7 Ways To Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading

We know the struggles of keeping your colored manes as bright and vibrant as they were when freshly dyed. Colored tresses often tend to fade away and look very bland and boring.

Even though hair color looks very empowering and versatile on your tresses, maintaining their shine and radiance and keeping them from fading away is completely another story. And we understand that fully.

To help you prevent your hair color from fading, we have come up with some great solutions. Keep on reading to find out more.


Why Does Your Hair Color Fade?

There are several reasons your hair color may fade over time. From not dyeing the strands properly to using water with iron and mineral, there are quite a few reasons the color in your tresses might seem bland and unappealing. However, the main reason your hair color fades is because of OXIDIZESTION.

At a microscopic level, the color molecules of your hair dye start losing electrons over time. And when it starts losing electrons, it triggers a chemical reaction in the manes that instigates them to lose their vibrancy and fade gradually.



7 Tips To Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading Fast

Not everything you hear works actively to keep your hair color from fading. Here, we have listed and discussed some of the most effective ways to maintain the shine and gloss f your hair color so that you don’t have to reapply dye now and then.

1. Dye Your Hair The Right Way

One of the most common reasons your hair might start fading is that it wasn’t appropriately dyed in the first place. What color you use, how long you leave it on the manes, and how you rinse it off play a crucial role in how well it would stay on the strands. Because every hair type is different with different textures, you need to be very mindful when coloring them perfectly.

Even though a salon session might cost you a little too extra, it’s always a better option to dye your tresses in the hand of an expert to ensure their longevity and vibrancy.



2. Use Shampoos And Conditioners Specially Made For Colored-Hair

When you have dyed tresses, special shampoo and conditioner for colored hair are a must. Specially formulated with color-restoring pigments and without sulfates, these hair care products keep the manes bright and vivid effectively.

These shampoos and conditioners keep brassiness and damage at arm’s length to make sure that your beautiful hair color lasts without fading too quickly.

It doesn’t matter what shade or tone of hair dye you have used, never forget to use these specially-formulated products for more radiant, fresh and flirtatious tresses.


3. Don’t Forget About Deep Conditioning

Not only shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair but a deep conditioning mask/conditioner can also prevent the hair dye from fading away too quickly.

The incredibly moisturizing components of a deep conditioning treatment hydrate our strands from within to keep them well-nourished. And when your manes are well-nourished and loaded with proteins, they don’t tend to fade anytime soon.

By incorporating a deep conditioning treatment, you not only prevent your hair from fading but also make them shinier and brighter than ever.


4. Wash The Tresses Less Often

Color pigments tend to wash away each time you wash your hair. And that’s why you should rinse your dyed tresses less often to prevent the color from fading away too soon. Even though it is a very basic and low-key effort, it works as effectively as the others.

However, if your manes are too oily or get dirty too quickly, you can always use a color-protective dry shampoo to avoid rinsing with water too often.


5. Try To Avoid Too Much Heat Styling

One intelligent and easy way to prevent the sparkling color from fading away from your hair is by limiting heat styling as much as possible.

The high heat from the heat styling tools can strip off the moisture and make the manes extremely dry. When the strands are dry and brittle, the colors look faded and dull and make your hair looks extremely unappealing.

To keep the hair color as fresh and bright as always, try to give your heat styling sessions a break. Op for micro-fiber hair towels and practice air drying to limit the use of hot tools efficiently.


6. Use Products with UV Filters

Just like hot tools, the UV rays from the sun can also burn your color-treated manes easily and make them look dull in no time. These rays penetrate the hair shafts and oxidize the color pigments quickly so that they look faded and lackluster. Even when you have freshly-dyed tresses, the dangerous UV rays can damage them sooner than later.

But luckily, you can always buy and use sunscreen on your tresses to prevent the hair dye from fading away quickly as ever. This specially formulated product provides sun protection and keeps the damaging rays at arm’s length to maintain the luster of the tresses completely. Hence, never forget to apply hair sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.


7. Get A Filtered Shower Head

One interesting way to keep your colored hair protected is by installing a filtered shower head in your bathroom. as the minerals can react with the color pigments and make it fade and brassy, the shower head would really prove helpful. It traps all the minerals [from iron to lime and even the small amounts of chlorine] and drizzles fresh water on your manes.

With this little yet efficient component, you can maintain the shine and brightness of your hair color easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Lasts Longest in Hair?

In general, brown hair dyes tend to stay on the tresses longer than the other colors. The eumelanin content of this hair color helps it to stay on the surface for an extended period without getting faded or brassy easily.


What Hair Color Fades Fastest?

To your great dismay, red hair color tends to fade away quicker comparatively. The color molecule of this hue oxidizes faster than the others and hence fades away in no time.


Can Hot Showers Fade My Colored Hair?

If you want to maintain your hair color and keep it from fading away quickly, try to avoid hot showers as much as possible. The high temperature of the water can not only strip away natural oils but also wash off color pigments easily. And when this happens, your dyed manes look faded and lackluster like never before.


Final Words

Protecting your hair color from fading away isn’t a tough job if you maintain a few simple tricks. And the ways we discussed above would help you easily extend the dye’s longevity and keep them beautiful. Follow them to a T and flaunt the most gorgeous colored hair without any fear.

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