Does Bleach Loosen Your Curls? How to Repair?

Unfortunately, yes, bleach does loosen your curls and affect their elasticity badly. Because the chemicals used in the bleaching process are strong and harsh, it deforms the hair pattern and makes the curls look loose and stretchy.

Even though bright, bleached hair is something we all crave, it comes with a price. This hair-dyeing process not only deforms your beautiful naturally curly tresses but also damages them severely. Let’s discuss why it happens and how to revive your curls so that you can enjoy gorgeous bleached curls without any damage.


How Does Bleach Loosen Your Curls

Bleaching is the most damaging dyeing method anyone can try. It involves ammonia and hydrogen peroxide to remove the melanin pigments from the strands to give them a lighter appearance. However, while doing so, it not only damages the manes but also damages the curl pattern extensively. And if you are wondering how to let’s explain.

Applying the ammonia and hydrogen peroxide mixture to the hair carries a high concentration of oxygen deep into the hair’s cortex to break down the melanin effectively.

However, it subsequently breaks the keratin in tresses to make place for such a high amount of oxygen. As keratin is the building block of the hair, when its bonds are broken, it let loose the curls making them look stretchy and not-too-springy.

Remember that the more you bleach your curly hair, the more keratin bonds will be broken, and the more your curls will look out of shape.



What Happens When You Bleach Your Curly Hair? 5 Side Effects

Bleaching your manes gives it a very alluring and vibrant color. But hanging color is not the only thing that it does to your tresses. Let’s discuss what happens when you bleach your manes to understand further.

• Bleaching deforms the hair structure and changes the texture of your hair.

• It opens up the cuticles, makes the strands swell, and turns them frizzy and brittle.

• Because it breaks the keratin bond, this hair-styling procedure makes the already sensitive curls very fragile and breakage-prone.

• As your hair suffers from excessive dryness after bleaching, it creates a very “birds nest” type effect on your manes.

• Because the bleaching solution is harsh and strong, it can burn, irritate your scalp, and make you uncomfortable.


How To Bleach Your Hair Without Damaging The Curls

Even after knowing its side effects, if you still want to bleach your curls and switch up your style, keep reading below. We have discussed how to bleach your hair without damaging the curls to help you out throughout the process. Because your curly hair is sensitive and prone to damage, keep in mind that you need to go the extra mile to keep them protected.

Step 1: Prepare and Protect Your Curls

Before even going near the bleaching cream, you must prepare and protect your beautiful curls to keep them intact even after the dyeing. Because curly manes are sensitive by nature and the bleaching process is harsh, you need to start the preparation days ahead.

A week prior to the bleaching session, use a deep conditioning mask on your hair daily. It will add extra moisture to the curls and strengthen them against harsh chemicals. Make sure to wash off the tresses with cold water to lock in the moisture.

Also, wash the hair 24 hours before you intend to bleach it. This period will allow the scalp to produce natural oils and limit damage even better.


Step 2: Mix The Bleach

If you are doing it on your own, make sure to pick premium-quality bleach with a lot of nourishing ingredients. This will change your strands’ color while preserving their health and good looks.

Prepare your bleaching solution with a 10- or 20-volume developer for safety purposes. As these developers are of low strength, they won’t damage the curls as the others and would actually ensure a safer bleaching session.

Even though these low-strength developers would take more time to bleach your strands, they are worth the wait.


Step 3: Go “Low And Slow”

When you are dealing with delicate curly hair, remember that “low and slow” is the right approach to adopt. Apply the bleaching solution with a low developer on your hair with gentle hands and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Try to reduce the processing time to 30 minutes or less to minimize damage greatly.

Don’t make a knot or try to cover the manes with plastic wrap after putting on the bleaching solution. This practice might cause severe breakage in your strands.


Step 4: Rinse And Condition

Once the time is up, rinse off the bleaching solution from your hair thoroughly. Keep on rinsing until the water runs clean. Then, co-wash the tresses with a hydrating conditioner to restore any lost moisture during the bleaching process. It will definitely help to minimize damage.

Voila! You are done with safely bleaching your curly manes.



How To Repair Bleach-Loosen Curls? – 3 Effective Solutions

If you are already suffering from bleach-loosen curls and want to revive them, you need to make changes in your hair care routine. Let’s discuss some amazingly effective ways to repair and revive your curls.

Use a Bond Repairing Treatment

You can always use a bond repair treatment to restore the broken keratin bonds in your curly manes. This revolutionary haircare product not only revives the broken bonds but also strengthens the existing ones to make the curls bouncy again. Include it in your hair maintenance regime so that your curls look more resilient, even after a bleaching session.

Include A Deep-Conditioning Treatment

After you try bleaching your curly hair, never forget to deep condition them twice a week. The components in a deep conditioner will actively restore and revive your ringlets so that they don’t look lifeless again.

Regular Trims Work

Regular trimming is necessary. And after getting your curly manes bleached, it’s even more critical. Visit your hairdresser once every 4-5 weeks to get the manes trimmed. Otherwise, the split ends may climb up and cause additional damage to your already fragile hair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Curl Pattern Come Back After Bleach?

Yes, your curl pattern will definitely return after the bleach. However, you must take the proper care of your hair to revive the pattern quicker than ever.


Is There Any Alternative to Bleach?

Yes, there are alternatives to bleach. You can dye your hair with bright blonde color to give your curls similar to bleach. However, it doesn’t provide a permanent result as bleaching. These colors are temporary and would last up to only 4-12 washes.


Wrapping Up

Now that you know bleach loosens your curls, be mindful when you decide to get that bright, vibrant hue in your hair. However, if you are adamant about getting bleach, take this article as a guide and take the best care of your curls. A moment of carelessness can damage your pretty hair completely!

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