31 Trendy and Easy Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Curly hair looks beautiful at every length. But this is the year for short curly hairstyles; you should give this a go. A curly hairstyle gives your hair a consistent pattern, texture, density, and shape. It is also a great way to keep your curls healthy.

Short hairstyles for curly hair are vibrant and light. They are easier to carry and never go out of style, especially in the year’s warmer seasons.

A common question women ask is if curly hair is compatible with short styles. The answer is yes, and we will show you delightful haircuts that will have you in short hair before summer.


Things to Consider Before Selecting a Haircut For Your Short Curly Hair

Speaking of short hairstyles,

  • Curly hair should be thoroughly moisturized before getting a cut.
  • Next, you want to decide on the type of curls you’d love. All curls are not created equal.
  • Short curly hairstyles may be porous, so they need hair products to last longer. Consider the maintenance cost and expenses that come with this.
  • Maintenance should be in a few weeks or months, depending on your choice. You want to consider the timing to determine if it fits your schedule.
  • Also, think about color accents. These are the smart and chic ways to show off your short cut.


Short Curly Hairstyle With Different Haircut

Short curly hairstyles are about embracing your curls or starting a new journey. We have a plethora of stylish options below.

1. Natural Short Curls

Natural Short Curls

There are many curly hair ideas, but this is always a hit. It is common in but not limited to African American women. Even though they are extremely short and kinky, these curls are unique for every occasion. Of course, you wear these in colors and highlights.


2. Pixie With Short Curl

Pixe with Short Curl

Pixie cuts are a statement style, and this one is not left out. If you’re looking for a fancy way to keep hair out of your eyes and face, here’s your pick.

This is an effortless style with which you can never go wrong. Add some color on top for a contrasting highlight of your cheekbones.


3. Curly Bob For Short Hair

Curly Bob For Short Hair

Women with fine curly hair can opt for this style because it won’t weigh them down. Instead, it is the perfect volume and a dramatic definition for a cool finish. Consider blowing it dry or air drying it.


4. Short Edgy Curly Haircut

Short Edgy Curly Haircut

You simply cannot miss the eye-popping effect of these short curls. It is captivating. The unruly attitude is perfect for an oval face. Curls are well-defined, giving off a fabulous shine that every woman will envy. Don’t worry about the wind. It enhances the attitude.


5. Short Curl With Undercut

Short Curl With Undercut

Every girl wants to wear her hair on her terms. This short curly hairstyle is the best way to do it. You create an edgy look with a shaved undercut and flowing curls to the side. The volume of the cut shows off your pretty bone structure.


6. Asymmetrical Curl

Asymmetrical curl

A modern and exciting approach for curly hairstyles for short hair. This is a proper way to make a statement on warmer days. And if you’re fond of long bangs, here’s another dimension. Sassy, edgy, and feminine.


7. Layered Curly Hairstyle

Layered Curly hairstyle

The curly layered cut works for any facial frame, but it is especially good on square faces as it softens the angles. Regardless of your face shape, this is a style that you can wear without hassle. It also helps you to switch things up easily.


8. Short Curls + Bangs

short curls + bangs

The reduction in length should not stop you from sporting a bang. This cut adds volume and definition. These well-defined ringlets. It will help you sail through any formal function. The color is also a fantastic accent.


9. Short Curly Mohawk

short curly mohawk

An effective approach to demonstrate to everyone that you are one of those women who isn’t afraid to stand out is to style your hair appropriately. Go for a short, curly haircut and give it a modern twist by choosing an undercut near the sides and back.


10. Braids For Short Curly Hair

braids for short curly hair

You might want to use the appropriate products to define your curls for this short curly haircut. Use a hair conditioner that can soften them and give them a more defined appearance. Your hair should first be braided, then pull it back into curls.


11. Short Curly Hairstyle With Glasses

short curly Hairstyle With glasses

Another simple yet beautiful short curly hairstyle. The undercut distinguishes this curly pixie from other pixies. It’s simple to care for and keep up with this hairdo.

A complete crown that reaches the forehead with a few curls dropping off over the eyes is also possible. This hairdo may become very popular in the summer.


12. Ponytail + Short Curl

Ponytail + Short Curl

This short curly haircut with a ponytail is ideal for every occasion because it is an updo. Your face gets additional depth with a sleek pony which also improves your look. This style works for all skin types.


13. Short Curls With Round Face

Short Curls with Round Face

Add new drama and volume to your natural round face with short curly haircuts. This style will automatically soften the curves on your cheeks, producing an oval effect. Wear it loosely and throw it in the middle part.


14. Choppy Layers

Choppy Layers

Look fresh with choppy vibes on a curly cut. The neck length is perfect for these gorgeous tresses. Also, take out the weight by allowing your curls to fall freely. Finally, remember that you can always own this look with a few additions.


