25 Cute First Communion Hairstyles For Your Little One

If you are a Roman Catholic, holy communion is very important! And if your little girl is attending her first communion, it is even more special. You would feel not only excited but also emotional. As it will be a significant event, decking up her right is crucial, including a perfect hairstyle too.

Even though many don’t pay too much heed to these hairdos, first communion hairstyles for your baby girl need to be EXTRAORDINARY one. You wouldn’t want your baby to look as ordinary as the other days, right?


Things To Consider When Doing First Communion Hairstyle

Because your little baby is getting her first communion hairstyle, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. We have discussed them below so that it’s easier for you to plan.

  • Hair Length

Before even getting ideas about the hairstyles for holy communion, it’s wise that you consider your baby’s hair length. As all hairdos are not suitable for all hair lengths, having an idea of her hair length is important.

  • Hairstyle

Once you know how long your baby girls’ tresses are, start getting inspiration for the hairstyles. Because there are hundreds of first communion hairdos available, planning beforehand would really help you.

  • Hair Accessories

Adoring the hair with a dazzling headpiece really helps to stand out. However, as your baby girl is little, consider getting a tiara or headband that is light yet stunning. A light band would never make her feel uncomfortable during the service.


21 Cute & Adorable First Communion Hairstyles

If you are out of ideas and require inspiration for your girl’s first communion hairstyle, here is a list for you. We have discussed more than a few alluring hairdos so you can pick one easily.

1. First Communion Hairstyles For Short Hair

First communion hairstyles

When your little one has shorter hair, try adding a floral headpiece to her manes for a cute first communion look. The soft flower band not only compliments her adorable aura but also goes perfectly with the gorgeous white dress.

If you want, you can create a few waves in the end for an even more attractive outlook.


2. Classy Long Hair

Long Hair

Pin back your little one’s long hair for a soft yet impactful look. As you are letting the tresses cascade over the shoulders, create a whole lot of subtle waves in them for added cuteness in her manes. Finish off with a flower crown and the baby girl is ready to attend her communion!


3. First Communion Hairstyles With Bun

First Communion Hairstyles With Bun

If you want the utmost comfort for your baby girl on her first communion, tie her tresses into a sleek updo. As this “do” keeps all the strands from the face and neck, it is the perfect pick for a day-long event.

Style the knot with a bejeweled band, clips, or pearls to make it even more gorgeous.


4. With Veil

With Veil

Attach a veil on your girl’s hair for a more fun, formal “do” for her communion ceremony. Between a princess hairdo, veil, and a sparkling tiara, the baby will look incredibly beautiful and attract a lot of attention.

Try out this incredible hairstyle with a party gown for maximum effect.


5. First Communion With Crown

First Communion With Crown

A crown with some sparkling jewels on it is super dazzling. And when you style your baby girl’s communion manes with such a piece, there is no doubt she would look dazzling. Moreover, if the piece has traditional and emotional value, it would be even more special.


6. Headband And Bun


This communion hairstyle is as simple yet as sophisticated as it can get. The sleek updo is a no-fuss and no-muss. However, what steals the show is the elaborated pearl headband. It adds just the right amount of elegance to the girl’s outlook and makes her the “star” of the crowd.


7. Hairstyles With Comb Veil

Hairstyles With Comb Veil

The lace veil attached with a comb tiara on your little girl’s hair is perfection at its best. Such a simple and beautiful hairstyle provides old-world charm to the whole look and makes the baby stand out without being OTT.

Keep the tresses cascading down the shoulders for a more dreamy appearance.


8. Flower Crown

Flower Crown

What could be a better first communion hair accessory for your little girls than a stunning flower crown?

The flower crown paired with some sleek curls will definitely make your mini-me look just as dreamy as you have thought. Pair it with amazing curls for an even adorable outlook.

Try to match or contrast the color of the flowers with her dress to make the pretty one stand out.


9. First Communion Hairstyles With Tiara

First Communion Hairstyles With Tiara

If your baby girl is into the princess vibe, deck her up with a tiara for her first communion. Because this hair accessory is incredibly adaptable yet versatile, you can either pair it with open, cascading strands or any hairdo.

However, make sure to keep other things simple to highlight the hair and the tiara perfectly.


10. Long Hair With a Veil

Long Hair With Veil

A subtle, white veil is incredibly versatile. You can pair it with any hair and any dress for your baby’s first communion. This piece of tulle would not only make the look more exciting but make her look more event appropriate.

Try to keep the length of the veil short to ensure the comfort of your little one.

