Can You Dye Your Roots If You Have Highlights?

A common question that comes up when getting highlights is if it’s possible to dye your roots when you have highlights in your hair.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have an answer to that question, so they spend more time and money dying their hair and redoing the highlights. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Instead, you can achieve almost every person’s hair dream of getting their money’s worth.

This article answers any questions you might have about dyeing your roots even though you have highlights. Let’s take a look.



Can You Dye Your Roots Despite Having Highlights?

No matter your hair type or shade, you can still dye your hair roots notwithstanding the highlights in your hair. Ultimately, there are different ways to cover your roots without affecting the highlights. Some of them include applying gloss to your roots and using spray concealers. If the regrowth is subtle and you intend to darken your roots, using mascaras to blend the undergrowth might be all the hacks you need.

However, dyeing your hair is the most durable and versatile solution, as it gives you many color options. It also guarantees the best results because you won’t have to keep touching up your roots too often.

But here is what you need to know before you start the entire process: Dyeing your roots when you have highlights takes precision, especially if the length of your regrowth is less than 1cm. In this case, it’s always best to go to a hair salon if you don’t have experience coloring your hair.

But if you’ve had some experience and your regrowth is more than 0.4 inches, you can go ahead. This growth could occur within three to four weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

So if you want to dye your roots without messing up the highlights in your hair, you try your best to only touch up the parts that haven’t been dyed. This prevents your hair from becoming bleached, spongy, and damaged.

Additionally, you must choose the right color and your history must be taken into account when making this decision. Always aim for a color that is one or two tones within your existing color range. But if your hair gets colored fast, this might be unnecessary. Instead, use colors that are lighter than your base.



How To Dye Your Roots If You Have Highlights? 

Dyeing the roots of a hair with highlights requires that you first prepare your tools. These tools include gloves, an applicator bottle or metal mixing bowl, an applicator brush, a plastic cap, and cleansing wipes. Once you’ve prepared these, you can go ahead with the following steps:

  • Prepare Your Hair

You need to prepare your hair to avoid ruining your highlights. First, divide your hair into four equal parts. This allows you to reach all the roots of your hair easily. After this, apply barrier cream to your forehead, ears, and neck without getting it on your hair.

Wash off the barrier cream from your hands and wear gloves to protect your hands in preparation for the next step.

  • Mix The Dye

Combine your dye and developer in your applicator bottle or a metallic mixing bowl. Generally, it’s best if your dye and developer are applied equally. However, this largely depends on the instructions on the dye. Mix your dye for about twenty minutes before applying it to your roots.

  • Dye Your Roots

Your roots are your natural hair that has sprung forth since your last dyeing session. This means those parts haven’t come in contact with dye, so they’ll require a longer processing time.

Start from the front sections and apply dye to the roots by dealing with one section at a time. While dealing with each section, ensure you work your way down in rows quarter-inch apart.

Next, deal with the back areas similarly and massage your roots to saturate them with dye fully.

  • Leave The Dye For A Few Minutes

After covering all your roots with dye, use a plastic cap to cover your hair. This accumulates heat in your hair, which allows the color to sit and your hair to retain the color. Use your cleansing wipes to remove drops of dye that might’ve gotten on your skin in the process.

  • Rinse

Switch to a new pair of gloves and rinse the dye until the water runs clear. You can go further by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner to preserve the beautiful results from the color.

This process is a foolproof way to dye your roots despite having highlights in your hair.



Highlights give your hair a refreshing look, but this can be frustrating when your roots keep growing. Fortunately, you can definitely dye your roots even though you have highlights. All it requires is proper care by following a detailed dyeing process. It also helps if your roots have grown to about 1cm, as it guarantees the best results for your hair.

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