15. Curly Pixie With Headscarf

Curly Pixie With Headscarf

Finding the happy medium between unruly and manageable is the key to perfect curls hairstyles for short hair. First, put your hair in a pixie-like cut. Then, tie a satin scarf around your head like a bandana to jazz up your outfit.


16. Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob

This stacked bob features a little slant in the rear and lengthier layers in the front. The effect is subtle and chic. When cut just above the chin, the loose ringlets are delicate and feminine, making a flattering frame for the face.


17. Short Afro Hairstyle

Short Afro Hairstyle

Short, curly haircut is great for black women with thick, coily hair. You won’t have to worry about flattening out. Instead, the curls’ exquisite volume and dramatic definition make up for their short length.


18. Side Parted Short Curly Bob

Side Parted short Curly Bob

Pair your curls with a wet look and a side part. This soft wet look is as stylish as any other style on the list. Moreover, upkeep is a breeze. You can either air dry your beautiful locks or fluff them out with a round brush when you use a hair dryer.


19. Short Wavy Curls

Short Wavy Curls

Bold and chic- a wavy curl gets the job done always. If your hair is wavy, you can achieve this style with some styling products and curling iron. Because the hair requires less manipulation, you need to enhance the texture of your natural tendrils.


20. Short Curly Hairstyle For Asian

Short Curly haistyle for Asian

All the effort required to maintain these gorgeous, thick curls is worthwhile. If you want your curly hair to look as good as this, invest in the best styling products money can buy. And remember to smile.


21. Short Curls For Wedding

Short curls for wedding

There are several styles for those blessed with naturally curly hair, but this one is distinct. It is timeless and elegant, specially made for the nuptials. The style forms from the roots with a dainty flower as its accessory, then spirals down.


Short Curl With Different Color And Highlights

People run in the opposite direction of color when it comes to short curly hairstyles. Let’s change that opinion with these few styles.

1. Short Curly Blonde

short blonde

If there’s a flaw you want to hide, no color is better than blonde. Blonde can be flirty and sophisticated. When chosen carefully, you wouldn’t have to do much maintenance. Also, if you’re considering a 50s style like the picture, be ready to accessorize appropriately.


2. Red Short Curly Hair

red short curly hair

Red is perfect for free, tousled curls with fringe. The statement is loud, clear, and indisputable. This ruffled, curly hairstyle is short overall, with clearly defined curls that cover the forehead.


3. Purple Short Curl

purple short curl

This set of purple beauties will make you fall in love repeatedly. First, the color is polished and vibrant. Then the curls are tightly knit, giving an illusion of volume and fringe. Purple is such a trendsetter.


4. Rose Gold Curly Hair

rose gold curly hair

Rose gold is that color that breaks the rule. Although more suited for darker skin, it can be adjusted to suit any tone and eye. This combination is one of the most flattering because the color provides diverse varieties.


5. Balayage On Short Curly Hair

balayage on short curly hair

When coloring short curly haircuts, it is important to accentuate instead of hide texture. Balayage is the easiest way to do this. It is one of the best color choices for dark-skinned girls. With curls, it has a light caramel effect.


6. Black Short Curly Hair

black short curly hair

Did you know that you can make a crown with short curly hair? This is your cue and inspiration to rock your natural curls boldly. You can find quality texturizing products if you’re a sucker for texture. For an everyday style that will not wear you out, try this.


7. Short Brown Curly Hairstyles

Short Brown Curly Hairstyles

If you are fond of short haircuts, it doesn’t get better than a natural color; trust us. Try this light brown curl for a cozy, office, and homely pick. Pair with bold makeup focusing on your eyes and lips for a nice complement.


8. Short Curly Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights

Short Curly Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights

You can pretend it’s summer all year long thanks to the caramel undertones that cascade over a chocolate brown base. This look is feminine, mild, and gentle. Use the spray and tousle with your fingers for a carefree, beachy look.


9. Short And Curly Grey Hair

Short and Curly Grey Hair

If your hair is grey or you love the color, get a short, choppy bob that’s curly and trendy for a solid silhouette and a lived-in, soft look. This rounded short curly cut is a great compromise for those who worry about losing their femininity as they grow older.


10. Curly Bob With Subtle Highlights

Curly Bob with Subtle Highlights

A curly bob is a must-have. And whether it’s relaxed curls or tight ones, it will give your hair a trendy new look. If your hair isn’t curly, you can create this look with a curling wand. The texture and highlight make it summer-appropriate.


With Short hairstyles for curly hair, there are no limits. When you have mastered your hair’s right shape and curl size, your hair game becomes unstoppable. Fortunately, you can switch between two styles and still retain your poise. Love our list? Let’s know what caught your attention.

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