28 Eye-Catching Burnt Orange Hair Color Ideas For 2024

Whether you have short or long hair, there are many burnt orange hair color options for you to choose from if you’re willing to try a warm color but not red. Burnt orange is a stunning color that’s very versatile and fits both light and dark skin tones. Regardless of the hair texture and type, this eye-catching color will make you stand out while you’re wearing it.

However, with the different shades of these colors available, it is difficult to select a particular style. We have combined 28 amazing burnt hair color ideas that you can rock this year!


What is Burnt Orange Hair Color?

Burnt orange hair color is stunning and is one of the trendy styles in vogue right now. This color is a mixture of red and orange, often resulting in a rustic deep orange of various shades.

The burnt color is between orange and brown on the color palette. While orange and red is the quickest way to achieve this color, you can also get it from the combinations of other colors like deep orange, black, blue, brown, red, and copper. They all give different variations of color.


How to Get Burnt Orange Hair Color

Achieving a burnt orange color is simple, although the result is mostly influenced by your base color. Remember, getting that perfect burnt orange usually requires your hair to be in a lighter shade. So a darker shade might require bleaching.

Below are steps to achieving a burnt orange color.

  1. Gather your dyeing materials, including a dyeing kit, gloves, application brush, mixing bowl, hair clip, petroleum jelly, and shower cap. Make sure you get the appropriate kit for the shade you want.
  2. Brush and spray your hair lightly with water to make it wet. Put on a protective covering to prevent stains on your cloth. Apply petroleum jelly around your edges.
  3. Divide your hair into 3 sections. Mix the dye according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  4. Cut your hair into smaller strands and apply the dye with the aid of the paintbrush. Work the dye evenly into your hair with a comb starting a few inches from the root
  5. Repeat the process for the remaining 2 sections. Ensure that your roots and strands are evenly coated. 
  6. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for some minutes according to the manufacturer’s manual.
  7. Once you have reached the time indicated by the manufacturer, rinse your hair with a conditioner.
  8. Dry your hair.

Note: Before dyeing, ensure you wash your hair 2-3days before the process. Also, if your hair is several shades darker than your chosen color and would require bleaching, it is better to see a stylist.


Cute and Chic Burnt Orange Hair Color Ideas For Trendy Women

Just like most other colors, there are too many options to pick from, and some may not even be your style. Here are 28 cute burnt orange color ideas for trendy women you can rock effortlessly.

1. Burnt Orange For Short Hair

burnt orange for short hair

This vibrant orange color for short hair is cuteness overload. The consensus is that short hair makes you blend in, but this fiery copper variation of burnt orange will make you stand out. You can easily rock your short hair with this color.


2. Burnt Orange For Long Hair

burnt orange for long hair

You can’t help but love this carroty orange color tinged at the tip with a darker rustic shade. It is beautiful and gives off the sassy big girl vibes. Regardless of the occasion, you can be assured that you will stand out wearing this shade.


3. Burnt Orange Hair Color With Black Highlights On Black Girl

burnt orange hair color on black girl

As a black girl, you must be careful when choosing vibrant colors, although shades like burnt orange gold will go well with your skin tone. It is better when mixed with lighter and darker shades of black and orange.


4. Burnt Orange With Ombre

Burnt orange with ombre

If you are willing to try burnt orange hair color with some contrast, then you should try this shade. The electrifying effect plus the shoulder-length fringe is enough to complete a “don’t mess with me” appearance. Moreover, it is easy to achieve with natural brown hair.


5. Burnt Orange With Burgundy Tips

Burnt orange + brugundy

Although curly shoulder-length hair is cool and stylish, why not make it gorgeous with this burnt orange hair color? The combination of burnt orange and burgundy tip takes the style to a whole new level. This style is worth trying for summer!


6. Burnt Orange Copper

Burnt orange copper

The burnt orange copper hair gives off a subtle yet distinctive vibe. The free-falling wave adds a certain alluring effect that is both calm and deeply attractive. While this shade is easily noticeable, it gives the wearer an overall cool appearance.


7. Blood Orange

Blood orange

Blood orange is one of the many stunning shades of the burnt orange hair color. When you see this color, what comes to mind is bold and fiery! It projects a strong image and can be masterfully blended into other shades as well.


8. Cajun Spice

Cajun spice

Cajun spice hair color is really a good way to spice up your look, especially with back-length soft waves. This variation screams passion, energy, and adventure. So, if you are ready to take an adventurous leap for summer, then you should try it.


9. Burnt Orange For Curly

Burnt orange for curly

Curly hairs are always attractive, but in burnt orange color, it takes it from beautiful to stunning. Generally, burnt orange projects bright and beautiful, but the long spiral curls add an air of innocence to the image.


10. Burnt Orange Hair Color On Dark Skin

burnt orange hair color on dark skin

This burnt copper variation is simply stunning and more fitting for a darker skin tone. The option is perfect for those looking for a classic and natural style. The long soft waves project a healthy and cool appearance. Moreover, it is easy to achieve!


