25 Gorgeous Curly Mullet Haircuts for Women to Try Out This Season

Have you ever seen curly mullets on women? Generally, when we picture curly mullet, what comes to mind are retro hairstyles, majorly seen in men. However, this hairstyle could be worn in a really feminine way, and they look great on women too.

Historically, mullets came to the limelight in the 70s but went out of style by the 90s. The style involves cutting the hair short on the front and side of the head while the back is left longer. This creates a chic style with retro vibes that create a strong impression.

Although this might be a retro style, many modern variations of these haircuts exist today. If you love trying out new ideas, here are 25 curly mullet haircuts for women to try out!


Can You Do a Mullet With Curly Hair?

Mullet is a versatile haircut that fits almost every hair texture, including curly, wavy, shaggy, and straight hair. Rocking a mullet with curly hair is exciting because it adds volume and bounciness to the curls. Besides, you can easily maintain your curls without putting in too much work.

It is often a good idea to balance the length at the side with that of the back, especially if you want to create a chic and retro appearance. It also prevents it from looking faux hawk-ish and masculine.


Coolest Mullets For Women With Curly Hair

While this haircut is versatile, the compatibility of your chosen style depends on your hair texture and type of curl. But it is not uncommon to find different hair textures in one style.

Before selecting a particular style, it is better to consult a professional to know what will soothe your face shape and hair texture. Perhaps, you plan to get a curly mullet haircut. As a woman, you can select from one of our best picks listed below.

1. Short Curly Mullet

short curly mullet

The short curly mullet for women may look simple, but you can’t help but notice the boldness in this style. The ginger shade and the tight short spring curls create a subtle innocence, while the undercut adds an edgy appearance to the look.

Suitable for: tight spring curls are better suited for short length because it gives a nice shape and bouncy volume.


2. Long Curly Mullet

long curly mullet

Long hair creates the best styling opportunities, but in a mullet, it creates the whole feminine vibe. The long curly is perfect for showing your long face shape giving the entire appearance a modern feel.

While the undercut is subtle, the sharpness balances the feminine vibes.

Suitable for: Long loose curls are always exciting to style. You can also try this haircut if you have an oval face shape.


3. Curly Mullet with Bangs

Curly Mullet with bangs

Adding bangs to the curly mullet haircut for women is the best way to go! Bangs are always adorable, and sometimes, they are all you need to complete the whole feminine vibe.

Besides, bangs add a lighter feel and the subtle fade helps personalize the appearance.

Suitable for: this haircut will go well with straight or wavy hair texture! While you may want to try this with curly hair, it might be a little difficult to style.


4. Black Woman Curly Mullet

black woman curly mullet

Black women tend to have naturally thick black hair that makes it easy to try curly mullet for women. The curly texture screams bold, especially with the afro style of the front hair. Adding a mullet to the thick curly mane transforms it into a kick-ass style.

Suitable for: Rocking an afro in a mullet is culturally and texturally suitable for black women, especially if they have thick, tight, or loose curls.


5. Green and Blue Curly Mullet with Design

Curly Mullet Haircuts

If you wish to be unique with your curly mullet, as a woman, this is one of the best ways to go. The sea green and blue colors make it a daring style while also giving it a dramatic flair. The design is a good way to showcase that girl’s power to the fullest.

Suitable for: This style is limitless and will suit almost every face shape and hair texture. Although trying it with short tight curls might be difficult, you can still pull it off.


6. Short Curly Mullet with Undercut

Curly Mullet Haircuts

Short curly mullet for women boosts shape and volume. But this style has an extra touch – the undercut, which gave it an edgy appearance. The short length adds springs to the bouncy curls at the front and nape area.

Overall, this style is easy to achieve and requires little styling.

Suitable for: This style is suitable for any face shape. While it combines straight and loose curls, it won’t be easy to try if you have thick tight curls.


7. Pink and Brown Mullet with Designs

Curly Mullet Haircuts

Another variation of curly mullet with the design! The pink touch is dramatic and adorable, giving it an innocent touch. The undercut is completed with a design that projects a cool chic appearance while giving a “don’t mess with me” vibe that is easy to personalize.

Suitable for: whether you have short tight curls or long loose curls, you can rock this hairstyle! You only need to know how to style it to fit your face shape.


8. Lemon Green Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet Haircuts

While this is a classic long mullet style, the color is for the brave and bold. The shade is not a color that you often see out there.

The fringe is best for fringe lovers or those with a large forehead while the wavy curls at the back of the head make the appearance prettier.

Suitable for: This mullet style is more fitted for people with thick wavy hair and who would love to keep their mullet longer.


9. Sleek Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet Haircuts

The first thing you notice is the sleekness of those copper curls, which are refreshing. While it has a retro vibe, the ringlet and short fringe are just too irresistible.

Although managing those super adorable curls might be difficult, it is workable and pairs with any dress.

Suitable for: Although this style will fit almost every face shape, it is more suited for an oval and heart-shaped face. Besides, you need to loose curls to showcase the style to the fullest.


10. Copper Split

Curly Mullet Haircuts

You can miss the aggressiveness of this look. It is the perfect style for projecting awesome girl power. From the undercut of this curly mullet to the mixed copper and black color, it just screams bold. You can try this with other colors if you are not a fan of copper.

Suitable for: Regardless of the face shape, you can rock this style as long as you have springy or tight curls.


11. Modern Curly Mullet for Woman

modern curly mullet for woman

For most women, selecting a curly mullet style is greatly influenced by curl patterns and hair texture. For tight curls, keeping it short and simple is the best. This way, your hair is fuller and bouncy.

Besides, the burgundy and dark color creates a contrast that flow well.

Suitable for: This style is more suited for people with tight curls and volume. You can also rock this style if you have a round or oval face shape.


