5 Ways To Straighten Hair Without Using Any Heat

Want to flaunt sleek, lustrous straight hair? Afraid of the heat damage associated with straightening hair? Well, we have the perfect solutions for you!

Even if you don’t have fine, damaged, or sensitive hair, heat damage can still concern you. Because heat can burn, break, and make your manes unappealing, we understand why you don’t want to use heat to straighten and style your hair. The fear is legit, no doubt about that!

However, if we tell you that you can straighten hair without using any heat, would you believe us? Well, this is true. You can actually straighten your precious tresses without using any heat and heat damage.

Let’s find out how.


How To Straighten Hair Without Using Any Heat

Straight hair is sexy. And if you too, want to sport such sleek, beautiful straight tresses without any heat, keep on scrolling. We have discussed some of the easiest yet effective ways to achieve smooth, silky manes so that you have the hair you want without causing any harm to them.


Adopt A New Hair Care Routine


Trying out a new hair care routine with all “hair straightening” products is a great way to make your tresses silky, smooth, and straight. As these products are specially formulated to hydrate and flatten the hair cuticles, your manes look smooth and have a straighter appearance over the course of time.

However, remember to choose the products wisely to experience maximum results.


The Straightening Procedure

  • Wash your tresses with a suitable hair straightening shampoo and conditioner regularly.


  • Use a microfiber hair towel to ensure your manes don’t suffer from frizz and let the cuticles swell up.


  • Make it a point to apply a straightening serum to your hair now and then.


  • Brush down your wet hair continuously until it’s dried. The strong downward help to straighten the strands.


Use A Homemade Hair Straightening Cream/Mask


A homemade hair straightening cream is an incredible product for your manes, especially those who don’t want to use heat on their precious ones. Made with a lot of moisturizing agents, fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins, this haircare product quickly reaches deep into the hair shaft. It then works from within to uncoil your manes and make them soft, silky, and straight as well.


The Straightening Procedure

  • Comb all your clean, dried hair thoroughly to ensure no kinks or knots in them.


  • Section all the tresses in several parts so that the cream/mask reaches each hair strand and provides a consistent result.


  • Apply this homemade hair straightening cream/mask on the hair sections and smear it evenly. Let the cream sit for 40-45 minutes.


  • Then, wash it off with cold water and a hair straightening shampoo for the best results.


*However, keep in mind that it might take more than a few weeks to show the best results.


Try Out Hair Ties


If you are not a fan of using any types of products on hair for the straightening purpose, you can always try out “hair ties” to give the strands a straighter look. Because you tie each section of the tresses in several spots, they stay in place in a straighter manner and provide a sleek appearance when you open up the ties.

However, you must be a little too careful with this “no heat” hair straightening method. Make sure that you are using soft and loose hair ties so that your manes don’t break and show signs of bent. If it happens, your beautiful hair will look really unappealing.


The Straightening Procedure

  • Start with wet hair. Because damp hair is easy to work with, it will look straighter sooner than later.


  • Comb all your wet hair to remove kinks and knots from them.


  • Make a middle part so you have a section of tresses on each side of the head.


  • With each section, make a low ponytail and secure them with a soft hair tie right on the nape of the neck.


  • Use several other ties to tie the ponytails in every 5cm space loosely. Make sure to tie the manes loosely.


  • Keep the ponytails in such a manner for several hours and then open them to reveal gorgeous straight tresses.


Sleep With Wet Hair


Another “no heat, no product” method to straighten your hair is to sleep on with wet manes. Even though there are no scientific explanations behind it, this method provided proven results in the past. If you are too lazy to do anything to your manes and still want them to look silky and straight, sleeping with your wet tresses is the best method for you.

However, make sure to sleep on a silk pillowcase rather than your regular ones. The super smooth surface of a silk pillow won’t create frizz and static in your manes and won’t make them look unsightly in the morning.


The Straightening Procedure

  • Wash your hair at night with a suitable hair straightening shampoo.


  • Soak excess water from your wet manes using a microfiber hair towel.


  • Run your fingers through your hair and make them somewhat straight.


  • Put a silk pillowcase on your pillow and sleep on it.


Essential Oils Work Too


Women have used essential oils over centuries to make their manes moisturized and give them a silky smooth appearance. Rich in proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids, these oils hydrate your hair from deep inside and effectively flatten the cuticles. And when they are well-nourished with flat cuticles, your hair looks straighter even without using any heat styling tools.

But remember that this won’t provide any overnight results. You must keep using the oils for a few weeks to see visible changes.


The Straightening Procedure

  • Take your favorite essential oil and rub it in between your palms to warm it up a little.


  • Apply it to the hair and massage gently so your hair strands can soak the oil easily.


  • Repeat applying the oil whenever you feel like your tresses are dried and brittle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Way To Straighten Hair Naturally at Home?

You can adopt several different ways to straighten your hair naturally at home. However, as you are using all natural ingredients and no heat, you might not experience any instant results. Natural, homemade items take time to work.


Does Natural Hair Straighten Methods Work for Coily and Kinky Hair Too?

You can actually straighten your coily and kinky hair naturally. However, remember that as this hair type is quite stubborn, it might take time to enjoy significant results.


Final Words

Getting silky straight hair without the use of any heat is a dream for many girls. And with the methods we have discussed above, it is no longer a dream. Anyone who wants gorgeous straight locks without heat damage can achieve that easily.

Try them girls, and let us know how they work for you!

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