Why Did My Hair Turn Purple When I Dyed It Grey?

Have you ever heard someone saying “I have dyed my hair grey but it turned out purple”? Or more to your horror, has it ever happened to you? Wondering why your grey hair dye comes out purple instead of sparkling gray?

Well, more often than not, this mishap happens with grey-dyed tresses. Even when you get a professional coloring session, your manes might turn up violet. And there is a very good explanation behind it.

Let’s find out why your hair turns purple when you dye it grey so that you don’t panic over this ever again!


So, What’s The Reason Your Hair Turned Purple When You Dyed It Grey? The Real Reason

Grey is one of the most difficult shades to do perfectly. Many a time, even professionals can mess it up and turn your tresses into a purple wonderland!

And if you are wondering why this happens, there are two main reasons your grey-dyed hair might turn purple instead of the silvery hue. We have discussed the reasons in great detail to ensure that you are never confused again.

To start with, if you choose a shade that is too ashy and left on the tresses for too long, your strands might turn purple rather than a beautiful grey. As the grey dye contains purple pigments, when left for a long, these pigments start to settle in and make your manes violet.

If this is not the case with you, then the toner is to blame. You need to tone your freshly-grey hair to make it more sparkling and perfect. However, if you overtone, the purple pigments in the toner along with the pigments in your dye pile up on the strands and make them violet in no time!



How Do You Get Purple Tones Out of GREY Hair?

If your tresses turn out purple instead of silvery grey, don’t panic! There are more than a few effective ways to get rid of the purple hue from your grey hair. Let’s talk about them so that you know what to do instead of getting disappointed.

Use A Color Remover For Instant Results

One of the quickest and most effective ways to remove that purple hue from your freshly dyed grey hair is by using a professional color remover. The strong chemicals in this product can successfully remove the violet hues from your strands without leaving any stains behind.

All you need to do is get a color remover of your choice and apply it as per the instructions. After washing, there won’t be any violet hues left on your sexy silvery hair!

However, make sure that the color remover kit you buy is free from any ammonia or bleach. These two chemicals damage hair and make them look dry, dehydrated, and unappealing in no time.


A Bleach Wash Can Be Effective

Besides a color remover, you can also try a bleach wash on your grey hair to get rid of the purple hue effectively. It will make the silver tone of the tresses even lighter and cancel out purple pigments successfully.

Mix your preferred shampoo, bleach powder, and developer in a plastic bowl and apply it to your wet hair. Lather and let the solution sit on the strands for a few minutes before washing it off. Make sure to rinse off every last bit of the mixture to protect your tresses perfectly.

Before trying out a bleach wash in your sensitive manes, remember that it is an extreme technique with extremely damaging consequences. Therefore, don’t try it unless nothing else works.


Clarifying Shampoo Works Wonders

If you are not comfortable with applying another batch of chemicals on your already chemically treated hair [i.e. the dye], you can always opt for a clarifying shampoo to do your work.

The extremely potent cleansing ingredients of this shampoo penetrate the hair shaft and remove the purple pigment buildup completely. As it is a lot stronger than regular shampoo, this product works effectively and quickly as well.

Apply your favorite clarifying shampoo to your wet hair and lather it up gently. Keep the lather for a few minutes on your manes before washing it off. If the stain in your strands is too stubborn, repeat using the shampoo for 2-3 days for maximum result.

However, remember that a clarifying shampoo is strong. This means that it might strip off the natural oils from your hair and make it dry. Never forget to use a deep hydrating conditioner after every wash with this shampoo. It will help to maintain the smoothness of the manes.


Tone With A Gold Toner

One clever hack you can use to remove that unwanted purple hue from your grey hair is by washing it with a gold toner. As bright yellow/gold and purple are at the opposite end of the color spectrum, they cancel out each other pretty quickly. And as a result, your grey tresses would be sparkling without a hint of violet in them.

But while picking the toner, be a bit careful. The toner color should be in sync with the tone of your purple manes so that you get the best outcome. For instance, if you have a deep purple hue in your silver manes, pick a yellow/gold toner. It will work amazingly well to neutralize the violet.

On the other hand, for a light purple tint, get an orange toner for the best results.


Dish Soap And Lemon Juice Works As Well

In addition to these effective methods, you can also use a home remedy to get rid of the purple tint from your freshly-dyed silver manes. The acidic composition of these two ingredients strips off the violet tone easily without cutting into your pocket.

Also, even though it is a home remedy, the mixture of dish soap and lemon juice is stronger than many clarifying shampoos yet acts extremely gently on the manes.

Just as you do with your shampoo, take 2-3 pumps of mild dish soap and later it on your wet manes. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off completely.

Then, apply the lemon juice all over your hair and gently massage it with your fingers. Let the juice work its magic for 2/3 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. The purple hue from your tresses would be gone surely!



How To Avoid Purple Hair When You Dye It Grey?

To avoid getting the purple hue in your gray hair, you can keep in mind the following so that your tresses are as glistening as ever.

Don’t overtone your hair. Over-toning can cause purple pigment buildup on the strands and make them look violet rather than grey.

Limit the usage of purple shampoo. The pigments from the purple shampoo can stain your silver hair and give them a colorful look.

Use a purple shampoo only when needed. Because of several factors, your grey hair might turn yellow and brassy. It’s better that you use a purple shampoo only then instead of regularly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Purple Out of My Hair at Home?

You can try a whole lot of ways to get purple out of your grey hair at home. From using color remover to a clarifying shampoo and trying out home remedies like dish soap, there are different things you can try.


What Color Cancels Out Purple Tones In Grey Hair?

Purple and orange/yellow/gold are on the opposite ends of a color spectrum. And as they are on opposite sides, these colors cancel the purple tone in your grey hair effectively.


Wrapping Up

You worried about why your hair turned purple when you dyed it grey, and you have the answer now! In this article, we not only tried to explain the reasons why your grey-dyed tresses turned violet but also give solutions for them. Go through the article so that you don’t wonder anymore!

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