Braids For White Girl : 22 Trending Styles to Inspire Your Next Hair-do

Braids fit almost everyone, and even non-black women look effortlessly beautiful in them. But you might be wondering: Are braids for white girls? Is it cultural appropriation if a white girl braids her hair? While cultural appropriation is a serious issue and should be discouraged, there’s nothing wrong with non-black women wearing braids as long as you recognize the rich culture that it came from.

Braids are gorgeous, versatile, and can easily be restyled. Besides, as a protective style, they last really long if you take care of them properly. So, if you’re Caucasian and need braids inspiration for your hair, here are 22 braided hairstyles for white girls.


22 Gorgeous and Trendy Braids For White Girls To Try In 2022

Braids will forever be in trend, and as a white woman, you will miss out if you don’t grace your hair with one of these hairstyles. Here are 22 gorgeous and trendy braided hairstyles for adults and kids to try out in 2022:

1. White Girl With Box Braids

white girl with box braids

Box braids never go wrong, even on white girls. Apart from being a versatile hairstyle, it’s easy to restyle them as a center or side part. Try out colored extensions if you’re willing to add some highlights or get really long braids.

Suitable for: Box braids fit everybody, regardless of race or color. Nevertheless, how you style them matters because some styles are better suited for long faces while others are for smaller face shapes. If you have a long face, you should let your braids down. However, people with smaller faces should pack their braids in a ponytail more often.

How to do it: Getting box braids simply requires parting your hair section by section and plaiting each braid in uniform boxes. You can start from the back and part the sections till you get to the front, where you complete the braids.


2. Little White Girl Braids

little white girl braids

This style exudes cuteness and brings out a youthful glow. It’s an effortless hairstyle that requires styling your hair as a side part while braiding the other side. You can spice up the look by adorning the braided part with some hair cuffs.

Suitable for: Kids will look great with this hairstyle, but women who are particular about having a youthful glow can also wear it. It’s also better suited for women with mid-length hair.

How to do it: All you need to do is to style your hair as a center part. Braid the smaller part into four or five cornrows and stop braiding them right above your ears.


3. Two Step Feed In Braids For White Girls

feed in braids white girl

This particular braided hairstyle for white girls requires you to use extensions to braid your hair all through. It’s called a two-step feed in braids because it’s a combination of medium-sized cornrows halfway through your hair with braids falling at the back.

Suitable for: Every girl that tries this style would love it. However, it’s better not to wear it if you have a soft or sensitive scalp as the extensions can pull your hair from the roots leaving you in pain.

How to do it: Firstly, you should part your hair horizontally from one end of your ear to the other. After, you can choose to braid the back with extensions first. The partings between the cornrows in front can be straight or curved, depending on your preference.


4. Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

braided ponytail hairstyles

These particular braids are for white girls who enjoy wearing a ponytail. This Braid looks bold and simple, with different ways to style it. You can decide to give the idea of full hair by tying the hair into a ponytail while making the braids halfway.

Suitable for: Anyone can wear this style, especially if you have darker roots and lighter tips. It is ideal for those with square and oval-shaped faces.

How to do it: First, you should part your hair triangularly, adding curves to it. Note that the back is curved in an almost-spiral shape to bring out the beauty of the style. Then braid the hair and add an extension to the tips if necessary.


5. Braids With Beads On White Girl

braids with beads on white girl

The square box braid is ideal for showcasing your scalp, especially when it is neatly cut and arranged. The arrangement is one feature that makes box braids versatile; moreover, the transparent beads give the style a youthful glow.

Suitable for: sometimes, this style may require hair extensions, although it is minimal. It is suitable for thick mid-length hair, although any girl that rocks this style will love it.

How to do it: Box braids require parting your hair into sections and plaiting it uniformly in each section. The only difference with this style is that your sections are bigger and scanty.


6. White Girl Braid With Short Hair

white girl braid with short hair

This modern version of the medieval style is functional when you want to keep your hair away from your face. The Braid only takes some part of your front hair while your hair is brushed backward or sideways, depending on your style.

