20 Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas For Classy Women

The skunk stripe hair is an animal-inspired hairstyle, but the difference is this hairstyle does not stink. It is undoubtedly, one of the best hair trends of 2023. This signature look is a unique name for two-tone hair; the stripe placement makes all the difference. Like Cruella De Vil, skunk stripe hair stands out.

Technical stylists believe that stripe hair may be a color blocking where two chunks of color are added as desired. It is usually daring, but it also feels like a throwback style. That’s because the colors contrast, making your face the focus.

Several celebrities like Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa have rocked different variants of the style, so it may be familiar. However, if you want to try something different or simply evolve with the current trend, you will find a suitable style in this article.


What Is Skunk Stripe Hair?

Skunk stripe hair is named after a cute animal; Skunk. The animal is colored black and white, hence the style. Although the skunk stripe hair has two contrasting colors, they are not necessarily black and white. While these colors are in chunks, they are either in front, beneath, on the side, or peekabo.


What Are The Things to Consider In Skunk Stripe Hair?

  • A typical skunk stripe hair creates a contrast that is often adaptable to personal style. Therefore, getting the exact results may be dependent on a few things.
  • Consider the best colors. While it is true that you can combine two colors, selecting what best suits your skin is ultimate. Subtle colors blend well with dark roots and vice versa.
  • Consult a professional stylist. They have more experience and can advise you on hairstyles.


Skunk Stripe Hair Ideas to Inspire You

The major idea of any skunk stripe hair is white or platinum blonde chunks with a black base. However, the style has evolved, and stylish women experiment with green, pink, grey, purple, etc. We have selected 20 hairstyles that could be your new favorite.

1. Pink Skunk Stripe

Pink Skunk Stripe

Pink is soft, expressive, and playful. The pink skunk stripe hair is an ideal way to play with muted. Colors. While this does not commit you to complete dyeing, it brightens the original hair color. It also takes the dimension of a basic skunk stripe style with a different color blend.


2. Red Skunk Stripe Hair

Red Skunk Stripe Hair

Red is for the bold, fierce, and fearless. Only women who want to stand out opt for red. While it may be hard to pull off, the bang will work for any facial frame. For this style, you mainly dye the base of your hair, while your natural locs create the contrast on top.


3. Blue Skunk

Blue Skunk

The combination of blue and black hair colors is electric. People are fans of this popular hair trend because the resulting color translation is stunning. In addition, this blue is a tranquil yet modern approach. That makes it less complexion selective.


4. Green Skunk Stripe Hair

Green Skunk Stripe Hair

GenZ artist Billie Eilish sports green skunk stripe hair, and she does it effortlessly. Although the green in the picture is lighter than hers, it is a risk worth taking. The subtleness and contrast are powerful ways to have fun while trying something new.


5. Purple Skunk Stripe Hair

Purple Skunk Stripe Hair

This transformation infuses another bold color with the curly bangs. The purple-black hue complements her skin tone, adding a hint of pink and grey shades. Remember to consider your natural color and how far you’re willing to go.


6. Blonde Skunk Stripe Hair

Blonde Skunk Stripe Hair

Blonde skunk stripe hair is a popular variant. However, people wear it differently, adding incredible versatility each time. The chunky details brighten your appearance. Blonde is the perfect contrast for naturally dark roots, making your face pop.


7. Black Skunk Stripe Hair

Black Skunk Stripe Hair

Even though the original idea of a skunk stripe hair is to add color to black hair, it can be done vice versa. A hint of black on colored hair creates a warmth and softness to the same color. Because black is always sexy, you know you can never go wrong with this choice.


8. Brown Skunk Stripe Hair

Brown Skunk Stripe Hair

Like other natural colors, brown is in various shades. But it is a color that matches the personality and attitude of the wearer. The brown-black mix is excellent if you need a hue that will make you confident. This is also a beautiful way to embrace your curls.


