15 Splendid Brown Hair With Red Underneath Ideas

Hair coloring and highlights have revolutionized hairstyling. There may be no coming back from it. Speaking about the latest trends in this revolution, brown hair with red underneath is buzzing. It is one of the most feasible and beautiful transformations of this season.

With diverse tones on the spectrum, a combination of brown and red is perfect. In addition, to the ensuing hue, a unique combo is an attractive option for people looking to switch styles.

Red color on brown is a full-blown boldness on natural tones. The results are either equally balanced or wildly dimensional. The bottom line is that the two colors provide an exciting variety and a perfect blend of brown and red.


Popular Brown with Red Underneath Hairstyles 

From light to dark hues, brown hair with red underneath has diverse combinations. Whether your natural hair is unclear or not, there is a perfect style for you. If you are looking for some excellent hair ideas, you’ll find some below:¬†

1. Dark Brown Hair With Red Underneath

dark brown hair with red underneath

Red color can spice up dark brown color, adding a brilliant brightness to the hairstyle. Since red stays beneath the dark mane, it adds a peekabo effect. The undertones are daring and may not require frequent touch-ups. As it fades out, it produces a different yet beautiful effect.


2. Light Brown Hair

light brown hair

Giving subtle skunk stripe vibes, this style shows that red may not necessarily overshadow your natural hair color. Adding red to light brown hair involves light bleaching in the front section of the hair. However, it produces a customized look that sits well on dark or light skin tones.


3. Brown Hair With Dark Red Underneath

brown hair with dark red underneath

Large chunks of red details infused underneath dark brown hair are a go-to option for women of all skin types. While the tips of the hair produce a balayage effect, the alluring red shines. Tones like these complement each other better when the hair is curly.


4. Brown Hair With Red Highlights Underneath

brown hair with red highlights underneath

When curly hair comes into the picture, brown hair with red underneath has an amplified effect. Each tone embraces the dimensionality of the other and provides a depth of highlights. This is a modern twist on brown hair with red underneath.


5. Blonde And Red Highlights Underneath

dark brown hair with blonde and red highlights underneath

We are particular about the highlights. It looks like the best way to achieve this look is to layer the colors. This is one of the trendiest looks on the list. The style can be styled casually or formally. The highlights add a magical touch to your look, whether it goes in a bun or ponytail.


6. Dark Brown Hair With Dark Red

dark brown hair with dark red

When done correctly, this shade of red on dark brown hair may be mistaken for deep burgundy highlights. However, the base color adds more shine to the style -illuminating the look and creating a unique style. These hues are especially suited for warm skins.


7. Bright Red Underneath

brown hair with bright red underneath

Bright red is a great way to create an eye-popping and elegant hairstyle for yourself. Consider these short curls if you’re not a fan of long hair. It has glimpses of red which vary in intensity depending on your brown hair’s color. This combo is a summer blast and is fun to wear.


8. Dark Brown Hair With Red Streaks

dark brown hair with red streaks

While many girls opt for bold and striking red, others prefer streaks. These subtle but flattering streaks create a happy ground between brown and red colors. So it makes sense to upgrade your hair into this shade if you like a unique and soft hairstyle.


9. Short Brown Hair With Red Underneath

short brown hair with red underneath

Bob lovers will surely love this brown base with red tips. In addition to being suitable for almost all skin types, it works for young and mature women. Processing your short bob with fancy combinations like this is breathtaking.


10. Brown Hair With Red Lowlights Underneath

brown hair with red lowlights underneath

This is one of the most accessible styles on the list for professionals and working women. The brown hair with red underneath can go in a bun, ponytail, or braid. It is ideal for women with naturally straight hair. However, you can also get this with flat iron or straighteners.


11. Chocolate Brown

chocolate brown

The vibrancy of the red color comes to life with dark brown hair. Aside from adding a nice compliment to the color underneath, it’s easier to maintain. Women with an angular noses might find this a perfect fit.


12. Bouncy Curly Bob With Red Underneath

brown hair with red underneath

Curls and bounce are essential for bob. That’s why this is such a fun style. To make it funkier, keep your bangs blunt and messy. Then add tight curls from the root to the bottom. For volume, let the length stay on your shoulders.


13. Red Balayage Highlights

brown hair with red underneath

Balayage highlights are the perfect way to step onto the red territory with a class if your hair is brown. Subtle touches of warm red color are excellent for the look. It is such a statement style that can be worn every day. A perfect option for those who do not mind maintenance.


14. Textured Bob

brown hair with red underneath

The red undertone warms its way into the wine zone for this hairstyle. It weaves a textured flow into the brown hair. You can easily fake it with this combo if you’re not a natural brunette. However, the layering technique is primarily natural, creating a balance of calmness and depth.


15. Shoulder Length with Bangs

brown hair with red underneath

The best thing about this brown hair with red underneath is the bangs. It has a simple yet sophisticated density for an everyday style. Wavy hair may be best in this situation. Women with medium length may favor this more.


You’ve seen 15 of the finest brown hair with red underneath styles. Now, your skin tone, commitment to maintenance, and undertones will do the rest. If you are not a fan of regular maintenance, speak to your stylist soon. With several options to select from, we hope you experiment with these new styles soonest. Till then, stay beautiful.

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