27 Coolest Fade Haircut With Beard Ideas to Try Out

While fades are seriously cool, the synchronization of a fade haircut with a beard is taking the sophistication to a whole new level.

Fades are one of the most popular hairstyles for men because it gives a clean-cut appearance but introducing neatly groomed beards to the style shows you care about your appearance.

Beards with the fade haircut are the ultimate masterpiece because it combines three element – style, masculinity, and great grooming in a seamless transition. Here are the 27 most excellent fade-with-beards to try this season!


Does a Fade Look Good with Beards?

Absolutely, the fade haircut looks amazing when combined with different beard lengths. Adding beards to a fade brings the element of sophistication and ruggedness in some cases when the beards are longer. The polished appearance is always cool and easily adaptable to fit your unique style.


27 Coolest Fade Haircuts with Beards

Fades with beards are exciting because they bring depth and style to your appearance, which is rarely seen among men’s hairstyles. The combination is always a visual masterpiece creating an attractive, seamless flow.

Check out some awesome fade with beard ideas below!

1. Brush Back Fade with Cool Beards

fade haircut with beard

This style is visually stimulating, especially with the raw alpha male vibe of the appearance.

Let’s talk about the neat mid-fade that graduates into slick and laid-back hair on top of the blonde and black color, making it unique. The grey beard completes the appearance!


2. Thick Short Hair with Fade

fade haircut with beard

The thick short hair might look simple and cool, but the real winner is the beard fade which resonates with the style on top. The high fade of the hair and beard looks clean-cut and neat, making the appearance attractive and masculine.


3. Sleek Fade with Beard

fade haircut with beard

This is another visually appealing fade haircut with beard. It’s one of the simplest ways to look sharp and clean, especially for an occasion.

The tapered fade shows swept-back thick hair with a distinctive side part, plus the fade beards make the appearance unique.


4. High Fade with Shave Line

fade haircut with beard

This look is particularly striking, especially with the contrasting color of the beards and haircut. The skin fade is more pronounced with the shave line separating the arrow-shaped haircut. The faded black beard adds to the aggressive appeal.


5. Curly Tapered Fade with Beards

fade haircut with beard

Another variation of fade with a beard that you can try out, especially if you have slightly curly and thick hair. The tapered fade makes the hair looks neat, but the real show is the full beard. The beard is neatly trimmed, and the length is moderate.


6. Low Fade Haircut with Beard

low fade haircut with beard

The flyaway and slight pompadour are something you don’t see every day. But this variation of beard with fade haircuts is perfectly executed.

The mid-fade combined with the full beard is perfect for projecting that masculine aura! Although it might require some maintenance.


7. High Fade

high fade

Well, this is one way to look different and noticeable. The full beard is not something you always see but looks perfect with this haircut, especially for creating that bossy look.

The clean-cut high fade complements the full beards and makes the appearance unique.


8. Skin Fade Haircut

skin fade haircut

The skin fade is perfect for showcasing features like thick or wavy hair. Combining a beard with this fade haircut can be useful in projecting a sweet yet serious appearance, although whichever look you aim for depends on how you trim your beard.


9. Mid Fade Haircut with Beard

mid fade haircut with beard

The first thing you notice about this faded haircut with beard is the disheveled appearance, which makes it attractive. The mid-fade is perfect for drawing attention to the top hair, while the beard is neatly trimmed and simple.


10. Short Fade Beard

short fade + beard

A buzz cut combined with a fade is the ultimate style for people who don’t have time for maintenance.

This short fade with a beard is one of the easiest styles to try out; although the beard looks short and almost non-existent, it adds a certain innocence to the appearance.


11. Taper Fade Haircut

taper fade haircut

Sleek and laid-back hair is perfect for creating a contrast between your hair and beard. This style is perfect for long hair, giving them different styling opportunities. The beard is neatly trimmed and combined with a fade cut, which makes the face elongated.


12. Bald Fade

bald fade

The bald fade is not as intense as the skin fade, but they look and produce a similar effect. This buzz cut is one of the simplest to produce and also needs less maintenance, but by accompanying it with a trimmed and full beard, the look is even sharper.


13. Black Fade Haircut with Beard

black fade haircut with beard

This high fade with a full beard looks great on black men. It suits their hair texture and produces a clean appearance desired in men. The full beard is supposed to look bushy but combined with the fade creates a balanced appearance.


