31 Underneath Hair Color Ideas for Women That Are Worth Trying

Do you want to add some spark to just the underneath of your hair? There are many color options to explore and various ways to go about it. Hidden hair colors help you to keep your natural hair color while still exploring some highlights in your hair.

But that does not mean you can’t still change your natural hair color if you want to and add a different shade beneath. Of course, not! You can have two shades or more underneath colors depending on your preference.

So if you are open to trying out two or more hair colors at ones, dying just the lower part of your hair is a good start.

Find out 30 various underneath hair color ideas you can explore in this post.


Different Inspiring Underneath Hair Color Ideas

Perhaps you need various color inspirations to influence the choice of color to add just beneath your hair. Here are 16 various ideas that are totally worth trying.

1. Brown Underneath Hair Color

Brown Underneath Hair Color

Brown is a versatile underneath hair color. You can combine your preferred brown shade with blonde, black or even red hair depending on how cool or catchy you want the combination to look. You can also alternate between deep or light shades of brown.


2. Blue Underneath

Blue Underneath

Blue is an exciting hair color and adding this underneath your hair could just be the twist your bangs have been waiting for. It’s better to slowly incorporate bright colors like this so you don’t make a drastic change to your look.


3. Purple and Black

Purple And Black

Purple and black are two hair colors that never go wrong or out of style. Depending on your preference, you can either have larger sections of purple and lesser sections of black or have the two shades applied the other way round. This color mix works great for short or medium-length hair.


4. Grey Underneath Hair Color

Grey Underneath Hair Color

Here’s a classic hair color for subtle color additions. Using grey as your underneath hair color will create a fade-out effect to the top of your hair. The combination works great on a nicely toned ponytail or low bun.


5. Red Hidden Hair Color

Red Hidden Hair Color

You may be wondering how red can ever pass for a hidden hair color. The idea is to have the red blended so beautifully underneath your hair, that people can hardly tell where the colors start or end. You can either add bright or dark red under color depending on your skin tone and preference.


6. Peekaboo Hair Color

Peekaboo Hair Color

Here is another bold and stunning choice for underlying hair colors. Underneath hair colors do not have to blend fully with the other hair colors, and that’s what the peekaboo hair color is. A mix of green and teal would stand out from a dark overlay.


7. Blonde Underlying Color

Blonde Underlying Color

This blonde underlying color is a nice change from your usual blonde highlights or blonde balayage. You only need to color the back section of your hair in blonde while the front sections retain a dark shade of black or brown.


8. Pink and Black

Pink and Black

Pink and black are great hair colors for almost any skin tone. Typically, a deep shade of pink would go as nicely as a lighter shade when paired with black hair. For a nice finish, be sure to have more pink than black in your overall look.


9. Burgundy Underneath

Burgundy Underneath

Burgundy hair colors underneath soft brown hair is a flawless color combo. If you want to play with colors while creating a unique blend without going overboard, you should definitely try this.


10. Silver Hidden Color

Silver Hidden Color

Silver is a timeless hair color that suits long, medium and short-length hair. To create silver hidden color effects, you should add the color in streaks across your hair. You could maintain the main color on the top layers, so the silver streaks only appear underneath and at the sides.


11. Green Underneath

Green Underneath

Adding some green underneath is sure to give your hair a sharp pop of color. This skunk color can be paired with dark brown hair or black hair over the top. It works beautifully with medium-length hair or short bobs for straight or curly hair.


12. Ash Gray Combo

Ash Gray Combo

This ash-gray combo is a hit any day. It could equally work as a gray-ash combo, when the ash color is over the gray. Feel free to use the shade you feel most comfortable with but bear in mind that the goal isn’t to blend in the ash and gray, but to have both colors distinctly.


13. Rainbow Underneath

Rainbow Underneath

Looking to go all out with an underlying hair color? Then this rainbow underneath hair color is just the blend for you. It’s best to lay the colors in horizontal sections, going as light or deep as you prefer.


14. Red with Blonde Underneath

Red with Blonde Underneath

Ever wondered if you could have both red hair and blonde? The answer is yes! You can opt for this red with blonde underneath hair color to achieve that look. This works fine if you have bangs or your hair is in a blunt cut. With sprinkles of red, you are sure to look stunning.


15. Dark Purple Underneath

Dark Purple Underneath

Dark purple underneath is also a great choice if you’re looking to achieve cool-toned hair. To avoid color clashes with your outfits or eye color, you should keep the front sections of your hair in dark brown or black color. This color mix is an excellent option for women with long hair.


