21 Stunning Blue Curly Hairstyles Ideas for Women

Curly blue hair is as exotic as it sounds, and recently, there has been an endless list of women wearing their coats in this color. However, this color is not for the faint-hearted because it takes a bold and confident personality to pull it off.

Dying your hair blue is one of the best ways to go bold and big with your amazing curls. The varying shades of blue will give you attention anywhere you step. If you are still doubting how to rock this gorgeous color, remember that different shades can be tailored to give your desired effects. Besides, you can check out these 21 stunning curly blue hair ideas for inspiration.


Gorgeous Curly Blue Hairstyle Ideas to Try Out

The curly blue hairstyle is one of the styles rarely seen however, when they surface, they give a lasting impact. The reason is that most blue shades are easily noticeable and effortlessly give a dramatic effect. Although blue makes a bold appearance, curls add the innocence touch, giving it a balanced result. Check out some inspiring curly blue hairstyle ideas!

1. Dark Blue Curly Hair

Dark blue curly hairstyle

Dark blue on curly afro hair is the charm. This color is bold and cool and will highlight your natural locks. Dark blue is more flattering for black women as it reveals their natural appearance. Also, it is best to showcase the volume.


2. Blue Black Curly Hair

Blue black curly hair

A whole lot is going on with this curly blue hair. While the ombre effect is not quite pronounced, you can miss the many beautiful shades hiding underneath, especially against a dark root that serves as a backdrop to showcase the other colors.


3. Midnight Blue

Midnight blue

The midnight blue is the best for flaunting these adorable curls. Other shades may give the curls a too bright or too dull appearance. Besides, the shoulder-length curls are the right for giving a cool, nerdy, and bold appearance, while the teal highlights are impossible to miss.


4. Ombre Blue

Ombre blue

The Ombre technique is perfect for showing the electrifying effect of this style. Moreover, the different shades of blue help showcase this effect perfectly. From the dark midnight blue of the root to the platinum blue of the tips, all show different personalities that blend well.


5. Light Blue

Light blue

Let’s face it; these light blue curls are seriously cool. They are bright and colorful, guaranteed to draw attention anywhere you go. The best part is that you won’t miss the natural dark brown color of the root, which also adds dynamics to the color flow.


6. Short Blue Curly Hair

Short blue curly hair

Initially, this will just be an unruly thick short curly mane without the calming effect of the dark blue color. It is enough to deliver a bold impact without being overly bold, making it perfect for people who want to stand out but still blend in the background.


7. Long Blue Curly Hair

Long blue curly hair

Well, this style is a way to go big with the blue dye. While bold blue can be seen throughout the hair, you will never miss the subtle blue at the tips and the royal blue that you will find in some strategic places.


8. Navy Blue

Navy blue

You can always create the right effect with this curly navy-blue afro. Afro on black women is a way to appreciate their natural hair and culture. But the navy blue makes it bold and noticeable. You will rock the black girl’s power with this style.


9. Ocean Blue Curly Hair

Ocean blue curly hair

This color reminds you of the sea, especially the mixture of subtle green and blue shades. There is a specific youthful appearance that this curly blue hair adds to your appearance. Perfect for summer, this is your shade if you are an ocean lover.


10. Royal Blue Curly Hair

Royal blue curly hair

Go big or go home is the best to describe this blue curly hair! The shade is truly eye-popping. The darker navy blue and brighter royal blue gives a light and shadow effect that is admirable. The afro curl brings the appearance to completion.


11. Blue and Purple Curly Hair

Blue and purple curly hair

Not many color combinations can pull off this amazing appearance, especially with curled hair. The blue and purple color combo is right if you like experimenting with a bright and fun look. Both colors are bold and catchy without clashing; overall, they look stunning.


12. Blue Undercut Curly Hair

Blue Undercut curly hair

The undercut has always been used to make a bold statement, but when combined with curly blue hair is taking it to the next level. Moreover, you will surely attract attention with the blue speaks volumes. Curly hair can also be styled in different ways.


13. Blue Natural Hair

Deep blue Curly hair

Coloring natural hair is a bit complicated, but you will surely love the result. The natural brown hair is dyed to a stunning deep blue. The messy blue curls are adorable, while the natural hair color is still visible in the background adding to the overall charm.


14. Indigo Blue Curly Hair

Indigo blue curly

This is another variation of curly blue hair that is worth trying. This shade can best be described with the three C’s – cool, calm, and collected! It is best for projecting a mature and business appearance, with the curls adding a touch of innocence.


15. Mermaid Curly Blue Hair

Mermaid blue curly

Mermaid blue curly hair can make for a dramatic change to your appearance. The flawlessness in color blending can be achieved with an ombre. The combination of the different shades of blues with subtle green highlights gives a major mermaid vibe.


16. Sleek Curly Hair

Sleek curly blue hair

The first thing you will notice is the sleekness of these absolutely stunning curls. The visible natural brown color with blue highlights, which makes up one side of the front hair, only enhances the overall appearance. The blue hues are catchy but do not diminish the sleek appearance.


17. Curly Blue Pixie

Curly blue pixie

Pixie cut with a bang sure gives you a new appearance. Besides, bangs provide numerous styling opportunities. Curly bangs with blue highlights are everything you need to make a dramatic statement. The whole appearance is cool, fun, and exciting.


18. Teal and Blue Curly Tresses

Teal Tresses blue curly

The first thing you notice is the captivating light and dark blue hues. All the color present – ash blue, black, and dark blue each garner attention due to the light and shadow effect against a black background, making it perfect for long silky hair.


19. Sapphire Blue Highlight

Sapphire curly blue highlights

Sapphire blue symbolizes many qualities and is one of the best blue shades to try. One thing about the sapphire blue highlight is the expressiveness of the color. You can deepen or lighten this shade depending on the expression you are going for.


20. Blue and Ash Curly Hair

Blue and ash curly hair

Unlike other vibrant shades, the ash and blue shade is subtle and can easily blend in with the background. This is a mild approach to the vibrant mermaid style and with more flouncy curls.


21. Blue Curly Afro Curls

Blue curly afro hair

Rocking this afro with a blue shade makes the style better. The low and neat cut gives a serious black girl power. The bright blue color will give you a bold appearance that is easily noticeable.



Curly blue hair will make you change your mind about blue. Although it seems like a crazy choice initially, it is worth trying for those ready to take the leap. Blue is amazing and perfect for making a bold statement. Most of the shades are noticeable and eye-catching, although there are subtle ones. We hope the above ideas will inspire you to take the risk!

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