25 Trendy Fade Haircuts for Black Women ( 2024)

Every woman wants to feel feminine and beautiful on her terms. That’s why some people favor short hair while others prefer long hairstyles. Black women have shown us different sides of their beauty, and they are not afraid to be daring with their hair. Fade haircuts for Black women are a favorite among these women and we love it for them.

Women generally have different reasons for favoring one cut over the other. However, the general idea with faded hairstyles is that they are time-efficient, less expensive, and easier to maintain. Therefore, you see people adding a bit of their personality to their haircuts.

If you are a black woman and you’ve been thinking of making a big chop, we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of 25 African American fades that will elevate your inner goddess. You will find edgy and straightforward styles for all ages in this list.

However, we offer you something you can customize instead of transitioning into just another traditional cut.


Magical Fade Haircuts for Black Women

Many celebrities have appeared with edgy fade haircuts on the big screen. These beautiful women have shown us that long hair has nothing on black women with fade haircuts. Here are 25 fade haircuts for Black women making waves in this revolution.

1. Short Fade for Black Women

Short Fade for Black Women

When rocking a fade haircut with a long face, you should not shy away from a hard part. Rather than go all in with the colors, consider black first. Black-haired women are in luck because all you need for this is the texture. Then, the right conditioner and styling products to keep your fade sharp always.


2. Long Fade for Black Women

Long Fade for Black Women

Ladies with long hair turn to fade for a breath of free hair. That’s especially true for long curly hair. This style creates a balanced base for the whole hair that can be worn down or in an updo.

Since the fade is not smooth, growing the faded section is possible. However, most people stick to the original because of the ease.


3. Buzz Fade for Black Women

Buzz Fade for Black Women

Buzz fades are sleek; every time. The carefully layered waves keep the hair shiny all day. If you need a hairstyle for the road, consider this. To refresh the cut, consider a hair gel or moisturizer of choice.

Finally, you need a hand brush for the waves. This style is best rocked with hoop earrings and a big smile.


4. Black Women Fade with Side Design

Black Women Fade with Side Design

If you want an excellent fade, some color, and hair that can serve you diverse styles, here’s the one. For the curls, you need a good hairstylist or a gel if you decide to do it yourself.

The idea is to create an edgy look with defined curls and design. In effect, you create a contrasting style, best for fair skin girls.


5. Black Women Spiky Fade

Black Women Spiky Fade

Fade haircuts have been popular with men, but women have embraced them, adding twists. This spiky fade is a unique twist, with a rich pop of black. It is guaranteed to be a head-turner as the spike follows a precise layer.

The hard part distinguishes the slightly high section from the fade, making it badass.


6. Black Women Haircut with Freestyle Fade

Black Women Haircut with Freestyle Fade

When done right, this style oozes a professional and playful demeanor that helps you slay in and out of your profession. The immaculate fade is neatly laid for a nappy effect. However, the 1 -1.5 inches fade on the sides increases the desired result.


7. Undercut Fade for Black Women

Undercut Fade for Black Women

Rocking an undercut fade might feel like an ‘only men can pull that off,’ but that’s not true. Black women slay this effortlessly.

The fro has a mix of structure, color, and texture, giving it a different look from the traditional afro look. A hint of grey on the flurry curls can be achieved with a simple twist out. However, your favorite product will also work.


8. Blonde Fade for Black Women

Blonde Fade for Black Women

Going full color with fade haircuts for black women is, in our opinion, a bold move. While it may not be the best idea for all women, we encourage you to make that move. The fade details depend on you or your stylist’s creativity. Nevertheless, this blonde fade is vibrant.


9. Colorful Fade Haircut for Black Women

Colorful Fade Haircut for Black Women

This colorful African American Fade puts the F in fiery. Combined with an edgy dark root, the red pop keeps your hair fresh, healthy, and vibrant. If you’d like to keep this style for longer, your hydrating treatments and curly conditioner is your friend.

Overall, the style may double as a mohawk.


10. Side Fade + Dreads Hair for Black Women

Side Fade + Dreads Hair for Black Women

This dread is an option if you want to keep long hair and retain your fade cut. First, it creates dimension. As depicted in the picture, the dreads are perfect for black skinny girls. The makeup, accessories, and bald fade complete your look.

Again, you can wear the dreads in different styles.