Suitable for: short shaggy hair is most suitable for this style. It allows you to keep those stubborn strands off your face while creating a stylish look. It will also look good on people with round, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

How to do it: these braids can be achieved effortlessly since you are only using some part of your front hair. Pick a strand of your front hair and braid it to the side.


7. Long Braided Ponytail With A Side Part

White girl with long braid

Chic and elegant, this braided hairstyle for white girls is nothing less than glamorous. The ombre makes this style, especially if your hair is darker at the roots. The style is simple as it involves a ponytail with a section of your front hair as a stylish bang.

Suitable for: Regardless of your color, so far you have long hair with volume, you can wear this style. Although for face shape, an oval, heart, or long-shaped face will look good in this style since the bangs will bring out your chin and face.

How to do it: This style is very simple to do. You section a part of your front hair and pack the rest into a braided ponytail. You can style the bang to soothe your style, but it is preferable to make it into a swirl.


8. Micro Braids

micro braids

Microbraids are very versatile and encourage creativity. The possibilities with box braids are endless, especially when it comes to color. The Ombre effect is usually perfect for this style because the color gradient is eye-catching; moreover, you can style it any way you want!

Suitable for: Microbraid is ideal for every girl, but styling it is very important. You can rock this style if you find a suitable style that matches your face shape.

How to do it: Micro braids are similar to making box braids. You need to part the hair into tiny sections and braid each uniformly. If your hair is not long enough, you can add extensions.


9. Boho Braids On White Girl

boho braids on white girl

Boho braids involve many different styles, making them unique and exquisite. You have braids and curls in one hairdo. There is a central piece, usually the braids around which other styles are sectioned. You can add some color highlights too.

Suitable for: This style accentuates volume and is suitable for all face types. However, you can see the beauty in flashy hair colors like blonde or red. Also, people with long thick, or curly hair can try this style.

How to do it: Part the front section of your hair into smaller sections and make it into braids. For straight, you can use a wand to create the curls.


10. Knotless Braids On White Girl

knotless braids on white girl

Knotless braids are practical and beautiful. One of the reasons is that they are a protective styling and don’t put tension on the scalp. They are usually scanty, although there are several ways to style them, especially when parting them into sections.

Suitable for: Knotless braids are suitable for everyone, although styling depends on your face shape and hair color.

How to do it: Making a knotless is very simple. First, you need to part your hair into big sections, then braid your natural hair before stylishly weaving the hair extensions into it.


11. Braids With Bangs

braids with bangs

Here is another unique braid for white girls. It is an excellent way to create an individual look. The best part is that the bangs can be styled in different ways. You can make the bangs to be a side part or a fringe.

Suitable for:  People with thick and voluminous hair. Also, for an oval or long-shaped face, you need to pack the braids into a ponytail to showcase your face. You can curl or twist the bangs to soothe any style you want.

How to do it: Part out a section for your bangs. Then part the remaining hair into smaller.


12. White Girl With Faux Braids

White girl with faux braids

The simplicity in this Braid is everything to wish for, plus it is elegant. The fishtail braid is a blank canvas for accessories. They are perfect for bridesmaid hairstyles as they can be adorned with flowers or jewelry.

Suitable for: Every girl that rock this style will love it. No matter the length or volume of your hair, you can pull this off. However, it is suitable if you have long hair and average volume.

How to do it: Pack your hair to your favored side and gently braid the tail. You can use an extension to make the tail more voluminous.


13. Big Blonde Cornrows With Curly Braids

blonde braids

Big cornrows are flashy, especially on blondes. But this style has so many twists, making it different from regular braids. The hair is braided into long cornrows ending in curls. Some curls are longer than others, making them look like mini boho braids.

Suitable for: This hairstyle is suitable for everyone, although it will look gorgeous when you have a darker root. The blonde extension creates a magnificent ombre effect.

How to do it: Part your hair horizontally from one end to the other. Braid your hair with extensions and knot it when you get to your desired length. Using a wand, you can make the remaining length into curls.


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14. White Girl Jumbo Braids

white girl braids with weave

This is another classic variation of box braids. Many women opt for this option because, unlike others, they have a fuller appearance and give the impression of total volume. They don’t necessarily require styling; you can wear them as they are.

