How To Fix Bleached Hair That Turned Yellow

A head full of glistening bleached blonde hair is lustrous! It not only ups your confidence greatly but also oozes pride and power. However, when it comes to maintaining their look and keeping the manes bright and vibrant, the struggle can get real. Maintaining the true “bleached blonde” hue in your tresses can be quite hard as it tends to turn yellow very quickly.

But then again, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of your sexy bleached tresses anytime soon. Below, we have discussed more than a few effective ways to fix bleached hair that turned yellow so you can flaunt your manes with pride.



Reasons Your Bleached Hair Turned Yellow

Bleached hair turns yellow and unappealing for several reasons. Let’s discuss them so that you know the exact cause of why your tresses are turning yellow after you bleach them.

Washing Hair Too Often With Tap Water

One of the main and most common reasons your bleached hair turns yellow is that you wash it too often in the tap water. The iron present in the tap water clashes with the bleach pigment and turns them yellow in no time.
Also, because you wash the tresses too often, the color pigments wash down to expose the underlying pigments in your manes. It also makes the strands appear yellow and unsightly.


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Use Of Wrong Styling And Haircare Products

When you bleach your hair, it not only changes the color of the strands but also makes them super sensitive. And therefore, you need to use bleach-specific products on your manes to keep them healthy, shiny, and vibrant. If you use any regular styling and haircare products, there are chances that you might end up with yellow manes rather than lustrous bleach blonde tresses.


Not Maintaining A Proper Haircare Routine

Another prominent reason your bleached hair might turn yellow is that you are not following a proper haircare routine. Even when you use the right type of hair products, you still might suffer from discoloration in your manes because of a lack of the proper maintenance routine.


How To Fix Bleached Hair That Turned Yellow, 4 Effective Ways

Although discoloration of your bleached hair might seem a big problem for you, its fixes are quite easy and quick. Here are the top 4 effective ways to take care of your bleached hair that has turned yellow.

Use a Toner

One of the easiest and most effective ways to correct your yellowish bleached hair is by using toner. This amazing product neutralizes the yellow tone of your manes and makes them as bright and vibrant as it was before.

However, before buying toner for your bleached blonde hair, make sure that it has a minimal or zero amount of ammonia in its composition. As your manes are already fragile due to the bleaching session, a tone with ammonia might damage it even further. To remove the yellowish tint and also to maintain the shine and health of your tresses, ammonia-free hair toner is a must.

correct your yellowish bleached hair is by using toner


Incorporate A Purple Shampoo into Your Haircare Routine

In addition to a hair toner, a suitable purple shampoo can also come to your aid when it comes to fixing the yellow tone of your sexy bleached tresses. Specially formulated with purple pigments, this shampoo cancels the yellow hue of the manes and makes it as lustrous as ever. As purple and yellow are two opposite shades in the color spectrum, they cancel out one another quickly. And as a result, you get incredibly healthy, radiant, and fresh blonde locks- just like you have always wanted.

However, even after achieving the desired result, make sure to use this shampoo at least once a week to maintain the gorgeous look of your bleached tresses.

purple shampoo to fixing the yellow tone


Use Brightening Masks and Conditioners

Just like purple shampoos, brightening masks/conditioners also contain purple pigments to successfully neutralize the yellow tone of your bleached tresses. Pair the purple shampoo and conditioner and use them on your unsightly tresses to enjoy faster results like never before.

Besides removing the yellowish hue from your hair strands, these masks/conditioners improve the hair condition too. As they are loaded with hydrating and moisturizing agents, these haircare products nourish your fragile manes from deep within. Such nourishment makes them stronger and provides the much-needed shine and sleekness in your manes for a flawless outlook.


Try Natural Ingredients

If you are not a fan of chemicals and are looking for natural ways to fight that yellow tone in your bleached hair, apple cider vinegar can always come to your aid. As this vinegar is acidic, it effectively removes the yellow tone from your bleach blonde hair for a better look.

Moreover, as it is a natural ingredient, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging your manes while you try to bring back their luster.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Home Remedy Will Get Rid of Yellow Hair?

Unfortunately, there are no effective home remedies to remove the yellow tint from your hair other than rinsing the manes with apple cider vinegar. You can include ACV in your haircare regimen to eliminate that unappealing tone over time.


Does Baking Soda Take Yellow Out of Hair?

Baking soda can take off the yellow out of your bleached hair. However, as it is an abrasive cleaner, baking soda might harm your manes and make it even more sensitive and breakage-prone. And therefore, it’s better that you avoid it for your precious tresses altogether.


Final Words

Fixing bleached hair that turned yellow isn’t as hard or time-consuming as you might have thought. Following the guide we have provided above, you can remove such an unappealing hue from your tresses quickly and effectively. Incorporate them in your haircare routine and see the results yourself, girl!

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