16. Blonde Under Black

Blonde Under Black

Blonde under black hair blends nicely during any season of the year. If you wish to add some extra glam, you could add curls to your hair. This shade suits both casual and glam events.


5 Different Complementary Hidden Color Ideas 

Using the right color underneath your hair is important otherwise the color mix could become a disaster. Here are some of the complementary color ideas you can try out:

17. Ocean Blue Underneath

Ocean Blue Underneath

Ocean blue is a delicate yet classic color to add underneath your hair. It’s best to apply it as highlights to blend into blonde or gray hair.


18. Fiery Coral Underneath

Fiery Coral Underneath

Looking for something different and daring? Then fiery coral underneath hair color is just the color style for you. Be sure to apply the color evenly to the lower half of your hair for a rich finish.


19. Pine Green Hidden Color

Pine Green Hidden Color

Pine Green works beautifully in hidden hair color themes. So, if you are looking for something distinct but quiet, try this color blend with dark brown hair.


20. Layered Bangs Underneath

Layered Bangs Underneath

Have you thought of adding some colour underneath layered bangs? Green underneath will definitely highlight the delicate layers of your bangs and this shade of green is flattering for most skin tones.


21. Dark Brown With Purple Underneath

Dark Brown + Purple Underneath

If you would love to add your favorite shade of purple in your hair, them you should definitely try it with this dark brown with purple underneath color. These two shades compliment each other beautifully.


5 Underneath Hair Color Ideas For Different Hair Colors

Knowing how to choose a color that complements your hair color is crucial. Here are various underneath color options for women with black, blonde, and brown hair.

22. Underneath Hair Color for Black Hair

Underneath Hair Color for Black Hair

Instead of one shade of underneath hair color, try two. Here’s a beautiful blending of light pink and blush pink with black hair. Definitely unique!


23. Hidden Color for Blonde

Hidden Color for Blonde

They are many shades of blue that pair nicely with blonde hair. Try this deep blue and aqua underneath hair color for gorgeous looks!


24. Hidden Underneath Hair Color For Brown Hair

Hidden Underneath Hair Color For Brown Hair

One of the best hidden underneath hair colors for brown hair is green, especially light green. To show off your green tresses, simply hold up the top portion of your hair in high ponytail.


25. Underneath Hair Color for Morena

Underneath Hair Color for Morena

The best part of this underneath hair color is the shade of maroon. It’s a beautiful blend of red and hot pink underneath black hair. This underneath hair color for Morena is great for warm skin tones.


26. Platinum Underlying Color

Platinum Underlying Color

For light-skinned women, light underlying colors tend to blend with the skin, while making the darker color the star of the show. Platinum hair color however retains its shine, especially in a bob.


5 Hidden Hair Colors for Different Haircuts and Hairstyles

You should always take into consideration your hairstyle before choosing a color to add beneath your hair. Some colors are better off with long hair so they can be properly hidden while some will look great exposed on short haircuts. Find below 5 of our top picks of hidden hair colors suitable for various hairstyles.

27. Bun With Underneath Hair Color

Bun With Underneath Hair Color

If you love a good messy bun, then you should try this bun with blonde underneath hair color. It adds as much elegance as good accessories would add to your entire look.


28. Hidden Hair Color on Long Hair

Hidden Hair Color on Long Hair

You already know that blonde and brown are fitting hair colors. How about blonde hidden Color on long hair? It makes all the difference when the colors are added underneath instead of all around.


29. Layered Bob

Layered Bob

If you already wear a bob, then try this layered hair with color underneath. Adding purple color underneath a layered bob enhances the stylish haircut, and frames your face nicely.


30. Undercut with Underlying Hair Color

Undercut with Underlying Hair Color

Undercuts are stylish haircuts for anyone looking to add some drama to their looks. But it gets even better with red underlying hair color. This works best when paired with a dark top layer.


31. Curly Hair with Underneath Hair Color

Curly Hair with Underneath Hair Color

Looking for something different for your curly hair? Then this curly hair with light purple underneath hair color is for you. Feel free to add the color to any part of your hair if you wish to add some flair to your look.


The bottom line is that you don’t have to have just one hair color all the time.  If you are bored of your look, you could get one of these underneath hair colors. These ideas are great for both your natural hair and wigs.

However, after you find the perfect color to add beneath your hair, you must maintain the look to keep your hair tidy and attractive. You can also explore various hairstyles or haircuts and even wear your hair as curls, waves, or straight hair.

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