11. Black Women Lochawk Fade

Black Women Lochawk Fade

This high fade makes a bold look with the tapered sides. The LowHawk fade features a futuristic style with diverse designs on the sides. It’s a vintage touch to your longer locs.

Maintaining the design may require frequent visits to your stylist. But you’ll love the results because of the touch of color on the roots.


12. Kinky Twist Fade for Black Women

Kinky Twist Fade for Black Women

With so many protective styles on the list, you may not know how to style your fade. The kinky twist fade is a place to start. A-list celebrities have worn this style even on the red carpet.

So, you can sport your braids with a design fade for a more dramatic look. The goal is to do what works for you.


13. African American Fade Mohawk

African American Fade Mohawk

The popularity of the ultra-high Mohawk is on the rise, and women are not left out. Because high fades are usually very high, you can compliment your dark hair with platinum or blonde.

While the fade remains low, your Mohawk is curly. This style is perfect for all shades of dark skin; it is easy to maintain.


14. Colored Mohawk Fade

Colored Mohawk Fade

Keeping a fade haircut means that you can be creative with your hair. You can dye your cut like so without any damage.

With this splash of purple and blonde, switch sides anytime. You can cut off the Mohawk and start all over when you feel bored.


15. Curly Fade Haircut

Curly Fade Haircut for Black Women

You’ll love this hairstyle because you can create curls at any length. Fortunately, your fingers alone can do the trick. However, the wash-and-go method works- with a leave-in conditioner. The texture is always right with the second method.


16. Tapered Fade Haircuts with Curls

Tapered Fade Haircuts with Curls

Women can pair sharp edges with medium-length cuts or a curled molded top. Because black women often choose the fade cut, it highlights the style of choice. This combination is also the first choice among many hairstylists.


17. Disconnected Faux Hawk

Disconnected Faux Hawk

Why not play around a little if you’re going short? This style requires little maintenance because fades require touch-ups every few weeks to look good. In addition, the side bald fades provide the ideal background for the addition of designs.


18. Platinum Haircut

Platinum Haircut

Your freshly cut hair is paired with a platinum fade for a truly stunning look. Additionally, it showcases your sense of style and your hairstylist’s originality. As a result, your hair looks chic and energetic. Shampoo can help to prolong the color’s shine and brilliance.


19. Dreaded Mohawk

Black Women Fade Hairstyle

This is the best example of a long-short African American fade. Get yourself that Mohawk you’ve wanted since you were a teen but make it dreads. You will undoubtedly become a fashion icon if you add a dash of boxes.


20. Modern Fade Cut

Modern Fade Cut for Black Women

Black women with short hair often have outgoing personalities to match their good appearance. Unusual femininity is undoubtedly the highlight of this fade cut. It takes less time to style and even lesser care throughout the week.


21. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots

At a time when it is amusing to be black, women add a twist to this Zulu-originated hairstyle. Of course, we know that diverse techniques and products work for a typical Bantu knot. But you can appreciate your texture more with this designed fade. Accessorizing makes it even better.


22. Teenie Weenie Afro Curls

Black Women Fade Hair

The best thing about teenie weenie Afro curls is that they can be complemented with buzz cuts. It is ideal for a woman’s style, fierceness, and confidence.

Although an oval face is a suitable facial structure, you can wear it as long as it makes you happy.


23. Floral Fade For Black Women

Floral Fade For Black Women

Because black women have densely coarse hair, styling may be time-consuming. However, a floral twist is effortless, especially when sealed with shaved side. Take into consideration your texture and moisturize with a protein-rich conditioner.


24. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde

Short curly fade haircuts for black women should not be boring. Consider this golden blonde to make a statement and set yourself apart. A shyly loud color can elevate your overall appearance, taking your cut to the next level.


25. Badass Fade Haircut

Badass Fade Haircut

This African American fade is a variant of modern fade haircuts. There is no limitation, as you can add a sponge, curls, or other effects to the unfaded section. It is adaptable to your facial structure and customized to accentuate your features.


When you want time to stand out of the crowd, fade haircuts for Black women are a go-to option. They are perfect for natural or relaxed hair. Before your next appointment with your stylist, check out these styles. Remember that you can transition to several colors without damaging your hair. Add accessories and makeup for a more feminine look.

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