33 Gorgeous Birthday Hairstyles For Your Special Day

Is your birthday coming up? Worried about what birthday hairstyle you will flaunt this year?

Well, drop all your concerns. We have a handful of different birthday hairstyle ideas just for you!

With all these versatile hairdos according to your cut, length, age, and color, you would never feel a lack of inspiration when it comes to styling your manes for your b-day event. Just go through the list and choose the “One” for you, birthday girl!


Things To Consider Before Getting a Birthday Hairstyle

Picking a suitable birthday hairstyle is exciting and fun at the same time. However, keep in mind a few things so that you never end up getting the wrong hairdo and ruin your mood!

1. Choose A Style That Fits Your Party

Not all hairdos are perfect for all types of parties. It would be best if you remembered that. For instance, if you are sporting big, voluminous hair with a tiara at a day’s birthday event, it will surely look out of place. And hence, before picking up a hairstyle, never forget to consider the type of bash you are having.

2. Comfort Matters

In addition to choosing the right birthday hairstyle that suits your type of party, never forget to ensure that the “do” is comfortable too. Because you are the host and you need to attend to guests, comfort with style should be your main priority.

3. Do A Trial

Even though the idea of the b-day hairdo sounds all fun and perfect, don’t forget to try it on your manes before the actual event. A trial would give you the opportunity to find out how the particular style would look on you. You would also have enough time to change or fix anything you want during the trial sessions.


Birthday Hairstyle With Different Haircuts

Not everyone has the same hair type and cut. To make it easier for you to decide what hairstyle you should flaunt on your birthday bash, here is a list for you. Be it curly, kinky, straight, long, or short, you will definitely find a suitable style for you, babe!

1. Ponytail Hairstyle

ponytail hairstyle

Take the classic route and adorn your tresses with a sleek, straight ponytail for your birthday. This simple yet amazing hairstyle is well put together and polished with a whole lot of movement. Moreover, it looks incredibly chic with any outfit you wear.

Let your personality shine and make yourself the star of the party with a ponytail, girl!


2. Easy Birthday Hairstyle

Easy birthday hairstyle

Flaunt your luscious tresses at your b-day party with some loose waves in them. Even though the loose waves are timeless, you can add a few thin braids here and there to make the look even more interesting and suitable for a bash.


3. Birthday Hairstyles With Braids

birthday hairstyles with braids

If you are not a fan of conventional party styles, you can always try adorning your manes with braids to create an exceptional outlook.

Play with the size and types of the plaits to bring versatility to your hairdo effortlessly.


4. Cornrow Hairstyle

Cornrow hairstyle

Cornrows are the most common types of braids that you can try on your hair. However, because you are attending a party, you can decorate them with different hair designs and pieces of jewelry to make the “do” stand out.


5. Baddie Birthday Hairstyles

baddie birthday hairstyles

This Baddie hairstyle is very elaborate and over the top. Featuring a whole lot of kinky ringlets, cornrows, and a top bun, it indeed has a lot going on. However, these are what makes the “do” the right pick for a happening b-day


6. Birthday Hairstyles With Box Braids

birthday hairstyles with box braids

Box braids are versatile, trendy, and beautiful. If you are not attending a “dress up” bash, you can go for this plaited hairstyle in your manes. Even though it might feel a bit casual, a head full of such alluring braids would always draw the right type of attention.


7. Bob Hairstyles

bob hairstyles

The short bob is so chic and elegant. For your birthday party,  make some twists here and there on the manes and keep the rest as is. It will give some much-needed texture to the hair and make them fit for your b-day.

You can also smear on few drops of shine serum on the manes to make them sparkle throughout the evening.


8. Birthday Hairstyle For Curly Hair

Birthday hairstyle for curly hair

There is no better time to flaunt your curls than on your Birthday! The amazing ringlets on your manes give volume and movement and attract all the gaze towards you. Be it on the dance floor in the photo booth, your curls will make you shine, babe!

However, make sure that ringlets are on point by preparing them right before the party.


9. Hairstyle With Tiara

Hairstyle with tiara

A sparkling tiara on the head is a favorite “birthday hairdo” for many. It gives you a very princessy vibe and sheds all the spotlight on you. When paired with the right dress and accessories, this “do” would never fail to make you look like real-life royalty.

