Can You Bleach Permed Hair? – Explained

Permed hair is gorgeous. It is full of volume and body and gives the tresses the movement you have always wanted. Getting your hair permed is a clever way to change your look instantly, and there is no doubt about it.

However, if you want something extra in your permed tresses and want to attract all the attention, bleaching the strands could be a good decision. The bright, vibrant blonde on the permed manes would surely add the right bit of interest to your look and make you stand in the crowd.

But as you are thinking about spicing up your permed tresses with bleach, have you ever wondered, “can you bleach your permed hair.”

Let’s find out.


So, Can You Really Bleach Permed Hair? 

Yes, you can definitely bleach your permed hair and give it a newer, more stylish look in no time. However, as both the perming and bleaching chemicals are harsh and damaging, you need to wait at least 45 days between perming and bleaching your hair. Within this time, the tresses will get time to repair and prepare themselves for another chemical procedure.

Besides waiting for a certain time period, you also need to make sure that you have the proper knowledge and expertise to bleach on your permed manes. Because the hair becomes too sensitive after the perm, you might cause irreparable damage while bleaching without the proper skill set.

Bleaching Permed Hair


Are There Any Risks Of Bleaching Permed Hair?

Although you can bleach your permed hair, you still might be aware of the risks beforehand. This will help you to decide whether you want to go for the bleaching procedure or not.

  • As you are exposing your hair to multiple harsh chemicals within a short span of time, there are chances that your hair structure might get altered forever.
  • Because you are stressing your manes too much with back-to-back chemical procedures, be prepared for excessive dryness, breakage, and hair fall.
  • A slight here and there could impair the hair fiber and cause irreparable damage to your beautiful manes.
  • If you don’t take proper care of the manes after a perming and bleaching session, you will definitely experience extensive hair fall and hair breakage.


How To Bleach Your Permed Hair Safely At Home? A Step By Step Guide

Even though you can bleach your permed hair, you need to be extremely careful and precise while doing so. Let’s talk about how to safely get that vibrant hue in your hair so you don’t have to worry about hair damage anymore.

Step 1: Do A Hair Diagnosis

Because your tresses have already gone through a chemical treatment already, it’s really important that you perform a hair diagnosis before even thinking of putting bleach on them. This test will help you to find out the condition of the strands and make it easier for you to determine whether to bleach them or not.

If your hair health is good, you can apply the bleaching solution.

However, if the test doesn’t show any promising outcomes, it’s best that you give up the idea of bleaching your permed manes for good.

Go to a professional for the diagnosis.


Step 2: Prepare The Hair

When you are sure that you can bleach your permed hair, it’s time that you prepare them for a safe dyeing session. Start with clean, dry strands so that there is less damage and breakage. If needed, clean the manes with a dry shampoo to get rid of dirt, dust, and other buildups that could affect your bleaching outcomes.

Also, remember to gently comb through the tresses to remove any knots and tangles altogether.


Step 3: Prepare The Bleach

To dye your permed tresses, ensure you get a bleach specially made for sensitive hair. Mix the bleach powder and developer in a plastic bowl and follow the instructions on the package to a T. Make sure to go through the lines for better understanding.


Step 4: Apply The Bleach

Once you have prepared the bleaching solution, apply it with softer hands on your hair. Remember to section off all the manes into smaller parts for precise application. You can also gently comb through the tresses for even product distribution.

Although, in general, it’s best that you tie the manes and cover them with plastic wrap after putting on the bleach, in this case, you must skip it. As your strands are already fragile, tying and covering them could cause early damage and breakage.

Leave the manes open and let the bleaching solution set in for exactly how long the instruction says. Don’t try to overdo things, as it might result in additional damage.


Step 5: Rinse, Condition, And Tone

Rinse off the solution as soon as the time is up. Remove the bleach completely before you apply the conditioner. Use a generous amount of a deep-hydrating conditioner to prevent dryness and breakage in your super delicate manes.

Air-dry your freshly-washed hair and then use a toning solution to neutralize any brassy tone successfully.


Useful Tips For Bleaching Permed Hair, Safety First

Bleaching permed hair is a highly delicate process. We have shared a few things to keep in mind so that you don’t end up damaging your precious manes.

  • Remember that patience is the key. Because you are planning to try two chemical processes, make sure you give your manes enough time to recover.
  • Avoid uneven application because you won’t get another chance to fix it, especially on bleached hair.
  • As both these chemical treatments can dry out your strands extensively, never forget to nourish them precisely.
  • Try to practice washing your hair less. This will not only preserve the curls and bleach but will also protect your tresses from any additional damage.
  • Get a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times per week. It will keep the treated manes well-nourished and prevent any breakage and damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long After A Perm Can You Bleach Your Hair?

You must wait for at least 45 days before you bleach your hair after a perming session. This waiting period allows the strands to recover and prepare for another chemical procedure. Don’t try to bleach before the 45 days’ time, or else you might cause severe damage to your already-fragile manes.


Can You Perm And Bleach Hair At the Same Time?

No, you definitely cannot perm and bleach your hair at the same time. As both these styling procedures involve harsh chemicals, trying them both at the same time on your delicate tresses is a recipe for disaster.


Wrapping Up

Even though you can bleach your permed hair, you need to be super careful when doing so. As your tresses are in a delicate state after the perming session, a slight here and there during the bleaching procedure can cause extreme damage to them. Go through the article carefully and learn the nitty-gritty of perming and bleaching so that you never have to worry again!

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