27 Ideas of Hair Colors For Tan Skin Lovers (2024)

Whether you have cool or tan skin tone, it’s important that your hair color looks great on your skin. Although choosing hair colors for tan skin may be tricky, you will find that all it takes sometimes is to use good products and maintain a healthy hair regimen. Moreover, you may not even need to dye all of your hair. A couple of highlights can make a massive difference in elevating your overall look from basic to badass.

So, if you’re taking that big step to dye your hair after tanning, read on to find which hair colors will look great on your skin.


What Hair Colors Are Suitable for Tan Skin? 

Choosing the right shade to dye or highlight your hair can significantly affect your overall appearance. You could either spice up your whole look or end up with a less aesthetically-pleasing look with the wrong shade.

But if you need ideas on hair colors that will pop on your tan skin, these are some colors that are tan-friendly:

  • Blonde 
  • Brown 
  • Red 
  • Grey 
  • Ginger 
  • Ash 

The best part is: that these colors can be mixed or faded out to create different looks. While you may decide to change the entire hair color, you might want to consider adding just a few highlights. Sometimes, that is all you need to make a massive difference in elevating your look from basic to badass.


How to Choose The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

Choosing a suitable hair color for your tan skin can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to it. However, it becomes considerably easy once you identify your skin tones and the colors that look good on it.

Here’s how to choose the best color for your tanned skin:

  • Identify your skin tone

Your skin tone could vary from warm, olive, cool or neutral tones. Whatever the tone, getting a tan makes your skin a tad darker, bringing it to a warm undertone. So, depending on your typical skin undertone, your tan skin could be lighter or darker than most. It would help to match your face or wrist to charts of color tones.

  • Choose warm hues

Whether it’s a dark color or a bright color, sticking to the warm shades of that color always goes best for tan skin. For instance, if you wanted something along the lines of orange or red, it would be best to choose shades that aren’t too dark or too light. 

  • Match your tone to other skinned women

There is most likely a picture of someone who has tried one of your hair color or a shade of it on the internet. Feel free to find people with shades similar to you and what colors fit best.


27 Hair Color Ideas For Classy Tan Skin Lovers

It’s incredible how the most unexpected colors can turn out as iconic looks and vice versa. Well, the difference between a fail and a hit hair color is how well your hair color matches your skin. Here are some new ideas for you to try out:

1. Ash Hair Color For Tan Skin

ash hair color for tan skin

To complement your already gorgeous tan, you can decide to color your hair with both brown and ash dye. It takes out the edginess of plain ash and the dark tone of brown to give this smoky color. It is definitely worth a try, and you have nothing to lose!


2. Ash Gray Hair Color

ash gray hair color

Tan-skinned people often shy away from ashy shades for fear of looking odd. The truth, however, is that you can rock this hair color on tan skin if you choose the right blend. Throw in some grey and marvel at how trendy you look.


3. Brown Hair Color

brown hair color

Brown is always complementary to darker skin tones. Whether you are dark-skinned or have tan skin, a shade of brown is waiting to adorn your hair. It gives a natural flourish to all hair lengths, including pixie cuts and short perms.


4. Ash Brown Hair Color

ash brown hair color

Women with natural black hair can recreate this ash/black brown look by using the brown dye to create highlights through their natural hair. You could also decide to blend both colors all through. Style it with curls or waves, or wear it straight. Either way, you’ll look fabulous.


5. Light Brown Hair Color

light brown hair color

This light brown hair color is a twist on regular brown/blonde highlights. It is a simple yet brilliant combination of golden brown highlights and a deeper brown color. Together, you have a stunning faded brown look that can serve looks for glam occasions or casual styling.


6. Golden Brown

golden brown

Have you tried golden brown highlights blended into dark roots? Here’s your easy pass to looking like a goddess. It works on both long hair, medium length, or short hair. These golden brown tresses will save the day depending on your preference or the look you’d like to create.


7. Blonde Hair Color

blonde hair color

Nothing beats this ashy Blonde paired with a Bob haircut on tan skin. So, if you wear a Bob and wish to add some spice, consider choosing this hair color. It cuts the figure of a confident, stylish woman.


8. Ombre Hair Color For Tan Skin

ombre hair color for tan skin

Ombre hair works all the time, although your choice of color and technique can make or break this look. Ombre brown in particular looks great on tanned skin. Start the roots with dark brown, you can work your way down to a dirty blonde or a light brown finish.


9. Ombre With Blonde Highlights

Dark to Light Ombre

For this look, instead of dying just the tips of your natural hair to create the ombre effect, also add a few little blonde highlights from the roots down to the tips. The color progression of dark roots and light shades of brown or grey at the tips creates a beautiful variation.


10. Red Hair Color

red hair color

Red hair color always works its magic on tan skin, transforming your looks to give a blossoming and vibrant appearance. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who wants a facelift without getting a facelift. Feel free to choose deeper or lighter hues according to your taste.


11. Brunette Hair Color

brunette hair color

Who doesn’t love a classy brunette? Brunette is not only a great hair color for tan skin; it requires little maintenance. It gets even better if your hair already has a natural brown color. For a summery vibe, you can add in blond highlights.


