31 Fancy Cowgirl Hairstyles To Reveal Your Inner Mod

Whether you are living on a ranch or want to deck yourself up as a farm girl, cowgirl hairstyles will never fail you! Women always prefer these unique hairdos because of the fresh and naïve vibe it gives to their whole look. The “farm girl” hairstyles not only up your style statement greatly but also protect your manes successfully. As a hat is an integral part of these “dos”, you can rest assured that your tresses will never get burned during your physical activities on the farm.

What’s more interesting is that it doesn’t matter if you have long, short, straight, or black tresses, these “rancher girl” hairdos would never hold back to adding that necessary charm and chicness to your appearance!


Stylish And Stunning Cowgirl Hairstyles You Can Try

The cowgirl hairstyles have always been in fashion. And with time they are getting even more attention and affection. If you too want to jump on the bandwagon of a ranch girl style and flaunt such an interesting “do” in your manes, keep reading below. Our top 31 stunning hairstyles for cowgirls will surely inspire you.

1. Cowgirl Hairstyle with Hat

Cowgirl hairstyle with hat

For a classic cowgirl hairstyle, adopt a hat with your open cascading tresses and rock it like none other. Because the hat does all the talking, you can leave the strands without any styling and yet look super gorgeous.

However, if you want, you can always create some wonderful curls and waves in your hair to add a whole lot of fun and flair to the look.


2. Cowgirl Hairstyles for Short Hair

Cowgirl hairstyles for short hair

Even when you have short hair, don’t worry about how to create a gorgeous cowgirl look in your manes. Just adorn the strands with a few twists and waves here and there and put a hat on it. And you are ready to rock the “farm world” girl!


3. With a Bandana

With bandana

Cowgirls don’t want hair on their faces. And therefore, a bandana is their favorite accessory when it comes to hairstyle. Tie your beloved hankie around your forehead and let the rest of the hair loose on the shoulders. This will ensure your comfort while not taking away from your amazing style.


4. Long Hair

Long hair

Show off your long sultry locks to the world with this sleek and simple hairstyle. The long, flowy tresses have their own appeal. And when you pair them with an equally exciting hat, the combination is just to die for.


5. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid

Give your cowgirl hairdo a softer, more feminine vibe with the ever-versatile waterfall braids. It doesn’t matter if you have super long or medium tresses. This easy-to-make braid creates enough visual interest in the manes. Adorn it with straighter cascading tresses or wavy ones for an additional appeal!


6. Chignon For Cowgirl

Chignon For cowgirl

There’s no rule that a cowgirl must always be sassy and spicy. You can also show off your “lady side” and awe the world with a stunning and sophisticated chignon bun. Created just over the nape of your neck, this amazing “do” adds just the right bit of elegance and class to your overall outlook.

You can also make a loose braid on the bun to make it even more appealing and attractive.


7. Sleek Back Ponytail

Sleek Back Ponytail

Get a simple “do” in your long manes with a sleek yet stylish high ponytail. Even though it is an “easy to make” style, it has its charm and never fails to impress the crowd. Pair it with your regular wear or expensive couture, this cowgirl hairstyle would always maintain your style quint!


8. Redhead Cowgirl Hairstyle

Redhead Cowgirl Hairstyle

Those who aren’t afraid of the spotlight should definitely try a deep red dye in their hair someday. Even though the red seems a risque move, it certainly pays off when you style it right.


9. Double Dutch Braid And A Ponytail

Double Dutch Braid And ponytail

Combine comfort and convenience in your manes with a fantastic high ponytail with dutch braids. The double braids on the top ended in a pony on the crown not only tie up all your hair but also ensure great style. Flaunt it without a hat to show off your dutch braids proudly.


10. Bubble Braids

Bubble Braids

Ditch your regular braids and adorn your tresses with two bubble braids for added interest and fun. The bubbles created in equal intervals give your outlook a playful vibe and make you appear much younger than usual.

You can use multicolor elastic bands in each the interval for versatility in the look.


11. Cowgirl With Dual Braid

Cowgirl With Dual Braid

Opt for the pigtails when you don’t have enough time for an intricate hairstyle. We promise they will never let you down.

You can also wear a matching hat to give the style a more “cowgirl-ish” vibe.


12. One-sided Dreadlock

One-sided Dreadlock

This one-sided dreadlock style might not be the most common hairstyle for cowgirls, but it is one of the coolest ones to do. As you tie all the locks in a side ponytail, you put them into the display without being over the top. It makes for a beautiful hairdo and enhances your style greatly.


13. Cowgirl With Single Braid

Cowgirl With Single Braid

Although the single, 3-strand braid is a very ordinary “do,” when it comes to cowgirl hairstyles, it’s considered a classic! This simple plait is casual, refined, yet trendy. Wear it with a sexy hat to channel your inner rancher vibe fully. Trust us, and it would never disappoint!


14. Blunt Cut with Bangs

Blunt cut with Bangs

The blunt hair with bangs indeed give you a very classic cowgirl outlook. Straighten your tresses with a flat iron and pair it with your favorite hat. You could never look more like a “farm lady”!


15. Cowgirl Hairstyle With Long Pixie Cut

Cowgirl Hairstyle With Long Pixie Cut

Spice up your otherwise generic cowgirl hairstyle with a sassy, breezy extended layered pixie cut. The high low layers with the shaved nape provide sexy volume and create an amazing contrast in your manes. Even though it is a super modern “do,” the long pixie also goes with the cowgirl vibe.


16. The One-sided Braid

The One-sided Braid

If you have fine, thin hair, try out this single side braid for a fuller, more appealing appearance. Because you tie all the tresses to a side and cover the rest of the head with a hat, it gives an illusion of fullness.

