Hair Turn Purple When I Dyed It Blonde: How to Fix

Have you ever used a blonde dye that turns into purple? If you can relate to this, you are not alone. Changing your hair color could go wrong at times, especially when you’re not an expert at it.

For those who try to change their hair color to blonde, it’s possible you get a different color from the process. For instance, your blonde dye could produce purple instead after applying the mix to your hair. Why?

It’s possible that your natural hair color may be responsible but sometimes, the toner used can produce a different color entirely.

Don’t panic yet! You can definitely fix this mess. This article will explain in detail what causes your hair to turn purple even though you dyed it blonde with practical ways to correct it.



Why Did My Hair Become Purple When I Dyed It Blonde?

Many times, failure to follow the instructions on your dye pack could make your hair turn purple after dying it blonde. This could also leave some gray tones in your hair or even lead to hair damage. Besides this, there are many other reasons your hair turned purple when you intended to dye it blonde. These include:

1. Over Toning

Hair dyeing is mainly about using a new color that gives you a new look. However, you can’t rely on dyes alone to achieve this. It would be best if you also had toners and developers to eliminate any undertones and achieve your desired color.

However, your toner might not give the desired result if you leave it in for too long. Instead of altering your hair color to your desired blonde shade, it makes your hair purple.

2. High Toner Quantity

Every toner has certain instructions you need to follow to get the most out of the product. These instructions also contain the quantity required to get top results when dyeing your hair blonde. So, if you exceed this quantity, there’s a good chance you might be met with purple strands instead of blonde.

3. Strong Toner

There are different brands of hair toner containing various types of chemicals. These chemicals differ in strength, and that’s why one toner might have a stronger effect than the other. Using a strong toner on your hair could also affect the dyeing process results.

4. High Hair Porosity

Hair porosity indicates how much moisture your hair can take. So, highly porous hair retains a lot of moisture. This causes it to have damaged and raised cuticles. It is also why the dye will not penetrate the hair easily.

Ultimately, you’re left with different colors than your intended outcome.



How To Fix Purple Hair

If your hair turned purple while trying to dye it blonde, here are a few steps to fix it:

  1. Mix hydrogen peroxide, developer, and clarifying shampoo in a cup or bowl. Ensure you add equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and developer to get the best results. This mixture will help remove any unwanted colors from your hair after dyeing.
  2. Spray your hair with water until it’s damp. This gives the mixture a moist base to rely on during the wash process.
  3. Apply the mixture to the parts of your hair that have turned purple. Sometimes, it might not be possible to touch every single part. So, focus on the parts where purple is the most evident. After this, massage the mixture into your head.
  4. Leave the mixture in your hair for four to five minutes to help your hair soak in the mixture. While doing this, check if the purple in your hair is dissolving. This will determine whether you’d have to leave the mixture in for a longer or shorter period.
  5. Once the purple in your hair is removed, rinse your hair with warm water until the mixture is completely removed.
  6. Apply conditioner to give your hair a more lustrous and healthy feel.



Dyeing your hair is fun, but it becomes less fun when your hair turns purple despite your intentions to dye it blonde. This happens when you leave your toner in for too long; your hair has a high porosity level, etc.

Fortunately, this is not the end of the line for your hair because you can fix it by adding hydrogen peroxide and a developer to your shampoo. This way, you can freely soak up all the excitement of dyeing your hair.

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