30 Stylish Zero Fade Haircuts To Complement Your Look

A zero fade haircut might be the added touch of greatness in your summer lookbook. It is trendy, daring, and summer friendly. And there are a bunch of other features you can pair with a zero fade haircut to give you that showstopper look.

In this article, we are talking about all the nitty-gritty of the zero fade hairstyle./ From who has it to how to do it – you will find all of it here. So, what’s the wait? Let’s get the fade on!


What Is A Zero Fade Haircut?

Well, it is in the name. A Zero fade haircut is what you get when your barber uses a trimmer and tapers away at the hair. So the hair at the base of your neck will always be a lot shorter than up top. Now, how long or short you want your hair to e depends on the type of fade you’re getting.

A zero fade haircut is close to a skin fade but not quite. With a zero fade haircut, you will still have a small amount of stubble at the base of your neck. A lot of people refer to it as similar to the after-shave shadow.


How to Do a Zero Fade Haircut?- Step By Step

Now you understand what a zero fade haircut is and the fundamental differences that set it apart. The next step is knowing how to do a zero fade haircut. This kind of knowledge is good to have so you can tell your barber exactly what you want.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to get a zero fade haircut, in laymen’s terms-

Step 01: Part the Hair

So, for a fade to work right, you need quite a string part. This doesn’t have to be your natural part by any means. You are going to wet the hair and decide upto where you want the fade to go. A standard distance would be to line up with the arch of your eyebrows.

Part your hair where needed and direct the hair to the other side so you can start working.

Step 02: The Zero Blade

Now, begin with the zero blades and create your first guideline. You can go up one-third of the way up to your part since we will use three different blades. And give yourself a clean border to work with. As you move toward the back of your head, dip that border downwards a bit.

We keep the line lower at the back because it helps get a more amicable blend. Once you’re done all the way, check your work and switch out your blade for a #1.

Step 03: #1 Blade

Now take the #1 trimmer and start from where you finished. Go up about the same height as you did last time. And similarly, move your line lower towards the back. Once you’re satisfied, get a #2 blade.

Step 04: #2 Blade

This is the final blade of our routine. Take #2 blade right up to where your parting is. Once you’re finished, you should have the groundwork for a beautiful zero fade.

Step 05: The Blend

this is the most crucial step in this haircut. Blending out the lines that you have just created. Take a 1/2 blade and nip at the line between the zero blade and #1 blade. Once that is nice and blended, take a 1 1/2 blade to blend the #2 and #1 lines seamlessly.

And, just like that, you have done a neat zero fade. You can always tidy up the front and sides with a razor. And, that will give you a neater look.

Now, let’s look at some zero fade haircuts to give you an idea of what might look best on you.

1. High Zero Fade Haircut

High zero fade haircut

A lot of people look good in this traditional zero fade. It highlights your bone structure. If you want to look more youthful and bright, this is the haircut for you.


2. Low Zero Fade Haircut

Low zero fade haircut

This style is less common. But this is the ideal fade for you if you have a broader head. A lot of workplaces are very strict on how you maintain your hair, especially more corporate offices. But, if you still want a fade while staying within the guidelines, nothing does it better than a low fade.

A low fade is also less harsh on the features. So, if you are someone who carries a bit of weight in their cheeks, try this!


3. Zero Fade Haircut for Black Man

Zero fade haircut for black man

Black men really shine the light on zero fade haircuts. It gives them a cleaner hairline and a more masculine look overall. Even if for a week, this haircut will absolutely take care of the baby hair regime. Many people prefer to get this haircut and keep it freshened up for significant events. It makes you look well put together.


4. Double Zero Taper Haircut

Double zero taper haircut

A double zero is one more added step of fade. A double zero fade looks more blended and intentional. If you are someone who has a love for the little details, your heart will sing with joy when you get a double zero taper. The detailing on this is immaculate.

It also makes the hair around the nape of your neck much shorter than a classic zero fade. So, if that’s something you’re looking for, we have a clear winner.


5. Long on Top

Long on top

Generally, zero fades aim for long-on-top haircuts. How long or short you want your hair to be is your choice. If you want something easy on the eye, this is the one to go with.


6. Short on Top

Short on top


A very summer-friendly hairstyle. If you’re looking for a clean back and sides but don’t like much length up top, this is a perfect fit. This lets you keep your hair reasonably short without having it be boring.


7. Zero Fade Haircut with Beard

Zero fade haircut with beard

If you have a beard, a fade cut is your best friend. Long hair with a long beard is a lot to deal with and a lot to maintain. But, a zero cut that fades into your beard will make you look a lot more professional and well put together.


8. Zero Fade Haircut with Line

Zero fade haircut with line

The line is what accentuates the fade. It is a more structured and intentional detail put in the mix. Your barber would technically take a trimmer without the guard and sharpen that line for you. If you have an out of place cow lick, this is an excellent solution to that.


9. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut

A fade is a perfect partner to a buzz cut. It is bold and dramatic. Granted, it will grow out after a while, but it is still a fun summer shape up cut to try out.


10. Zero Fade + Undercut

Zero fade + undercut

Lots of people choose to go with undercuts with their zero fades. It makes the blending a lot easier too. The sides of the hair are much more relaxed. Overall, it is a casual, low-maintenance fade.


