Can Bed Bugs Live in Your Hair? What the Experts Say

Feeling the itch on your scalp lately? Wondering if you are attacked by lice?

Well, lice are not the only parasite that can cause itchiness. The ever-disturbing bed bugs can also get into your hair and cause prickling and itch on the sensitive scalp in no time. Even though they are named “bed bugs,” these wingless insects are not only dangerous for your household but are also nasty for the hair too. And therefore, it’s essential that you get rid of them as early as possible.

However, before getting too hyped and too tensed, you must first find out whether bed bugs can live in your hair or not. The answer to this would make it easier for you to determine the course of action!


Can Bed Bugs Really Live in Your Hair?

Yes, bedbugs can live in your hair comfortably. Even though it is unlikely, it’s not uncommon for parasites like bedbugs to live in your hair. As these insects prefer dark, cozy places to live and produce, they can happily live on your scalp, especially if you have thick hair or dirty roots. The dirty scalp and thick tresses create the perfect habitat for the bed bugs to survive and reproduce, making it uncomfortable for you.

Then again, growing and living in your hair is not the most terrible thing about bed bugs. They can also travel from one person to another quickly and nest in there in no time.

For this reason, you must never delay treating bed bug attacks in your home or head ASAP. Because they feed on your blood, these insects can cause skin irritation, redness, and even scars.



How Do You Know if Bed Bugs Are in Your Hair?

Even though it itches when bed bugs are in your hair, it doesn’t always imply that these insects are on your scalp. Some other parasites, like lice, can also cause itching. And hence, you should also look for other indications to know if bed bugs are in your hair or not.

• A feel of something crawling on the head.

• Bruises and bites on the forehead and neck.

• Itchy welts on the scalp.

• Bloodstains on the pillow.

• Musty odor in the tresses.


How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs From Your Hair? 4 Easy Yet Effective Solutions

Well, if you find out that your hair has the ever-disturbing bed bugs in it, don’t get upset. There are more than a few ways to easily remove these parasites from your mane and scalp. Let’s discuss them in detail to find out more.

Get A Heat Treatment

One of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs from your hair is by getting a heat treatment. Temperature ranging from 117°F to 122°F not only kills the bed bugs in no time and wipes out their eggs for a cleaner and healthier scalp. You can get a heat treatment by either sitting in a sauna or getting steam in the manes. Either way, the high temperature will indeed remove them and ensure your comfort.

However, if you do not have the convenience of a sauna or steam, a hot bath would work too. The hot water can also remove the bugs effectively. Just make sure to comb through the hair with a fine-teeth comb to shed off the insects and the eggs thoroughly.



Use A Lice Shampoo

Using a lice shampoo is yet another effective way to get rid of bed bugs from your hair. As these shampoos are specially formulated to work on parasites like lice, they do their magic on bed bugs too and kill them in no time.

However, as effective as these shampoos are in solving your problem, remember to follow the instructions to a T. Because this product contains some harsh chemicals, don’t forget to use it as instructed and not as you wish.

lice shampoo to remove bed bugs


Apply Neem oil

Neem has healing and antibacterial properties. It works incredibly well to remove insects and parasites from the surface. Applying neem oil on your scalp and hair will subsequently kill the bugs and their eggs and clear your head successfully.

But you have to remember that this oil is a natural remedy and won’t show overnight results. You might have to apply it regularly to see satisfactory outcomes.

neem oil to remove bed bugs


Shave Your Head

If the case of a bed bug attack in your hair is too severe and nothing seems to give you a successful result, it’s better that you shave your head for an instant outcome. As shaving removes all the hair, it destroys the hiding spot for the insects and makes it easier for you to kill them.

Even though shaving the head might not be preferred by many, there is no doubt that it is an effective and fool-proof way to remove the disturbing bed bugs from your head and hair.


Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Hair

Getting rid of the bed bugs from your hair is not the only thing you should do to keep these insects away from your head. With the process of removing them, you must also follow some maintenance tips so that they don’t attack your scalp ever again.

• Thoroughly inspect your bed and other pieces of furniture for signs of bed bugs and their eggs.

• Make sure to always keep the home and bedding clean and hygienic, even when there is no sign of bed bugs.

• Don’t forget to vacuum the carpet too.

• Place a plastic protective cover on the mattress to keep the bed bugs away.

• Make sure to spray neem oil-infused freshener on the


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Your Head?

Yes, bed bugs can definitely lay eggs on your head and hair. As the male and female mate on the scalp, the female lays eggs and subsequently increases the number of insects in your manes. And for this reason, it is crucial that you take care of them as early as possible.


Will Showering Get Rid of Bed Bugs From Your Hair?

No, showering with plain water won’t remove bed bugs from your hair. But then again, if you take a hot bath or steam, the high temperature will kill the bugs and their eggs to ensure a healthier and fresher scalp.


Can Bed Bugs Fly or Jump From Person to Person?

No, bedbugs cannot fly or jump from person to person. However, because of their size and nature, these wingless insects can easily transport from one head to another when people are too close.


Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that bed bugs can live in your hair. However, if you take care of them in the right way and also maintain the hygiene of your bed and home, you can successfully keep these at a safe distance. Remember, bed bugs can be very irritating, especially when they are living on your scalp. And hence, you shouldn’t overlook it in any circumstances.

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