Does Permanent Hair Color Fade?

Nothing beats the rich, ultra-glossy look of freshly-colored hair. It not only gives your hair a style spin but also adds a lot of glamour and class to your overall outlook. And that’s why women always want to dye their manes rather than keep them bland and simple.

However, when it comes to permanent hair dye and its longevity, women might always wonder,
Is permanent hair color really permanent? Does permanent hair color fade?

Let’s find out.


Is Permanent Hair Color Really Permanent?

Sadly enough, despite the title “permanent hair color,” this hair dye is actually not permanent. Even though permanent hair dye doesn’t’ wash out like semi-permanent or temporary hair colors, it will eventually fade away. Depending on the product you used and the application process you followed, even permanent hair color would start to lose its gloss and richness around 10-12 weeks.
And when it does, your hair won’t look as appealing and intense as it once appeared.


How To Keep Hair Color From Fading? 4 Tips And Tricks

Even permanent hair colors fade over time! However, if you maintain the dyed tresses with care and love, the color will stay rich and glistening for a little bit longer than usual.

Don’t Over-Shampoo

Frequently washing your dyed tresses with shampoo can fade the color quicker than you think. As the dye fades every time you wash your manes, the lesser you shampoo the longer it would stay on the tresses. Instead of washing your hair every day, try shampooing once a week. It will definitely make a change in how your hair looks.

If you feel like refreshing your manes in between washes, try a dry shampoo made especially for colored manes. It will clean your hair without stripping off your color.


Try Deep Conditioning

To keep the permanent dye bright and vibrant, incorporate a deep conditioning treatment in your haircare routine. Such a conditioner will moisturize your manes from deep within and help to retain the color for longer than usual.


Use Dye-Appropriate Products

Not all hair care products are made the same. To retain the color in your tresses, use shampoos and conditioners specially made for dyed manes. They contain pigments that make the color long-lasting and bright as well.


Protect Your Hair From the Heat and the Sun

Exposure to sun and heat can fade your hair color quicker than you anticipate. And therefore, protect the hair locks to limit sun and heat damage. Try heat protectants, hair sunscreens, umbrellas, or even a head scarf to limit damage and keep the color intact.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Take To Fade?

Depending on the type of colors you use and your application method, permanent hair dye would take 8-10 weeks to show signs of fading.
However, if you maintain the color and take amazing care of it, the shimmer of the color in your manes might last a few weeks longer than usual.


Does Salon Hair Color Last Longer Than Box?

Salon hair color definitely lasts longer than box dyes. As they are prepared and mixed according to individuals’ hair type and coloring tastes, salon hair colors are long-lasting and remain vibrant longer than your store-bought box colors.


Does Bleached Hair Fade?

Surprisingly enough, bleached hair doesn’t fade like other types of hair dyes. However, over time, bleached manes might become darker, brassier, and duller. And that’s why you always need to use the right haircare products to keep the bright bleach intact for as much as possible.


Does Permanent Hair Color Fade Completely?

Permanent hair color never fades away completely. However, if you use harsh chemicals or stripping techniques, you can remove it completely to reveal your original hair color.


Wrapping Up

Even permanent hair dye fades over time. However, it doesn’t mean that you should stop dyeing your hair for a stylish outlook. Color your hair but remember to maintain it to a T so that the tint remains intact for weeks to come.

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