How To Get Back Your Natural Hair Color After Bleaching It

We’ve all been there, jumping on a trend for the thrill but taking a step back shortly after. If you’ve bleached your hair, enjoyed the rave, and now you’re ready to get your natural hair color back, don’t be hard on yourself. There’s a way.

Whether you’ve done it repeatedly or are a one-timer, bleaching/ coloring your hair is fun. However, the change in routine could be challenging, thus making it an overwhelming venture altogether.

When you’ve made this lifestyle change, you wonder if getting back your natural hair color is feasible. Reclaiming your natural hair color is not impossible. After reading this article, you will find it easier than you thought. We will discuss getting your natural hair color back after bleaching and actionable tips.

ways to get back natural hair color after bleaching


What Bleaching Does to Your Hair

You heard it here; first, bleaching has its advantages. For example, it makes your hair fuller and thicker, adding more volume. Also, it adds a nice contrast to your hair, giving your skin a suitable appearance.

In addition to giving your hair the desired texture, bleaching may also make your hair lighter. It can also help you achieve the color or contrast of choice. That said, what bleaching does is, strip your hair of pigments by the process of oxidation. So when you continuously bleach your hair;

  • It is stripped of moisture
  • Prone to breakage and split ends
  • Loses its elasticity etc.

Since bleaching damages the protein structure of the hair, one of the best bets to getting your natural hair color back is strengthening the same structure.


Why Getting Your Natural Hair Color Back is a Good Decision

Getting your natural hair color back is a great decision, especially if you want to spend less. Your natural hair color is likely to be the more flattering color for your personality. Also, sticking to the natural color saves you a lot of time.

Now that you know that getting your natural hair color back is possible, it is essential to note that it may take time. This begs the question, why? The approach to getting your natural color back usually determines how long it takes to get results. For example, letting the current shade grow out will take longer than dying your hair back to its original color. Also, a bleach reversal process might require multiple trials before reaching the desired color.


Getting Your Natural Hair Color Back

Now that you know how bleaching and getting your natural hair color back works, here are a few tips to help you on your journey;

1. Consider a Big Chop.

Opting for a big chop is starting on a new page. Not everyone is interested in this approach because it requires time and commitment. Regardless of other people’s opinions, a big chop is rewarding. Remember your goal and let it be your driving force.

ways to get back natural hair color after bleaching


2. Go for Highlights

Growing out your hair is a stepwise process that you can enjoy all the way. An excellent way to grow out your hair is highlights, partial highlights, or lowlights.

First, consider a balayage highlight which does not require any touch-ups. Or opt for low lights. You’re trying to achieve a hue that blends with your natural roots. If you want a low-maintenance approach that will give you desired results, this is it. But, consider working with a professional stylist.

ways to get back natural hair color after bleaching


3. Always Use Quality Hair Products.

No product has the mystical power to get back your natural color overnight. But several products on the market can lessen the effects of bleaching. Quality products can nourish your hair with the right constituents, fading off the bleach with time.

Furthermore, these products can strengthen your hair and keep it healthy. A clarifying shampoo or condition can produce a fading effect on a semi-permanent bleach treatment. But for a lasting impact, consider a sulfate-free product. So if you’re prepared to be patient, this is another cost-effective way to get your natural hair color back.


4. Consider Root Concealers

This is one of the easiest do-it-yourself approaches to getting your natural hair color back. You’re faking it until you make it, and you have several options for getting what you desire.

Remember that concealing the root is a temporary solution, but it produces the physical effect you desire. Root concealers come as creams, powders, sprays, and sticks. Also, you might be able to get natural household items to do the same job without any adverse effects.

Conversely, it is good to consider talking to a colorist who can help you create a realistic solution, depending on the change you expect. Also, they can offer better solutions for the long term.

ways to get back natural hair color after bleaching


5. Trim Your Hair

Trimming is great for you if the bleach is only at the tip of your hair. It is a safe ground between starting over and growing it out. Apart from being a safe way to get rid of the bleach and get your natural hair color back, the results are precise.

If you trim your hair, you may consider a new style. A shorter hairstyle helps your hair grow faster. Also, it gives your hair more depth and a fresher look.

ways to get back natural hair color after bleaching


6. Dye It

One of the closest you get to get back your natural hair is to re-dye it. Sometimes, getting the exact shade of your natural hair is not feasible, so that you can get a closer shade. Redying your hair is like a quick fix. If your stylist gets it right, the new shade matches up with your hair roots, so there is no noticeable difference when it starts to grow out.

When redying your hair, it is wise not to do it yourself, as consulting a professional might prove more effective. Besides, the dye and your hair have different pigments that only an experienced stylist can decipher.

ways to get back natural hair color after bleaching


Final Words

There is no overemphasizing that getting back your natural hair color takes some time. This may depend on hair quality or the concentration of the bleach solution originally applied to your hair. However, the process can help you understand your hair better and make the best decision. We hope this article has answered some questions about returning your natural hair color. Originality is wonderful; don’t be afraid to go for it.

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