color for maximum impact. You can thank us later.


18. Moonlight+ Midnight

Moonlight+ Midnight

The beauty of this trendy color mix is that you can adjust it to suit your skin tone. However, the more black you add to the mix, the more universally flattering it will be. If you have a penchant for unconventional hair colors, this combo is the next step in your journey.


19. Pixie Bangs With Midnight Color

Pixie Bangs With Midnight blue

So long as one distinct hair color can distinguish you, there’s no need to make things more complicated. In a daring move, give yourself a short pixie cut and color it midnight blue. Sit back and enjoy the attention that comes with this simple decision.


20. Midnight-Navy Blue

Midnight-Navy Blue

If you want a highlight effect on your hair, go for the midnight navy blue color. It adds just the right kind of softness. Getting this deep blue hair color is one way to give off a confident vibe since nothing kills it more than midnight under the sun.


21. Braided Half Up Half Down

Braided Half Up Half Down

Braids are perfect for women who like to have their hair in order, especially when they don’t want to change their style soon. Midnight blue hair color is charismatic on braids. The half up, half down do emphasizes your black roots and accentuates your face.


22. Blue With Layered Hair

Midnight Blue with Layered hair

Layered hair will always have a special place in our hearts. If you want a more intriguing style, then try this. This is perfect for all skin tones and complements it well. Midnight Blue hair color adds a lovely flash of color without being too harsh, making it a great choice for those with naturally dark hair.


23. Curly With Headband

Curly with Headband

Not everyone can pull off curly hair; talk more of curly hair in midnight blue color. But girls with guts may wear them, without shame, with a statement headband. The hue may appear drastically different from your normal color, but if you want to make a difference, give it a try!


24. Midnight Blue Streaks

Midnight Blue Streaks

This cut is perfect for you if your hair is naturally wavy and shiny; the highlights will draw even more attention to you. Elegant and modern, it takes its cue from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood now and is suitable for a peek-a-boo highlight.


25. Blue And Black Balayage

Blue and Black Balayage

The balayage highlight stays true to the results, regardless of your color choice. This look will not be complete without the curly magic on the hair tips. Curling your hair in sections is a great way to add volume and enhance your natural beauty. Curling the tips bring out the best in this dark blue hair color. There will be no hiding its splendor.


26. Ash Midnight Blue

Ash Midnight Blue

Having a midnight blue hair color is a fashion statement, but you must take special care of it. Overwashing will cause it to fade faster. However, you may love to rock it and embrace your newfound look. Beautiful ash tones are the result, adding a touch of sophistication to your eyes.


27. Afro Midnight Blue

Afro midnight blue

Curly-haired ladies of all ages with an afro should try this cut. The big even snips around the crown of the head are made up of kinky coils, which are then colored deep midnight blue – like the night sky. Style the front section to get a flat detail that keeps the back voluminous.


28. Vibrant Shoulder Length Midnight Blue

midnight blue hair color

Midnight blue hair color may differ with shade, but they are all stunning. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful deep blue shade if you’re going for a more refined style. Its near-black color is part of what gives it such a stunning appearance.


29. Mute Blue Curls with Bangs

midnight blue hair color

If you’re considering dyeing your midnight blue, know it works well with any length. One thing about these mute shoulder-length curls with bangs is that the dye quality determines the color fade. Natural black roots showing up on all sides are not a problem.


30. Galaxy Midnight Blue

midnight blue hair color

Women going for a unique appearance should give the galaxy hairstyle a go. A galaxy hair consists of a base color of purple with pink or multicolors and blue accents. A spectacular three-dimensional effect is an irresistible outcome.


31. One Sided Ombre

midnight blue hair color

If you’re familiar with the ombre hair trend, you may be curious about this one-sided midnight blue ombre style. If you are gunning for a style that others might not wear, this is it. Many people will favor this style because it is unique and distinctive.


32. Peek-A-Boo

midnight blue hair color

Blue peek-a-boo highlights are just as lovely as other styles on the list. Peek-a-boo highlights are a hair coloring technique in which the dye is only placed on the lower part of your hair so that it only shows through when you comb it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does Midnight Blue Hair Last?

A vibrant midnight color hair should last between 15 to 30 washes. However, when the dye fades off in between washes, you can wear it as another shade of midnight blue. 


Does Midnight Blue Go with Grey?

Yes. Because grey is a cool color, midnight blue is nice on it. The combination produces a very natural effect. Since blue is more vibrant than grey, there is a beautiful mix of colors that looks great on the hair. 


Final Words

Hopefully, you now under how the midnight blue hair color works. If you’re having trouble settling on hair color, give the shades on this list some thought. Instead of taking a risk with a deeper shade, you may consider talking to an expert first. If you’re unsure about going bold with your appearance, you should experiment with any of the beautiful blue tones on the list.

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