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10. Boho Birthday Braids

Boho Birthday Braids

When you have a “Boho-themed” birthday party to attend, don’t shy away from picking this incredible hairdo! Featuring long braids and a half-bun, this hairstyle is every bit chic and trendy.

Add a whole lot of hair accessories on the braids and bun to make it even more interesting and event-appropriate.


11. Half-Up Hairstyle

Half-Up Hairstyle

For a feminine and standout look for your b-day party, try this braided half-updo. Featuring a braid on the top and flowy, cascading hair on the lower part, this hairstyle surely redefines elegance and class like none other.

Adorn the do with bejeweled headpieces or a simple scarf; the appeal of this half-up style is massive, girl!


12. Curls With Curtain Bangs

Curls With Curtain Bangs

It doesn’t matter if you are attending a happening night bash or a sweet, subtle day b-day party, this simple hairstyle would be the perfect pick for you. The bouncy ringlets along with the curtain bangs frame your face beautifully for an extremely flattering outlook.

You can wear a simple beaded headband to make the “do” look even more attractive.


13. Crown Braid

Crown Braid

Crown braids are classy, elegant, and unique. If your birthday bash is over a high-tea or a “fairytale” themed one, you should definitely try this excellent “do” in your hair. This gorgeous braided hairstyle will never let you down. We can promise you that!


14. Dutch Braid With A Bun

Dutch Braid with a Bun

If you are looking for a comfortable yet super gorgeous hairstyle for your happening b-day bash, this “dutch braids in buns” hairdo would be a perfect pick for you.

Even though Dutch braids are one of the most common braided styles, they become super versatile when paired with space buns.

Also, as there is no hair on the shoulders, this hairstyle gives you the freedom to try any neck style you want.


15. Fishtail Birthday Braid

Fishtail Birthday Braid

The fishtail braid is romantic, beautiful, and the right choice for a day’s birthday party. The loose, intricately-made braids paired with an equally soft and subtle headband would make you look just out of a fairytale.

You can also add pearls or flowers to your braids to make the style look even more dreamy!

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Birthday Hairstyles For Different Ages

Each birthday is special. And with each year, as you grow up, your sense of style evolves and you want to try newer “dos” at your parties. Here is a list of 9 unique age-appropriate birthday hairstyles that you can try.

1. Birthday Hairstyles For School Girl

Birthday hairstyles for school girl

When your little one decides to celebrate her b-day at the school, a hairstyle like this will make her the star of the crowd. As a bubble braid is not an everyday hairstyle, it will surely draw the right type of attention.

If your birthday girl is a fan of colorful “dos”, tie each of the bubbles with different color ribbons for more fun and flair to the look.


2. Teenage Hairstyle

Teenage hairstyle

Have fun on your birthday with an equally fun hairstyle. Create two dutch braids on the top of your head and tie them into space buns. Let the rest of the strands cascade over your shoulders and down for an adorably beautiful hairdo.


3. Birthday Hairstyles For Little Black Girl

birthday hairstyles for little black girl

When your little girl has a whole lot of black hair, don’t shy from flaunting them proudly. Add a few Bantu knots like a crown on the top of her head and finish off with an elaborated, spiky headpiece.

The combination of all these takes away attention from the volume and makes for a super stunning look.

Make sure to create this hairdo with a princess gown for maximum impact.


4. Birthday Hairstyles For Little Girl

birthday hairstyles for little girl

Make your little one’s birthday look fun and cute with some colorful braids in their hair. Even though the plaits here are purple, you select hues that match your baby girl’s dress.

Also, don’t forget to add a whole lot of clips, beads, and other hair accessories to make your baby shine throughout the party!


5. 21st Birthday Hairstyles

21st birthday hairstyles

Wearing a tiara on a sea of voluminous curls can be the perfect hairdo for your 21st b-day. As this is legally the age to partake in many happening activities, why not make your party memorable with an ultra-glam hairstyle?


6. 18th Birthday Hairstyles

18th birthday hairstyles

18 is the age when you step into womanhood officially. Hence, your 18th birthday is a special one. To give yourself a grownup look, you can try this simple yet chic hairdo. While the pin-straight locks give a very womanly vibe, the pulled-back braids at the side soften down the look significantly.

Wear it with a suitable dress and appropriate makeup, you will shine throughout the night baby!


7. 13th Birthday Hairstyles

13th birthday hairstyles

Your 13th birthday is a special one! And with this tiara-clad hairstyle, everyone would know exactly know who the birthday girl is.

