28 Elegant South of France Haircut Ideas for Men

Modern, versatile, and charming- a South of France haircut for men never be described better. Invented and made popular by rapper Usher, this haircut has been on top of the fashion-forward men’s list because of the edge and appeal it offers to the whole look. Be it long, short, straight, or natural hair, the signature features of this exciting haircut would never miss attracting all the spotlight towards you.

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What Is South of France Haircut?

A South of France haircut is an interesting men’s hairstyle that involves a low burst fade on the sides and back with a clean mohawk or a fohawk on the top. Because this “do” was invented by celebrity rapper Usher and his personal barber Curtis Smith, the name “South of France” was coined by them too.

Now, if you are wondering why they named it “South of France” rather than any other name, that’s because it was created while the rapper-barber duo was in the South of France.


Best South of France Haircut Ideas for Men

There are several ways to cut and style a South of France haircut. However, all might not interest and flatter your vibe perfectly. Here are the 28 most amazing South of France hairdo ideas for men that you can try to enhance your look greatly.

1. Skin Fade With South of France Cut

south of france cut

The skin fade is one of the most popular cuts to pair with a South of France “do”. This faded- cut with a shape-up provides structure to your face and highlights the features perfectly. It surely makes you look sharper, edgier, and full of attitude.

To bring in versatility, play with the length of the mohawk above.


2. V-Cut South of France Hairstyle

south of france haircut

The South of France haircut with a V-cut has gained popularity recently. Featuring a sharp v-shape, perpendicular to the eye and the hairline, this “do” makes you look sharper and smarter than ever before.

If you don’t mind massive attention, this hairstyle is for you, dude!


3. South of France Cut With Afro Taper

south of france hairstyle

The Afro taper fade is comfortable at its best. Featuring fresh fade on the sides and back and relatively shorter strands on the top, this haircut takes away a lot of hair weight from your head. Because you now have shorter manes, you feel much light and more comfortable with incredible style.


4. South of France Haircut With Disconnected Undercut

south of france hair

A South of France haircut is most striking when paired with a disconnected undercut. It creates a very compelling contrast in your manes and ensures a standout style.

If you do not shy from some due attention, this Bold haircut is for you.


5. South of France Frohawk

south of france fade hair

Even though the South of France frohawk is not as dramatic, you can make it an impactful one by adding a sharp V-line cut to it. The softer ringlets on the top along with the striking V-cut and fade give a lot of attitude to your overall look and help you make a statement.

If you are not into something too “over the top”, this haircut is the right one for you.


6. Hair Design In South of France Haircut

outh of france hair with side design

This hairstyle is DOPE, period!

The precise, lighting design (or any other geometric patterns) created on the side fades add personality to the already handsome hairdo and grab all the eyeballs towards you. With such a unique “do”, you would never fail to attract the attention you have always wanted.

Ask your barber to get a design that goes seamlessly with your vibe!


7. Curly South of France Haircut

Curly south of france haircut

South of France haircut is an excellent choice for curly hair. It shows off the curls perfectly without being too heavy on the head. Pair them with medium faded sides to not only focus on your sexy ringlets but also give edge and structure to your face.


8. Short South of France Haircut

Short south of france haircut

As charming as the short South of France haircut is, it is super comfortable too. The minimalist version of this super popular “do” ensures incredible style without going bald or unappealing.

Make sure to do a contrasting fade to make the hairstyle stand out even with shorter strands.


9. South of France Cut with Beard

South of France Cut with Beard

An Usher-cut combined with an equally well-groomed beard will always make you look sexy and smart. As the sides taper down to the sideburns, it creates an interesting combination on your face and ensures a fashion-forward outlook.

Even though it is adaptable, finish off your style with a razor. It will never miss making you look sharper than ever.


10. Caesar+ South of France Cut

Caesar+ South of france cut

Pair the classic ceaser cut with the trendy South of France for a smart, impressive hairstyle. As this “do” is short, neat, and comfortable, it requires significantly less grooming time to keep the look impeccable.

Another thing about this style is that it is adaptable and suits almost all hair types and textures. So, if you are looking for a new haircut that is short and comfortable, go for it, man!


11. High Fade Mohawk

High Fade Mohawk

This haircut is a classic! The bold and striking faded sides not only give structure to your face but also create a very cool and dramatic effect. As the nearly shaved sides with the voluminous top make your face appear longer, try this “do” on a round or oval face for a flattering outlook.


12. Burst Fade

Burst Fade

This amazing South of France hairdo is the perfect blend of impeccable style with incredible comfort. While the nearly-shaved burst fade sides remove all your thick hair, the slight mohawk ensures you look handsome and masculine.

You can add some sharp lines or designs on the fade to make the “do” even more appealing.


13. South of France Haircut for Straight Hair

South of france haircut for straight hair

The South of France haircut looks good on straight hair too. However, you have to have thick, straight manes for the maximum effect. Otherwise, the style wouldn’t look as impactful and alluring as you want it to be.