12. Grey Hair Color For Tan Skin

grey hair color for tan skin

If you think Grey hair colors only suit older women, think again! It is, in fact, one of the best hair colors women with tan skin can explore. It fits beautifully on both straight and curly hair too. If your skin is dark, it is advisable to choose deeper shades of grey.


13. Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage

Say goodbye to plain old blonde colors and hello to the Blonde Balayage. Feel free to be creative with your blonde shades, but ensure that your choices compliment your skin tone. You could keep the highlights in the front or add colors throughout your hair.


14. Balayage For Tan Skin

balayage for tan skin

Using the balayage technique to highlight your hair is always a hit. This method adds a sun-kissed texture to your hair color. So, it will keep the new color looking natural while adding excitement to your waves or long curls.


15. Blue Hair Color

blue hair color

Are you bored of neutral colors? This blue hair color will make you stand out in a crowd, so it’s best to save it until you’re ready. Although it’s not a conventional signature look, you can have fun styling it for as long as you like.


16. Bright Hair Colors For Tan Skin

bright hair colors for tan skin

When choosing bright hair colors for tan skin, select complementing colors. With this coloring style, you can create combinations of light and dark colors according to your taste.


17. Deep Red Hair Color

deep red hair color

This deep red hair color is all you need to rock your tan skin in Autumn. Notice how the roots are dark colored, and the deep red flows through the curls? It’s a perfect hair color for tan skin.


18. Pastel


Pastel tones are trending; luckily, tan-skinned women aren’t left out! When paired with a medium blunt cut, it gives off a youthful and vibrant vibe without being too edgy.


19. Summer Highlights


Nothing says summer hair like dark roots and blonde highlights. Depending on your preference, you up your blonde tresses or use deeper shades. This style works nicely for long or short hair.


20. Rose Gold

Rose gold

Rose gold curls always look stunning on tanned skin. This hair color will lighten up your face and give an aura of cheeriness and peace. Don’t forget to keep your curls moisturized for a glossy finish.


21. Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage

Never mind that it involves hand painting to get the caramel highlights between your natural hair; the Caramel Balayage is a sweet, satisfying color mix. Explore this beauty if you have long curly hair and don’t want to use bright hair colors.


22. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown is a sweet and suitable color if you want to play it safe. You would be surprised at how much of an addition this simple color would be to your looks. Give it a try!


23. Chestnut Brown

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown is a subtle yet classic color that blends nicely with tan skin. Adding bangs helps to highlight the beautiful brown against your skin tone. For a stylish finish, add in some curls.


24. Classic Ginger Highlights

Classic ginger highlights

Want to add some style to your blonde hair? Or are you just on the search for sophisticated looks? Classic Ginger Highlights are perfect. It’s also an easy way to transition into whole ginger.


25. Slight Pink

Slight pink

If you have dark-colored hair, choosing slight pink for your hair would add an edge to your look. Since your skin now has a slightly darker tone, you can rock colors like these effortlessly.


26. Soft Black Hair Color For Tan Skin

Soft Black hair color for tan skin

While jet black hair is a winner every day, a soft black hair color adds a necessary flourish to tan skin. If you don’t want a drastic change to your outlook, try this glossy black.


27. Black To Brown Hair Color For Tan Skin

Black to brown hair color for tan skin

If you want to soften your black hair into cooler tones, this black to brown hair color is for you. It is one of the most versatile hair colors for tan skin, so you cannot go wrong with it.



Dark or Light Hair: Which is Best Suited For Tan Skin?

Depending on your skin’s tan, dark and light hair colors are both excellent choices. However, an overly light color would look too harsh against your skin, while highly dark colors would do justice to it. So, it’s best to choose warm hues of a color which complements your tan skin.

Of course, using highlights or Ombres is a perfect way of getting the best of both worlds. This way, your hair can embody dark and light shades in a way that blends them into a warm tone.


Does Tan Skin Look Good With Dark Hair?

Quite often, dark hair colors can be pulled off on tan skin. Dark hair also looks good on dark skin. It is, however, more suitable to stay within warm color shades. So, if you choose black, you should use a soft black hair color. Or choose golden brown rather than a deep shade of dark brown.

For brighter colors, however, dark shades would look fabulous. For instance, a dark shade of purple or red would look better on the skin than brighter shades. It also helps to test these colors against your skin for sample tests before making a final decision.


Does Blonde Hair Look Good on Tan Skin?

Yes, blonde hair looks good on tan skin. The key is choosing a shade that lightens your skin tone without looking harsh.

For a perfect finish, you can coordinate colors: your eyes and the shade of your highlights. For instance, blonde (brown blonde) shades will look great on honey or caramel eyes, while yellowish blondes are fantastic for brown eyes.


Wrapping Up

Adding color to your hair is one of the best ways to switch up your looks without doing too much. These hair colors for tan skin are universal picks, although you may have to pay particular attention to your shade.

Give your hair a treat, and have a swell time trying out any of these!

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