The long, spiral curls all over your manes give a very feminine outlook while the bejeweled tiara adds the right bit of sparkle to the look. This “do” will make you a princess in your own right.


8. 16th Birthday Hairstyles For Black Hair

16th birthday hairstyles for black hair

A black girl’s hairstyle doesn’t always have to be voluminous and bouncy. For your sweet 16, you can try this subtle, soft, and feminine hairdo for a muted and smarter outlook. The two hairband braids along with the ponytail focus on your pretty face rather than your black hair.

Pair it with a ball gown or semi-formal wear, such a hairstyle will always elevate your aura and make you look super elegant.


9. Hairstyles For 40th Birthday

hairstyles for 40th birthday

Show off your fierce and confident side with a super sleek, high ponytail at your 40th birthday event. As an elegant “do” emphasizes power, strength, and authority, it suits your 40’s personality the best.

Be it a day event or a super happening night, such a stylish hairdo would never let you down.


Hot And Happening Different Length Birthday Hairstyles

Not all hairstyles are suitable for all hair lengths. Below we have talked about stunning birthday hairstyles for different hair lengths so that you can find yours easily.

1. Birthday Hairstyles For Long Hair

birthday hairstyles for long hair

You have several options to deck up your long hair for your birthday party.

However, if you are going for a simple, no-fuss look, this birthday hairstyle is just for you. The straight, middle-parted long manes with a few braids on each side create an exciting contrast on your hair and make for a stylish outlook.

However, remember that such a simple “do” isn’t suitable for a wild night out or an elaborate party.


2. For Short Hair

for short hair

This hairdo on your short manes is chic and beautiful. Even though you don’t have a whole lot of hair to work with, the beach waves and half-braided updo create the perfect balance in your head.

The texture, the look, and the vibe this hairstyle ensures are just something extraordinary!


3. Birthday Hairstyle For Mid Length Hair

Birthday hairstyle for mid length hair

For a picture-perfect look for your birthday, adorn your medium-length hair with such a pretty hairstyle! Featuring loose waves and braids, this “do” shapes your face while keeping strands away from it.

If you are looking for a comfortable yet party-worthy hairstyle, this is it, babe!


Top 6 Different Color Birthday Hairstyles

Flaunt your gorgeous hair color with some gorgeous hairstyles for your b-day. Below are some “must try” hairdos that not only accentuate your dye but also are perfect for your birthday party.

1. Red Hair

Red Hair

When you have eye-catching red hair, don’t hesitate to show them off!

Adorn your tresses with a voluminous, wavy ponytail, and let your bright hair color do the talking. The perfect blend of sensual dye along with the beautiful “do” make you as charming and pretty as ever.

All you need to do is put on your best outfit and you are ready to rock your birthday party, girl!


2. Blond Hair

Blond Hair

“Blondes have all the fun”- it’s actually true, ladies! For a fun-filled birthday night out, create a whole lot of ringlets in your blonde manes and be the star of the crowd in your own rights!

The glistening, bright color and the big, voluminous curls will never let anyone steal your spotlight!


3. Pink Hair

Pink Hair

The vibrant pink hair with a half ponytail and pin-straight locks is just the right look for a “kawaii-themed” birthday bash. It is fun and feminine and goes well with any skin tone. Be it black, olive, fair, or even porcelain, the pink tresses will never fail to draw the right attention to you.


4. Purple Hair

Purple Hair

The purple hair dye is fun and happening. To make it even more fun and perfect for your birthday eve, make two small space buns on your manes. The braided buns with the cascading strands display the dye perfectly and don’t leave any stones unturned for a magnificent appearance.


5. Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Hair

Show off your funky side with rainbow hair at your birthday bash. Even though it’s not the most conventional “do” to flaunt on a b-day evening, it will surely make you stand out, hun!


6. Brown Hair

Brown Hair

For your b-day bash this year, adorn your brown manes with a dreamy “do”. Straighten the top strands with pin-straight locks but keep the below tresses wavy and voluminous. Put on more than a few pearl pins on the straightened part to create an exquisite outlook.


Final Words

From light, breezy options to elaborate voluminous “dos”, we have listed and talked about varieties of birthdays hairstyles for you. Your haircut, length, color, or even your age doesn’t matter, you will definitely find a suitable style here to make you look super gorgeous!

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