14. Fade with Dreads

Fade with dreads

If you want to rock dreadlocks but can’t deal with the weight or length of them, this haircut will save your day. Tell your barber to keep high faded sides and cut the dreads short. The mohawk-style shorty-short dreadlocks with nearly-bald sides keep your style lighter yet extremely smarter.

You can also try incorporating shapes and designs on the fade to make the “do” even more dramatic and noticeable.


15. South of France Haircut With Part

South of france haircut with part

This haircut with a precise part would always help you to make a charming appearance. Depending on the height of the top hair decide the thickness of the part. Make sure that it is visible and razor-sharp for a super striking look.


16. With Bald Fade

With Bald Fade

This haircut is very interesting. While it starts as a bald fade from the top, it gradually tapers down to completely shaved sides. The contrast it creates with the top mohawk is super stylish and modern. It will always help you to be the star of the crowd.

However, remember that it needs quite a routine to maintain this South of France haircut.


17. Medium Length Line up

Medium Length Line up

Add a subtle, medium line-up in your fade South of France cut to add the right bit of visual interest to it. Even though this line is not too prominent, it still creates separation and makes the top tresses even more prominent and eye-catching.

Try to keep the line neat always!


18. Classic Taper Fade

Classic Taper Fade

This is the perfect example of a timeless South of France haircut. While the top mohawk is kept perfectly trimmed with a moderate length, the sides have a burst fade to highlight the top perfectly.


19. Vintage Usher

Vintage Usher

Usher is practically responsible for making the South of France so popular amongst men of all ages. A vintage Usher cut features texturized yet relatively short mohawk-style manes on the top with burst faded sides. This striking haircut not only looks good on usher but also goes seamlessly with your style too.

Regardless of your hair type and texture, try it for a Superstar-like “do”!


20. White guy With A South of France Haircut

White guy With South of france cut

A South of France haircut is not meant for only black men. A white dude can also try it to elevate his look instantly.

Tell your hairstylist to keep the top-middle hair thick and texturized to highlight them perfectly while making the sides short and fade. It will let you display your manes even when you are trying out the Usher cut.


21. Longer Cut with Goatee

Longer Cut with Goatee

The fluffy South of France hair with the well-trimmed goatee creates a perfect symmetry in your face and makes it look longer than usual. If you have a chubby appearance or a round face, this “do” is a must for you. It will most definitely make you look slimmer and sharper than before.


22. Kids South of France Haircut

Kids south of france hair cut

Give your little boy a trendy South of France haircut for a stylish yet comfortable look. As it takes away a whole lot of hair weight from his head, it ensures incredible comfort with minimal maintenance.

With this haircut, you can forget about regular upkeep to make your boy look good all day, every day!


23. Twists South of France Cut

Twists South of France Cut

This South of France hairstyle is edgy and dramatic. A whole lot of twists on the top create incredible volume and movement in your hair and make it look like never before. Play with the size, shape, and style of the twists to create versatility in your look.


24. Buzz Cut + South of France

Buzz Cut + south of france

If you like a clean, minimalist look, a buzz cut is the ONE for you. Even though this “do” also features a defined top, the hair is cut too short for a masculine, military feel. It doesn’t matter if you are black or white; this sexy haircut fits your personality seamlessly.

What’s interesting about this hairstyle is that it is convenient and doesn’t require much maintenance.


25. Box braid South of France Cut

Box braid south of france cut

You don’t always have to keep your hair short and perfectly trimmed when trying a South of France haircut.

Keep the top strands long and create your favorite box braids in them. The intricately made braids will add texture and movement to the “do” to make it even more noticeable.

Make sure to create a lot of braids to make the look more interesting and appealing.


26. Ombre South of France Haircut

Ombre south of france cut

Don’t be boring! Add colors to your hair for more fun and flair to your outlook. The bright blonde ombre with the darker tresses not only creates an amazing contrast but also attracts all the attention from the peers. You could never hide in the crowd with such an exciting haircut and hair color, dude!


27. South of France Braid Hairstyle

South of france braid hairstlyle

Who said you cannot make braids in your South of France hairstyle? Ask your hairdresser to keep the length of your manes long and intact so that you can plait them perfectly with your favorite style of braid. You can also add beads and rings to make the “do” even more charming.


28. South of France Line Up Cut

South of france lineup cut

Take your South of France haircut to the next level by adding a line or two on your fade. Similar to a razored parting, the prominent lines create a disconnected look and focus on the top hair to attract eyeballs in no time.

Make sure that the lines you create are straight and sharp for maximum impact.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is South of France Haircut a Mohawk?

Yes, South of France is a mohawk hairstyle. However, it has some distinctive features, typically a low burst fade, that make this haircut apart from the traditional mohawk.

Hollywood star Usher made this amazing haircut popular among the masses.


Is It Difficult To Maintain South of France Cut?

No, the South of France cut isn’t too difficult to maintain. And because of its low maintenance benefit, it is loved by many.

However, a few of its variations require regular upkeep to maintain the outlook.


Final Words

So what are you waiting for? Take the phone, make an appointment with your barber, and get the most hyped haircut of the season. Choose a South of France haircut from the above guide that suits your personality the most. Sport it with confidence and enjoy the attention you get!

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