Suitable for: Box braids generally fit any color or face shape. The style looks fuller and gives volume, so if you are low on hair, you can rock this style by using extensions.

How to do it: Part your hair into sections; you can make triangular or square partings. Braid your hair using extensions.


15. Simple Cornrows White Girl Braids

cornrow white girl braids

Although it looks similar to the two-step feed braid, it lacks the volume it possesses. However, it is still impressive for blondes. This style is simple and can make it into any length you want. It is one of the best white girl braids to rock, and any white girl that rocks this style will love it.

Suitable for: This style is universal, meaning it will fit anyone regardless of color and face shape. Although, blonde seems to bring out the unique side of this style.

How to do it: Part your hair horizontally from one end to the other. Then braid the extension into your hair. You can also add curves to your parting to make it more stylish.


16. Red Box braids for White Girl

red white girl braids

Colors make braids more versatile, but this braid on white girls is fierce. They add a sensual twist to the overall appearance. You can make this look more interesting by creating an ombre. You can pull it into a bun or make a side part.

Suitable for: Every girl can rock this style regardless of color and face shape. However, those with short hair will need an extension to achieve the volume and length.

How to do it: Similar to any other braids, part your hair into small equal sections. Plait each Braid uniformly or add extensions for short hair.


17. French Braid For White Girl

french braid for white girl

French Braid has always been classy and simple. But this style adopts a bang which adds a twist to make it unique. The bang provides numerous styling opportunities. Overall, it is an excellent way to style thick, volume hair.

Suitable for: While anyone can rock this style, it is better for people with thick and voluminous hair. You can style the bang into curls or swirls.

How to do it: Part your hair into two equal halves. Taking large chunks of your hair, start braiding from your forehead backward. Tuck the tail into the nape area or coil it into a bun.


18. Twist Braid

Twist braid

Twist braids are perfect for styling natural hair, but what looks like a simple hairstyle on a white girl becomes elegant. Twist braids are low maintenance and easy to do. If your hair is long enough, you can do it yourself.

Suitable for: Twist braids are elegant on white girls, although the style you adopt depends on your face shape. Overall, you will feel confident with this hairstyle.

How to do it: Twist requires parting your hair into sections. Starting from the root, twist your hair continuously until you get to the tip.


19. Individual Braid For White Girl

Individual braid for white girl

If you want to make a big statement, try making this Braid in colors. It starts small and becomes more prominent at the end. It feels like a cornrow that becomes a thicker two-step feed as it nears the end.

Suitable for: Ideal for girls, no matter their color or face shape.

How to do it: This style requires an extension to make the braids thick. Part your hair horizontally from one end to the other. Start the Braid and add the extension as you braid backward.


20. White Girl With Dutch Braid

White girl with dutch braid

Dutch braids are one of the best-braided hairstyles for white girls. This hairstyle is very versatile and fits your urban image. Moreover, they make white girls look cute and innocent. It can be adapted for many occasions.

Suitable for: People with round, square, heart, and oval-shaped faces. This style will also fit right into any hair volume as long your hair is long.

How to do it: First, make a triangular parting and separate your front hair into two sections. Braid each section and stop braiding right in the middle. Bind the two braids together.

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21. Halo Braid On White Girl

Halo braid on white girl

Anytime you want a classy hairstyle for an occasion, this halo braid should be right on top of your list. The braid goes round your head and finally ticked into the nape. Pull out some strands to style as bangs or curls.


22. Two Braids Hairstyles For White Girl

two braids hairstyles for white girl

The two-braid hairstyle is one of the popular braids for white girls. It looks innocent and adorable, but you can achieve whatever look you aim for with this hairstyle.



Although it’s more common to find black women braiding their hair, the few white women seen with braids on social media are undoubtedly stunning in it. Braids on white girls are glamorous and low-maintenance, making them the perfect go-to hairstyle for you if you can’t style often.

If you have been looking to try out braids, we hope that these gorgeous braided hairstyles will inspire you.

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