You can also curl the manes before making the braid look even more prominent and glamorous.


17. Senegalese Twist

Senegalese Twist

Senegalese twist cornrows are one of black women’s most popular cowgirl hairstyles. If you have long locks and want to flaunt them with pride, these braids are the perfect picture for you. You can add extensions here and there to make the plaits look even more charming.


18. Cowgirl with Fishtail Braids

Cowgirl with Fishtail Braids

Although a fishtail braid is quite time-consuming to create, it never fails to give a festive and fabulous vibe to your beautiful cowgirl manes. The intricate details of this “do” provide a touch of elegance and class and attract all the attention towards you.

If you have quite a bit of time, try this braided “do” in your manes and astonish the world!


19. Boho Hairstyle For Cowgirl

Boho Hairstyle For Cowgirl

Nothing could be as beautiful and eye-catching in your hair as a bohemian braided “do.” Make a prominent side plait with strands of your hair and pull it to the back of your head. Secure the plait with more than a few bobby pins so that it stays in place on your flowy cascading hair.

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20. Cowgirl Hairstyle For Messy hair

Cowgirl Hairstyle For Messy hair

If you don’t plan to wear a hat, try out this messy hairdo in your sexy short tresses. The half-up ponytail and the texturized hair create the perfect blend of volume and fullness in your manes. It also gives you a breezy, laid-back outlook that goes perfectly with your farm wear.


21. Traditional Curls For Cowgirl

Traditional Curls For Cowgirl

Even though this sassy, messy hairstyle is easy to create, it’s super alluring and attractive. It doesn’t matter if you have long hair or shorter ones, the tight curls create amazing texture for a tousled. all-natural outlook.


22. Simple Back Ponytail

Simple Back Ponytail

The back ponytail is super simple, easy to make, and a highly effective hairstyle for cowgirls. It matches almost any face shape and hair texture and looks good with any outfit you wear. You can also create some spiral curls in the pony to make it a little too extra.


23. Cowgirl Hairstyle for Wedding

Cowgirl Hairstyle for Wedding

An elaborate braid with hairpin and flowers is the right pick for even a cowgirl wedding! While it ensures incredible comfort for the bride, this “do” never forgoes impeccable style. Such a beautiful braid with the right white dress would make you look picture-perfect. There’s no doubt about that!


24. Urban Cowgirl Hairstyle

Urban Cowgirl Hairstyle

Don’t hesitate to try out this chic and cool cowgirl hairstyle in your locks when you want all the attention. Between the thin braids, ringlets, and hair jewelry, this “do” would put the limelight on you.


25. Traditional Cowgirl Hairstyle

Traditional Cowgirl Hairstyle

Give your regular double pigtails a break and try the double twists in your manes instead. Even though it’s just a clever way to skip the traditional braids, the look is super trendy and chic. Wear it with or without a hat, this “do” would never fail to grab eyeballs.


26. Cowgirl Hairstyles For a Black Girl

Cowgirl hairstyles For black girl

Black hair, don’t care!

Adorn your natural tresses with retro-style red hair and be the center of the crowd without too much work! To make the “do” even more “farm-like,” pair it with a matching scarf at the neck and a cowgirl hat. The combination is KILLER; you can trust us on that!


27. Festival Cowgirl Braid

Festival cowgirl braid

Who said cowgirl hairstyles are traditional and typical? Make a lot of box braids in your manes and break the stereotype in no time. These plaits are versatile enough to make you stand in the crowd instantly.

You can deck the braids with beads and rings for added chicness.


28. Loose Wave + Side Braid

Loose wave + side braid

A beautiful single side braid in your wavy hair can take your otherwise ordinary hairstyle to the next level, remember that, girls! Make a thick and visible plait of your choice in your tresses and leave it on any side of your head. It will create a bold contrast and make a modern and chic outlook, regardless of your face shape and personality.


29. Cowgirl Updo Spacebun

Cowgirl Updo Spacebun

These braided space buns are everything you need to flaunt in your long tresses. Although the double buns are interesting enough, the braided texture lifts them greatly and makes a style statement in no time.

You can leave a few strands on both sides to make the style a little too unforgettable!


30. Colorful Braid for Cowgirl

Colorful braid for Cowgirl

Colorful strands and braids are a perfect combination for you if you love experimenting with your tresses now and then. The multicolor extensions with different braids in your long hair create an incredible contrast and attract all the attention towards you.

Try playing with the color combo to keep things spicy in the manes!


31. Cowgirl Bangs Hair

Cowgirl Bangs Hair

Cut adorable bangs in your long flowy manes to add the much-required fun and flair to your overall outlook. The perfectly trimmed fringes soften your appearance and frame your face to draw attention to it.

Flaunt the bangs with open manes or braids, either way, they will look cute on you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hair Length Is Best for a Cowgirl’s Hairstyle?

If you want to create some versatile cowgirl hairstyles, it’s best that you have longer tresses to display the “do” better. Because of their signature features, these styles go seamlessly with longer strands rather than shorter ones.


Can Little Girls Flaunt a Cowgirl Hairstyle?

Little girls can flaunt gorgeous cowgirl hairstyles in their hair. If they have the length, you can create different types of “dos” in their manes and make the little one look as pretty as ever.

However, ensure your baby girl is comfortable with the style you make in her manes.


Wrapping Up

We have listed and talked about many cowgirl hairstyles that you can flaunt in your hair. Whether going for a ranch party or working on your farm, these “dos” will always ensure that you are on top of your style game and rocking.

Try them, babes, you would never be disappointed.

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