12. 80s Curly Mullet

80s curly mullet woman

Although this style looks old and simple, you can’t help but notice the chic vibe. The front is a bang that can be styled in different ways. The light curly hair at the back is not too long making the style classy and elegant.

Suitable for: This style suits people with straight or slightly wavy hair. You can also try it out with curls, but it can be difficult to maintain.


13. Curly Blonde Mullet

Curly Blonde Mullet

This curly mullet haircut for women is one of the most radical mullet styles. While traditionally, this style appears masculine, adding a bang gives it a feminine touch. The shaggy hair and undercut enhance the edgy look.

You can also add pink highlights to lighten up the look.

Suitable for: Any face shape can wear this style, but it is more suitable for loose curls and straight hair texture.


14. Caramel Blonde with Curl

Caramel Blonde with curl

Caramel blonde is one of the coolest colors to rock curly mullet. It is better to leave these curls short because it enhances the shape and makes the curls more pronounced. The darker roots and blonde tips give a flattering appearance.

Suitable for: This style is suitable for every face shape. It is more suited for short curls, although people with straight hair texture can also try it.


15. Copper Balayage

Copper Balayage

The gorgeous copper color is the first thing you notice about this curly mullet. The loose curls are simply adorable, making the bang a bright copper color calls attention to it. The bright and dark color creates a dynamic contrast that looks cool.

Suitable for: Those loosed curls will look adorable on any face, especially the oval and heart shape.


16. Curly Mullet with Highlights

Curly Mullet with Highlights

The full and bouncy curls of this mullet are wild and attractive! It is one of the easiest ways to rock a mullet for those with long hair and tight curls. The different layers blend seamlessly, creating a natural look.

Moreover, you can miss the effortless cool chic vibe.

Suitable for: Suitable for every face shape. While the springy curls are very attractive, you need volume to perfect this appearance.


17. Layered Mullet for Curls

Layered Mullet for Curly hair

This is your ideal look if you want to blend well with your environment. It is casual, cool, and chic. The layers flow seamlessly into each other, while the bangs make the whole look adorable. This ideal everyday look can be styled in different ways too!

Suitable for: This style is suitable for thick straight hair with volume. It looks cute on anyone who decides to rock this style, especially young girls.


18. Shaggy Curly Mullet

Shaggy Curly Mullet

This shaggy mullet gives a softer and more feminine vibe compared to other mullet styles. The style is best for those who love bangs. The front is straightened and is styled into a bang, while the back has a free-falling wave. The orange color makes it noticeable.

Suitable for: Whether you have loose curls or straight hair, you can confidently rock this style. Making the back length shorter is advisable for tight and springy curls.


19. Bouncy Curl

Bouncy Curl

While this resembles a copper split, the red makes it bold. The contrast between the red and brown colors makes this hairstyle easily noticeable. The touch of red on the brown part adds a dramatic flair, while the undercut gives it a chic biker appearance.

Suitable for: This hair is more noticeable for people with loosed curls and wavy hair. But regardless of the volume, you can pull it off.


20. Curly Mullet for Women Over 40

Curly Mullet for Women over 40

Any age bracket can rock the curly mullet haircut, provided the style fits your hair texture and follows your curl pattern. The touch of blond at the bangs and tips makes the appearance interesting, while the shaggy texture makes the look adorable.

Suitable for:  Women from any age bracket can confidently rock this style, but you need a thick and wavy hair texture to create the perfect style.


21 . For Women Over 50

for women over 50

This style is a punk rocker and will seriously make you look effortlessly cool. The platinum blonde color gives an aged yet youthful appearance. The undercut is a good way to cover up thinning hair, while the side part gives a strong woman vibe.

Suitable for: This style is more suited for any face shape; however, you need straight and wavy hair to rock the look. Also, anyone who loves the style can try it.


22. Curly Mullet for Women with Glasses

Curly Mullet for Women with Glasses

This curly mullet haircut for women not only looks soft, it feels that way too. Unlike the sharper and more aggressive feel of other mullet styles, the ringlets give it a lighter feel, especially around the face.

Also, the volume and blonde highlight in specific places look cute.

Suitable for: if you have the curls and volume, you are set to rock this style. It can be difficult for other hair textures to try this because the curls are the main features.


23. 70’s Mullet

70's Curly Mullet for woman

Although curly mullet for women became popular in the 70s, the retro look is still much in vogue today. The longer length is more suited for wavy hair, and the bangs give it the right amount of elegance. The mixture of straight and curly hair gives a softer balance.

Suitable for: Regardless of your hair texture, if you love this style, you can go for it. Besides, it fits almost every face shape.


24. Mullet for Thick Hair

Mullet for Thick Hair

While this mullet gives us a retro vibe, the bang calls attention to the face. This classic example of curls and straight hair mixture is well blended to give a rounded balance.

Although it is a loose curl, the thickness gives a wild feel to the appearance.

Suitable for: If you have thick hair with loose curls, you can try this style. It would look adorable on teenagers and middle-aged women.


25. Curly mullet with shaved sides

Curly Mullet with Shaved Sides

There is no word for this curly mullet except Artistic. You can see a lot going on here, starting from the fade to the contrasting colors and mixture of curl and straight hair, which all create a dynamic that flows well with each other.

Suitable for: This style is suitable for almost every face shape and perfect for people with straight, wavy, or loose curls.



One of the retro unisex hairstyles that will always stay trendy is curly mullet and as a woman with beautiful curls, you can also jump on it. This style is best for projecting a young and outgoing appearance.

Regardless of your face shape, there is a mullet that can be tailored to suit your style. If you consider getting one of these amazing styles, go for it. We hope the 25 gorgeous mullet styles above will point you in the right direction!

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