13 Totally Gorgeous Mexican Braids Ideas to Try In 2024

The oldest hairstyles are by far those that use braids. Women wear braids all around the world to display their creative side and shield their beauty from the elements.

Both men and women have worn braids in Mexico, and they have evolved into a distinctive element of folk art. The majority of Mexican women had long, flowing hair that got in the way because they spent most of their days outside.

Mexico has a robust hot climate with tropical rainforests and arid deserts. For Mexicans, braids were a practical technique to keep their hair in place and prevent overheating.

These Mexican braided hairstyles are available in different styles. Do you wish to learn some of the many available ones? Let’s dive into this journey of braids for Mexican hair!


What are Mexican Braids Called?

Although traditional braided styles are still popular, some Mexican women defy convention and try out new looks. Here are a few hairstyles that contemporary Mexican ladies wear.

Short cuts – Mexican ladies typically wore their hair long. However, many women have now started going against gender stereotypes by cutting off their hair.

Colored strands – While Mexican women are renowned for their thick, dark strands, other women prefer to embrace color and go lighter.

Straight and loose – Although having loose hair is still somewhat impractical, more women than ever before can let their locks fly free thanks to the relative comfort of modern life.


13 Staggering Mexican Braids Hairstyles

Find inspiration and a way to exhibit your creativity by choosing one of these elegant yet doable hairstyles!

1. Mexican Box Braids

Mexican box braids

Thinking of trying out Mexican Box Braids? Start by making multiple sections in your hair. Braid down long thick braids from these sections, do not ignore keeping the section dividers clear! Mexican box braids give you a wider hair look for thin hair. For thick hair? Your hair will be beautifully contained!


2. Mexican Braids with Ribbon

Mexican braids with ribbon

Mexicans love themselves with some classic two braids! Do not forget those beautiful and colorful ribbons. Braid your hair with two different colored ribbons. Keep the work clean and make two beautiful bows of ribbon to rest at the end of the braids! This hairstyle is also great on curls!


3. Traditional Mexican Braids

Traditional mexican braids

Colors are added to braids through colorful ribbons in Mexican braided hairstyles. This hairstyle is a combination of ribbons braided with braids. Beautifully braid your hair thicker with the ribbons of different colors! Let these braids be put together in a piled yet sleek looking messy bun over your head!


4. Mexican + Cornrow

Mexican + Cornrow

Mexican mixed with Cornrow hairstyle is very common in braids for Mexican hair. It can be pulled off as a single braid, double braid, and multiple. The hair is closely tied down in multiple braids for this look. These Mexican braided hairstyles work best with relaxed hair. Continue the braids till the end, for a cleaner look!


5. Mexican Braids with Bun

Mexican braids with bun

Have you braided your hair into multiple braids in Mexican braided hairstyles? Do not want the braids to be flowing down your shoulders? Want something easier to handle? Sweep back those long locks of braids behind your head. Make a bun out of your braided hair and rest it on the base of your neck! There are your new stylish Mexican braided hairstyles look!


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6. Mexican Braids for Toddler

Mexican braids for toddler

Want cute Mexican braided hairstyles for your baby girl? What about some colored hair extensions braided into the two braids on the hair? Let your princess look like a beautiful unicorn, braiding two small, colorful braids. Let left hair flow down her shoulders! Nothing more beautiful than a happy toddler!


7. Long Mexican Braid

Long mexican braid

Mexican braided hairstyles are not fully explored without those beautiful hair braided in long Mexican braids. Part your hair onto two and braid 4 parted braids down till the finished hair count! Start braiding just over your hair. Let a partition of your hair wrap around the starting of the braid. There you have the best hair band with the best braid!


8. Mexican Braids with Beads

Mexican braids with beads

Looking for a simplistic and traditionally defined Mexican braided hairstyle? Your search ends with these beaded braids for Mexican hair! These many head braids swept backward to give you a clean and cool look? The over the ear backward Mexican braids make your face more defined! Do you like unique yet beautiful?!


9. Single Braids

Single braids

The easiest to pull Mexican braided hairstyles are Single braids. Continue braiding your hair with three partitions. Keep carrying hair from both sides, every other round! Braid the hair till you finally are out of hair! This is your simple, single, beautiful and sleek looking braids for Mexican hair, suiting just your style!


10. Mexican Double Braids

Mexican double braids

Mexican braided hairstyles have double braids as a typical style. The soft double braids flowing down your shoulder look beautiful with the flicks of hair! Make sure to let them stand out with rubber bands, like these ones, that shine! Make sure these bands help your hair color refine!


11. Crown Braid

Crown braid

Appears too tricky of a look to pull off. It is another of the popular braided Mexican hairstyles. It is easy to carry and gives you the look of royalty! No girl can deny wanting to be a princess! Let soft curls fall ahead and braid your hair into a crown-like bun.


12. Classic Mexican Braid

Classic Mexican braid

Do you not want a hassle with your long hair? Try this double folded braid, the classic Mexican braid, with four braid styles! It will mark your style. Let the hair puff out over your forehead, this lets your face shine bright. Choose this from various Mexican braid hairstyles when you wish to have a traditional hairstyle.


13. Front Mexican Braid

Front mexican braid

Want to experiment yet not inclined towards looking extravagant? Try the flowy Crown Styled Side Braid – the Mexican front braid. This is among Mexican braid hairstyles that are simple, artistic and easy to handle. This will suit both your long and short braids for Mexican hair. Braid your hair down from one side to another. Let this beauty hang down your shoulder!



Can Latinas Wear Braids?

Yes! Of course! It is a part of Mexican culture and so is definitely wearable for Latinas. The braids come naturally to Latinas. It might take some time to adapt, but those hair will! The Mexican braided hairstyles with ribbons are to die for. One anyone can try! Let alone Latinas!


Why do Mexicans Braid Their Hair with Ribbons?

The Aztec and Mayan Cultures initiated the tradition of adding ribbons to Mexican braid hairstyles. They wore it as a symbol for:

  • Marital status
  • Social class

This culture has continued in modern Mexico. Women in Mexico enjoy wearing their hair in braids and ribbons. They experiment with the hairstyle every now and then. These braids are mostly common with traditional Mexican clothing.



Mexican braided Hairstyles come in some very wide ranges. We have discussed the very well known 13 Mexican braid hairstyles in this blog. Please go through them and see for yourself how fabulous they are! Each one, is better than the other! They end up complementing your look in just the right way! You can choose the one best suited for you, according to your comfort and the occasion you wear the braids for. You will find your personal favorite.

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