11. Burnt Orange On Braids

burnt orange on braids

It is undeniable that the burnt orange braid is bright and beautiful. Generally, braids are perfect on black women, but the burnt orange color utterly spices up your look. The burnt orange has a warm feel and is enough to give you a new look.


12. Burnt Orange Hair Color On Dreads

burnt orange hair color dreads

Going for a rugged appearance? Well, this burnt orange dread is a good way to achieve it. Dreads are more suited for darker skin tones, especially blacks. While the color is beautiful, the dread adds a defiant flare to the overall appearance.


13. Bob With Darker Roots

Bob with Darker Roots

This style is more suited for people with short or shoulder-length hair. The fiery red-orange roots blend into brighter orangey shade tips, projecting a subtle ombre. The result is short beautiful curls that are attractive.


14. Ginger Burnt Orange Hair

Ginger Burnt Orange Hair

This ginger burnt orange is the right choice if you want a cool and calm appearance. It is the perfect color to showcase your straight layered hair and is suited for both fair and dark skin tones. This style is perfect for summer.


15. Twisted Braids

Twisted Braids

Twisted braids are always stunning, but in burnt orange color, they’ll add a bold and adventurous tone to the overall appearance. It is more attractive since it is easily achievable and doesn’t require you to dye your hair.


16. Top Bun

Top Bun

This reddish-gold variation of burnt orange is magnificent, especially in the sun. This style is suited for people with pale skin and alluring green or blue eyes. The messy top bun style completes your look and works well with freckles.


17. Peek-A-Boo With Darker Roots

Peek-a-Boo with Darker Roots

Talk about a simple way to make fashion statements. The combination of black and orange only screams BOLD! It is everything you need to stand out. It is cool and dramatic and projects rebel vibes! Plus, it goes well with light skin tones.


18. Burnt Orange Natural Coils

Burnt Orange Natural Coils

This burnt orange hair color and afro style is a winner, especially for black women. It is the perfect combo to achieve a killer look. If these supercoils in a dark copper color are not enough to scream gorgeous, nothing else will!


19. Red Burnt Orange

Red Burnt Orange

The red and burnt orange is the true definition of vibrant. You should totally rock this color if you favor a more intense and vibrant style. It has a distinctive shiny, and vibrant appearance.


20. Apricot Orange Ombre

burnt orange hair color

There is nothing better than having two colors in bright and dark shades. The resulting contrast creates an interesting color dynamic. On one side, you have the fiery and flaming; on the other side, there is cool and calm. Amazing! Right?


21. Pastel Orange

burnt orange hair color

The pastel orange is more like a coral appearance with several lighter and deeper shades intertwined. The pastel orange works well for lighter skin tones and goes well with those adorable freckles.


22. Orange Red Ombre

burnt orange hair color

The red ombre on short hair might look simple, but it will get the job done. It is a deep red shade vibrant enough to be cool and distinctive. Moreover, it looks good even if your hair is scanty.


23. Peach Burnt Orange

burnt orange hair color

The peach burnt orange is anything but subtle. Achieving this color on a large hair volume means endless free-falling curls that appear like an ocean of coppery shades. You can rock this style if you have a lighter skin tone.


24. Ginger Burnt Orange Hair

burnt orange hair color

Don’t you just love this fabulous variation of the burnt orange hair color? Ginger is head-turning color! Plus, it is so vibrant and works well for long, straight, or curly hair.


25. Ginger-Burnt Orange Ombre

burnt orange hair color

If you want a vibrant orange color with a darker undertone, this is your style. The short side-part in this color is an absolute stunner. Add the calm and bold vibe, and you have yourself a winner.


26. Pumpkin Spice

burnt orange hair color

Pumpkins are not only good in food; it turns out the hair color is an absolute attention-grabber. If you want to make the overall appearance stunning, try adding some red highlights. Otherwise, the flashy is one to rock anywhere.


27. Yellow Orange With Red Highlights

burnt orange hair color

The combination of these vibrant colors is sunny enough to brighten your day. While they are all bright colors, the darker red tone produces a calming effect in contrast to the other two colors.


28. Burnt Orange With Amber Highlights

burnt orange hair color

Bold orange is not for everyone so if you prefer your orange mellowed, try adding them as highlights. It works better with stark black hair, although it can be tried on other hair shades.



Does Burnt Orange go with All Skin Tones?

Yes, since you can achieve different shades of burnt orange, there is at least one of the color ideas that compliment every skin tone. For example, copper-orange is more suited for darker skin tones, while tangerine-orange highlights fair skin tones. Copper-red flows with olive skin tone.


What Color Combination goes well with Burnt Orange?

The colors that go well with burnt orange include blue, grey, purple, pink, beige, grey, and red. Combining these colors with burnt orange will produce warm, sunny, bright, and happy effects. You can combine your burnt orange with any of these colors!


Final Words

Regardless of the shade, the burnt orange hair color is a stunner. The burnt orange color has everything from bold fiery, and vibrant to dark, cool, and subtle. If you have decided to get adventurous or you want to jump on this latest trend, we hope that these ideas will give you inspiration on the burnt orange shade to rock!

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