11. Zero Skin Fade Haircut

Zero skin fade haircut

This is the kind of hairstyle where you’re showing a bit of bare skin towards the very end. The fundamental difference between a zero fade and a skin fade is that little sliver of bare skin. For a skin fade, your barber will take a cutthroat and smoothen out the lower part of your cut.


12. Zero Fade Mullet

Zero fade mullet

This is very 80s. You want a mullet but still want to make it unique; need I say more? This is making a big comeback, especially among the youngsters. Tiktok has a part to play in this, but we’re not mad at it. If you can pull it off, more power to you!


13. Zero Bald Fade Haircut

Zero bald fade haircut

The hair up top is so short that the fade turns into a bald cut. I recommend this to men who have badass tattoos that they want to show off. Something about a bald fade and a skull tattoo just makes sense.


14. Messy on Top

Messy on top

Not all fade cuts need to be structured. Break some rules, and have more fun with your style. With this haircut, you can have a messy long-on-top kind.


15. Wavy + Zero Fade

Wavy + Zero fade

Wavy hair is notoriously hard to deal with, especially in short hairstyles. But with this one, you keep just a bit of length towards the front, which looks smoldering. In our honest opinion, this has a very french aesthetic. If you have a certain flair to pull it off, absolutely go for it!


16. Fade with Side Design

Fade with side design

Much like the buzz cut, but with a little more sass. It doesn’t just have to be a swirly line. You can do intricate designs – flowers, stars, icons, WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!


17. Zero Fade with Braid

Zero fade with braid

Braids are a protective style. So, if you plan to go swimming a lot this summer, consider this. It will protect your curly, kinky hair while freeing up the sides to combat the heat.


18. Top Haircut With Highlights

Top haircut with highlights

Well, once you get a long-on-top zero fade, the world is your oyster. Get highlights, dye it a crazy color. It is all up to you.


19. Zero Fade With Mohawk

Zero fade with mohawk

Here you will have to keep the back of your head pretty long too. It is one of the most extraordinary fade hairstyles you can get. It is pretty unconventional but that is precisely what makes it unique.


20. Combover Hairstyle

Combover hairstyle

The traditional comover low pompadour effect. It’s a classic. It is inspired by a pompadour, but not quite. You get this effect when you put some product in for hold, comb it, and style it. And, when you don’t feel like styling it, you’re still left with an excellent fade with a long top.


21. Zero Fade Haircut with A Caesar

Zero Fade Haircut with a Caesar

If you want to keep it casual and low-key, this is the one for you. Wavy hair looks the best with this haircut. It accentuates all that gorgeous texture.


22. Zero Fade with a Full Pompadour

Zero Fade with Pompadour

A zero fade with a full pompadour is a hairstyle that is evergreen. You can never go wrong with this one. To get this, ask your barber to leave the fringe when blending with clipper over comb. Then just heat style it, add some gel and you’re done.


23. Zero Fade + Dreads

Zero Fade + Dreads

We would say this is the perfect style to try out right before you take your dreads out. This way, you stretch the lifespan of your dreads and get to experiment with a relaxed look, all at once.


24. Blonde Highlights with Zero Fade

Blonde highlights with zero fade

With a zero fade, a lot of your scalp is visible. Which means your hair looks sparse. The perfect way to mask that is by going blonde!


25. Faux Hawk Zero Fade Haircut

Faux Hawk Zero Fade Haircut

If you keep the back of your hair a bit long and style it with a curling brush, you get this incredible effect! Notice how there’s still quite a bit of length towards the back? That is there on purpose to add to the mohawk effect.


26. Flat Top Fade Haircut

Flat Top Fade Haircut

A flat top fade haircut is bold and only for the brave of heart. This haircut is sure to set you apart from the crowd.


27. Fohawk fade

Fohawk fade

Another faux mohawk where you keep the back of your hair longer than the sides. How amazing does that look? We especially love that little detailing on the back. It is a statement hairstyle, no less.


28. Taper with Low Fade

Taper with low fade

Needless to say, this is a zero fade for the man on the go. It looks professional and it is very low maintenance. It doesn’t need a whole lot of styling, which only makes it better.


29. Zero Medium Fade with Crop Haircut

Zero Medium Fade with Crop haircut

Crop cuts look quite daring on their own. Many people mistake them for baby bangs, but they’re quite different. An easy way to transition into it is by getting a zero fade. This haircut makes a very disconnected haircut very wearable and relaxed.


30. Zero Fade with Top knot

Zero Fade with Top knot

Fade with a top knot just reminds me of an excellent barista somewhere in Paris. You get to keep the length, and you can keep the hair out of your face while you work. You are also safe from the heat. What’s not to offer? This is undoubtedly a very cool take on the traditional zero fade hairstyle.



1. What is The Difference Between a Zero Fade And a Skin Fade?

In a Skin fade, the barber takes a razor and shaves the hair away, exposing bare skin. You will still have stubble left on your neck with a zero fade.


2. How Long Does a Zero Fade Last?

That depends on how long your hair grows. But, in general, in about two weeks you will need to get it retouched. And, in about a month, your zero fades will fully grow out.



Well, that concludes this fun journey for us. We hope you found a zero fade haircut that suits you. Let us know what you ended up picking. Good luck!

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