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11. Little Girl First Communion Hairstyles

Little Girl First Communion Hairstyles

Between the updo, tiara, and the veil, this first communion hairstyle is anything but bland. Even though it might seem a lot is going on, it works if you style them right.


12. Loose Curly Hair

Curly Hair

If your little one is blessed with curly tresses, show them off proudly. Let the curls loose and bouncy for a charming outlook. However, as you are styling her for a communion service, make sure to add a perfect hair accessory to make the girl event-appropriate.


13. First Communion With Braid

First Communion With Braid

Make a braided updo in your baby girls manes for a more feminine, subtle vibe. A milkmaid bun or variations of it would be just right. Don’t forget to tuck in some fresh flowers, pearls, or beads to make it look even more classy and sophisticated.


14. Half Down Hairstyle

Half Down Hairstyle

This half-down hairdo is perfectly suitable for your daughter if you are looking for a “not too formal” outlook. The simple, texturized hair with an even simpler headband works with all hair and face shape and never miss to draw eyeballs.


15. First Communion Hairstyles For Medium Hair

First Communion Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium hair is exceptionally adaptive. And therefore, you can style these strands as you want without difficulties. Even simple, sleek straight manes look good with this length. Just top the straighter hair with a flower crown or a tiara to add some sparkle to the whole outlook.


16. First Holy Communion Hairstyles

First Holy Communion Hairstyles

Your little one doesn’t necessarily have to be super simple and muted for her communion appearance. You can do some over-the-top hairstyles to make her feel “special” on the special day. Make a big, voluminous curly updo and add a heirloom tiara to it to highlight the occasion even better.


17. First Communion Hairstyle With Bangs

First communion hairstyles

This fabulous hairdo is cute and adorable. While the long hair and waves make it a bit gorgeous, the straight, subtle bangs make the look super cute.

Also, as you make this hairdo for the communion, remember to add a dazzling hair band to enhance the “do” in no time.


18. Side Part Hairstyle For Holy Communion

First communion hairstyles

Part her hair on the sides to create a visually exciting outlook. Even though the part doesn’t frame the face perfectly, it accentuates the facial features and highlights the beautiful look of your little one.


19. Holy Communion Hairstyle For Natural Hair

First communion hairstyles

Even though this bun hairdo is incredibly simple, it looks charming on your baby girl with natural black hair. This style keeps all the disturbing strands out of the face and neck to provide comfort while ensuring an enchanting look.

Because it is way too simple, remember to add more than a few beads and pearls to the bun to match her communion dress perfectly.


20. Low Bun First Communion Hairstyle

First communion hairstyles

It doesn’t matter if your little girl has long or short tresses, this low bun with bangs hairstyle will definitely work on her.

Featuring bangs, a few loose strands, and a subtle bun, this hairdo complements various face shapes for a gorgeous, elegant outlook. The flowers around the bun elevate the classy vibe like none other.


21. First Communion Boho Hairstyle

First communion hairstyles

To change things up, get your little girl a boho hairstyle for her first communion ceremony. Even though it might seem a risque move, the flowy hair with salty beach waves and a wildflower band will never fail to attract eyeballs. If you think your baby is confident enough, don’t hesitate to try this hairstyle on her.


22. Front Braided Holy Communion Hairdo

First communion hairstyles

Keep the strands out of your girls face by making a braid at the front of her hair. Besides tying all the disturbing tresses, this braid also accentuates the whole outlook and makes the manes well put together.

Add a stunning tiara, a veil, or other hair accessories to make her drop-dead gorgeous.


23. Simple And Sophisticated

First communion hairstyles

Who said your little girl’s first communion hairstyle needs to be extravagant and over the top? Try this simple hairdo with subtle waves and a hairband for an elegant outlook.

It is no fuss, yet it makes the girl looks as fabulous as ever.


24. Holy Communion Hairstyle With Waves

First communion hairstyles

When your baby girl has a whole lot of hair, try this extravagant hairstyle in her hair. Even though a whole lot is going on here, the magnificent tiara tied them all together. We can promise that it is going to be a stunning hairdo for your baby girl’s first communion.


25. Updo And Middle Parted Bangs

First communion hairstyles

Give your mini-me a unique feel with this lovely updo hairstyle. While the bun on the crown is stunning, the middle-parted strands are what steal the show. They frame the face perfectly and highlight her pretty face like none other.

With such a hairstyle, the girl will never miss an eyeball!

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Wrapping Up

We have discussed more than a few adorable first communion hairstyles for your baby girl. We can assure that you will get great ideas to deck up your little one on her special day. If you want, you can also try a few of your thoughts to make the “dos” even more stunning.

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