14. Curly Fade Beard

Curly fade + Beard

This scruffy-looking fade haircut with beards is undeniably attractive. Combining thick curly hair with fade is a good way of maintaining it. While this style is not as clean as the rest fade, it is adorable, and the beards add a masculine element.


15. Combover


The combover is a signature Hollywood red carpet look that a beard usually accompanies most times. The length of your beard may be long or short, depending on whatever look you are going for, but generally, it’s better to keep it short and trimmed.


16. Razor Cut Fade

Razor cut fade

It is not unusual to see a razor cut accompanying a fade. In fact, adding a razor cut always creates a stylish variation of the haircut you are making.

In this case, this beard with the fade haircut is everything you need to create a sharp appearance and unique appearance.


17. Military Fade with Beard

Military fade with beard

Military men are known not only for their disciplined personalities but also for their sharp looks.

The buzz cut is usually their signature haircut and is sometimes spotting a fade to add variation to the style. The beard fade makes the appearance unique and clean.


18. Classic Hipster

Classic hipster

Fade haircut with beards has so many variations that you can explore.

Adding a fade to your haircut draws attention to other facial features. While the mid fade is sleek and cool, it draws attention to the slightly long beards, which adds a unique element to the appearance.


19. Line Cut

Line Cut

This fade with a beard is one of the most creative haircuts you can try. It is clean, sharp, and distinctive but may require effort. From the spiky hair on top to the razor line on the fade and beard, you have the ultimate masculine aura.


20. Sharp Fade with Beard

Sharp fade with beard

While the fade in this haircut looks more like an undercut, you can see the sharpness of the entire appearance. Combining a beard with a faded haircut like this might look too much, but the short-length beard balances the look.


21. Slick Back with Beard

Slick back with beard

Another classic variation of the fade with beards, this style is perfect for formal occasions. It is sleek, smooth, and neat, plus the fade complements the beards. The brush-back style is popular, but you can add some elements to personalize the look.


22. Beard with Blowout Fade

beard with Blowout fade

Curly hair is always adorable, so a low fade is the best for showcasing their beauty. While it is undeniably cute, you can miss the innocent aura you get when wearing this look. Adding a beard to the mix makes it more masculine.


23. Beard with Afro Fade

Beard with afro fade

Afro is a signature style for black men and is suited for their hair texture. The high fade and the Mohawkish style of this look are distinctive. The two razor lines add variation to the appearance, while the beards complement the appearance.


24. Fade Haircut with Beard Line Up

fade haircut with beard line up

Merely looking at it, you will sense the dramatic feel in this faded haircut with beards. Although the hair is thick, the flat top styling creates a leveled appearance while the shave line creates a styling dynamics with the beard.


25. Fade with Short Beard

Fade with short beard

The first thing you notice is the sharpness of the hair, which is even more pronounced with the high fade. Beard with a faded haircut like this often creates a modern appeal and is always cool to rock.

Although, you can also make the beards longer to personalize the look.


26. Long Beard with Fade Haircut

Long beard with fade haircut

Full beards are rare these days and difficult to combine with some modern haircuts. Adding a fade gives the style the modern touch it needs to make it stylish. Although you may need some maintenance work regarding the beard, the result will surely pay off!


27. Quiff Fade Beard

Quiff fade + Beard

Quiff fade is a style you may have come across many times. While this style may be familiar, there are many ways to own or personalize the appearance. While the fade draws attention to the quiff, the beard adds the final effect to the look.



How Do I Tell My Barber to Fade a Beard?

Telling your Barber to fade a beard is relatively easy. You only need to explain to your Barber the types of fade you want, especially if you have the information, or you can explain how long or short you want the length of the beards to be.

When it comes to fading a beard, it is usually better to employ the service of a professional. Fading a beard is more complex than it sounds, although the general idea is to blend longer hair with shorter hair to create a smooth transition.



Combining a fade haircut with a beard is one of the most fantastic styles you can rock this season. The good thing about fade is that it can accommodate almost any type of beards adding the modern touch and creating a polished appearance.

A faded haircut helps showcase your other facial features opening up opportunities to explore the faded beard option. You can also add simple touches to personalize the appearance! If you want to improve your appearance with this style, we have compiled a list of some of the coolest fade with beard ideas to inspire you.

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