Curly Perms For Black Hair: 15 Stunning Picks

The most fascinating thing about being a black woman is how easily you can switch from one beautiful hairstyle to another. For instance, curly perms on black hair are absolutely gorgeous and they can be easily styled too. Not only will your curls look juicy, but you also don’t have to reach out for a curling iron for up to six months.

While it’s not that difficult to achieve this look, you must know how to take care of your perms properly so they can last longer. How can you do that? Read on to find 15 stunning curly perm looks for black women and how you can make them last longer.


How To Take Care Of Your Curly Perm For Black Hair

Whether you have long or short hair, there are different black girl curly perms that will be perfect for you. However, it is most important to take care of them so they can last as long as you want. Here are four important step to achieving this:

  1. Hold off on shampooing or coloring your hair till 4 to 7 days have passed.
  2. Always wet your hair and detangle it with wide tooth combs
  3. Avoid using heating tools, especially your blow dryer.
  4. Deep conditioning is vital for a healthy and long lasting curly perm.


Can Permed Hair be Reversed?

Sometimes, curly Perms may not turn out exactly as you envisioned it. Or you could wish to wear a new look altogether. Either way, reversing a curly Perm is relatively easy.

The fastest method is to use a clarifying shampoo within the first 2-3 days of your Perm. Clarifying shampoos helps to strip out products from your hair, in this case, the perking lotion and neutralizer. Follow this up with a deep conditioning treatment, and you will observe the curls loosen up.

If you have had your Perm for longer, booking an appointment with your stylist is advisable. There are a number of protein and conditioning treatments that will help straighten out the Perm. Visiting a professional helps to ensure that your hair doesn’t take too much damage or breakage.


Simple and Classy Perm Looks For Black Women

While wearing protective makes black women drop-dead gorgeous, going through the process of picking a style from the myriad of options that exist may be stressful. It doesn’t help that are several curly perm options which can even leave you more confused. If you’re getting perms for the first time or you need a different style to try out this time, we’ve got you. Here are 15 of our top picks for you:

1. Curly Perm For Short Black Hair

Curly Perm for Short Black Hair

Short spiral perms are perfect for shoulder-length hair. If you need perms for your short black hair but can’t decide between loose and tight curls, this look is what you need. You can easily achieve them with perm rods and the proper treatment.


2. Curly Perm for African Hair

Curly Perm for African Hair

These spiral curls are one of the most versatile curly Perm looks for black women, especially those with voluminous hair. It’s also perfect for African women with long and medium-length hair. To style, you can wet your hair to give it a longer but fuller appearance or comb it out for full coverage.


3. Curly Perm for Black Women + Bob

Curly perm for black women + Bob

Have you ever tried to wear your perms while still slaying that bob you love so much? The hack is to get medium-sized curls for your short hair and refrain from combing them out with a tight toothed comb. With good conditioning and oil treatment, your curls will stay luscious for weeks.


4. Long Curly Perm With Braids

Long curly perm for black women

Braids will ever remain a classic hairstyle for black women. This trendy look is all about bringing out the goddess in you by adding some braids to your long perms. You can slay this look by making cornrows halfway with the curls popping behind or having your braids fall alongside the curls all through.


5. Short Curly Perm+ Twist

Short curly perm+ Twist

Who says women with short hair can’t rock black girl curly perms? If you thought so, think again! African beauties with short type 4 inch can easily get this look by twisting their hair around small perm rods. However, make sure your hair dries properly before taking out the rods.


6. Messy Perm

Messy Perm

While some love to have well-defined curls, others prefer to have a head full of messy but beautiful perms. Try out this style by using a tight-toothed comb to pick out your perms until you are left with tiny curls. This pixie curl-inspired look can be your everyday look.


7. Fluffy Curly Perm for Black Women

Fluffy Curly Perm + Black women

Just like the name, it’s all about fluffing out your hair to its fullest glory. If you have been shy about combing out your perms and showing off your curls, let this trial convince you. Step into your heritage!


8. Front Braid with Curly Perm on Black Hair

Front Braid + curly perm+ black hair

Here is another way to incorporate brass in your curly Perm while preserving your edges. This look has large loose curls and two braids gracing the forehead. You can restyle the braids in a crisscross and put your curls in a high ponytail.


9. Perm Curl With Headband

Perm curl with headband

Headbands have a way of adding color and style to simple looks. They can change an everyday hairdo into a fun summery look. With a simple embellished band, you can glam up your curls and be paparazzi ready. Scarfs and multi-patterned bands are also cool options.


10. Freestyle Perm for black women

Free Style Perm + Black women

There are indeed no limits to how beautifully you can style your curls. Playful knots, twists, or just an excellent old bobby pin can add some spice to your look. So feel free to experiment with your curls and discover styling ideas.


11. Big Perm Curl

Big Perm Curl

Imagine being able to rock both an Afro and perms together. That’s what this look is about! Women with full type 4 hair can constantly flex their hair this way. What is more important is to use the right styling products and ensure your hair dries appropriately to achieve this look.


12. Perm Curl With Bun

Perm curl with bun

As soon as your Perm is fully set (2 – 3 days), you can get to styling it. Curly perms can be manipulated into high or low buns, depending on what you’d like. Be sure to let down your hair occasionally. Packing it too tightly isn’t healthy for your curls.


13. Two Ponytail Perm for Black Women

Two Ponytail Perm for black women

What is better than a ponytail? Two ponytails! Slick ponytails and slayed edges are always a winner for black girl curly perms. With this style, you can show off both your face beat and your juicy curls. Why not?


14. Classic Perm Curl

Classic Curly Perm

Looking for a simple curly perm style for black women? Look no further! If you like your hair big but not poofy, this is a great choice. This curly style has loosely curled ringlets and waves combined for a unique look. It can be styled as bangs with half a ponytail like in the picture.


15. Perm Curl With Ponytail for Black Women

Perm curl with ponytail

This is a signature black girl look you could rock with Afro ponytail extensions or your natural hair, depending on whether you want more volume and length. It requires your hair to be neatly packed with well-laid edges and beautiful permed curls falling behind as a ponytail. You could restyle this with a side part or as a high ponytail.



What Is The Best Curly Perm For Black Hair?

There are many exceptional styles for black hair. Spiral perms, in particular, are great for making gorgeous, long-lasting curls or loose curls. Besides, they are great for both coily and curly hair types.


Is Curly Perm Good For Black Hair?

Yes, a curly perm goes nicely on black hair. Although your hair already has natural curls, you can enhance them with a perm or redefine the curls to any style you prefer.


Does Curly Perm Damage Your Hair?

Like any other treatment, a curly perm can be damaging, especially if you use harsh chemicals or too much heat to achieve them. Try to use rods instead of curling irons to achieve the curls as much as possible. Also, air-dry instead of using heat to dry your hair. Keep your hair moisturized and well conditioned. If you have concerns or questions, ask your stylist.


Final Words:

Have you ever considered getting curly perms for your black hair? If you haven’t, we hope you found something you love in this article. Bear in mind that there are various perm options for different hair lengths, even the short ones. So, you don’t have to have long flowing hair to rock a good curly perm. All you have to do is to choose your curls and let them work their magic.

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