9. Orange Skunk Stripe Hair

Orange Skunk Stripe Hair

Orange is a bright and happy color that adds a touch of creativity to this look. Choose a subtle or eye-popping tone depending on how big of a contrast you want. This skunk’s allure is that it creates a striking base against your natural hue, highlighting your hairline and face.


10. Black Hair With Blonde Skunk Stripe

Black Hair With Blonde Skunk Stripe

There’s no wrong way to wear skunk stripe hair color. She wears the contrast playfully with several large chunks. With hints of blue and brown hues, this hairstyle is a bump. However, it has a vibrant background and solid details when compared to common skunk hair color schemes.


11. Grey Hair Skunk Stripe

Grey Hair Skunk Stripe

With just the front face-framing layers as a contrasting tone to its base hue, this makes a muted yet striking color statement. You decide what goes and by what rules since this is edgy. The short hair idea is excellent for summer and every season.


12. Skunk Stripe Back Of Hair

Skunk Stripe Back Of Hair

Doubling as a reverse skunk stripe, the details are at the bottom this time. The pink color adds a dynamic underside similar to a peekaboo. However, when held up, the contrast is more evident. This approach is party at the back and business in front.


13. Skunk Ponytail

Skunk Ponytail

Feeling adventurous? Go for a skunk ponytail. Like the typical ponytail, it is swept up in the desired position so that the stunk becomes more visible with the sweep. Even though this is a simple style, it is also an ideal way to sport your skunk stripe without being flamboyant.


14. Mohawk Stripe

Mohawk Stripe

Here is a stylized version of the skunk stripe mohawk, a bold way for women to wear short hair. With nicely shaved sides, the center portion of your hair is dyed blonde or your preferred color. This is a retro and vintage vibe with low maintenance.


15. Short Skunk Stripe

Short Skunk Stripe

Now that bold colors are common in skunk stripe hairstyles, you may keep yours natural if you love a cool shade. Instead, try this highlighting method for a subtle, natural approach to your skunk stripe. It complements all hair textures and lengths.


16. Wavy Skunk

Wavy Skunk

Another catchy take on the skink hair is mid-length waves. This is especially great for women with pale skin. The blast of warm colors is calming on the skin, making the eyes pop too. Short is a beautiful way to wear burgundy.


17. Grey With Burgundy Skunk Stripe

Grey With Burgundy Skunk Stripe

Burgundy is loud even though it has different shades. An excellent way to tone it down is by adding a base grey skunk color. You get an attention-demanding effect and a classic style. The appeal is better with a side part.


18. Long Skunk Stripe

Long Skunk Stripe

The skunk stripe is perfect for all lengths and textures. The boldness of the long stripe is incredible. While you can try this on other hair colors, this exact shade is more natural. Warm brown tones down the blonde color, lighting the good effect.


19. Skunk Bun hairstyle

Skunk Bun Hairstyle

Dua Lipa gets massive credit for rocking several hairstyles since the beginning of her career, but this is the best one yet. The transformation combines jet black hair and honey blonde. The dual middle part and honey-blonde skunk stripe hair look pretty against her natural roots.


20. Braid Skunk Stripe

Braid Skunk Stripe

A popular way to style your skunk hair is to put it in a braid. The root and the rest of your hair make the hairstyle distinct and unique. This color blend is in high demand and an excellent choice for all skin types. In addition, it is incredibly stylish and appealing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How long will skunk stripe hair last? 

Depending on the stripe size, a typical skunk dye lasts six to 10 weeks. In between these weeks, a touch-up may be necessary.


Who started the skunk hair trend?

The skunk hair trend is traced to Cindy Crawford, a belle of the 90s. After her, several celebrities have donned the style, making it popular.


Hairstyling is a creative process that varies based on preference. To that end, skin hair color makes colors stand out, forming a customized look for the wearer. With a driving force like social media, we think this skunk stripe hair trend is here to stay. 

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