30 Trendiest Faded Hairstyles With Braids For Your Bold Look

If you’re a person who has a craze about experimenting with different fascinating hairstyles, then you’ve hit on the right spot. Have you ever tried something different, like a men’s braid or just a fade cut?

Well, a faded hairstyle with braids for men could be the new game-changer style for you. Yes, the braid seems complex, yet it can outperform any other hairstyle with a touch of fade haircut.

So, let’s explore the top 30 faded hairstyles with braids you can try on today.


How to Style Braids with Fades 

Styling braids with fades requires the minimum but it’ll absolutely bring you the mesmerizing result. To get the best out of this style, you must understand it very well at first.

Let’s explore and learn how to style braids with fades.


Faded Hairstyle With Braids Is For Whom?

This hairstyle is for everyone unless you’re totally bald. Many short hair owners think they can never be a part of this fabulous hairstyle. But it is wrong.

Where you can apply fades in any hair kind, braids require a certain hair length. A few inches of hair is the bare minimum you need to form a man’s braid in your hair.

You can form a proper but smaller braid with 3 to 4 inches of hair. But if you want a noticeable braid, you should have 5 to 8 inches of hair length. And if you’ve more than this, then you can experiment with the most dramatic braids with your hair.


What Matters The Most In Styling Braids With Fades?

Well, face shape is the thing that most matters in this hairstyle, in any hairstyle, actually. You’ve to match a suitable fade haircut and suitable braid style with it to look the best.

In some styles, fade becomes less important and visible, but braids are highlighted. In others, fade is seen vividly with a few braids.

Generally, for guys who have square, diamond, oblong and triangle shaped faces, fully braided styles suit them the most. On the other hand, faded braid suits round-shaped faces.


What Would You Need To Make The Hairstyle?

You’ll need some basic things to make the perfect braids for guys with fades. They are – a good hair brush or comb, a spray bottle with water, a little oil and some rubber bands.


How To Deal With Unmanageable Hair To Do Braids With Fades?

The hair type is significant in styling braids with a fade for men. Those who have smooth and settled manageable hair find it easy to do braids. But styling with braids becomes difficult for those with curly freeze type unmanageable hair.

In this case, if you have unmanageable hair, brush or comb it very well to take out all the knots and prepare it for styling perfectly. In this case, you can apply some water or oil to keep your hair in one place neatly.


How To Do The Hairstyle By Yourself?

You can surely go to a professional hair stylist to style your faded haircut with braids. But, you can do it on your own as well. Follow the simple steps below to make the perfect braids that match your faded haircut.

  • Firstly apply some water from the spray bottle or a little bit of oil to moisten your hair. It is necessary to do it; otherwise, you would have difficulties working with your hair.
  • Take a comb or brush and use it to clear out all the knots in your hair. Thus, your hair will become flexible to work with.
  • Select the area of your head where you want to make the braid. Take a section of the hair and divide it into three equal parts.
  • Now, grab the left section from the three parts and cross it over the middle section. Then do the same thing on the alternate side. Continue the patterns until the braid ends.
  • Once you get your desired size braid, stop it and secure it with a hair band. You can make one or several little braid sections following this process.
  • Once you’re all set doing the braids, it is time to go for the fade. Shave the surroundings of your braids by applying the best fade cut that suits you and your new hairstyle is on the go.


Different Types Of Braids With Fade Hairstyle For Men

As you got the basis now, let’s explore some of the most prominent braiding styles with fades for men you can try today.

1. Taper Fade With Braids

taper fade with braids

If you are looking for a classy-looking braided hairstyle, Taper Fade with Braids is for you. The braids on your head are tied up and make many braids.

Around the braids, the taper fade cut gives the whole haircut a subtle, classy look that looks neat and accurate.


2. Box Braids With Fade For Men

box braids with fade for men

Box Braids with Fade is the go-to option for men with thick, long, dense hair. The braids are this hairstyle’s central attention seeker, and the fade is mid-level.

You can also color the different sections you make to-do box braiding with different colors to get the most vibrant look.


3. Cornrow Mens Braids With Fade

cornrow mens braids with fade

Cornrow mens braid exactly looks like a field of cornrows at the top of your head. The style creates several braids that look like corn rows and ends with a bun or a ponytail.

The fade is too deep in this style. So, get a minimal amount of faded hair to the sides with this hairstyle.


4. Drop Fade With Braids

drop fade with braids

The drop fade part and the braided part can be seen individually. By looking at it, you can tell it’s a very clear sectioned hairstyle. The fade consists of a slightly curved style with considerable hair.

Then the braids take place with a middle part on the two sides of the head.


5. Fade With Braids On Top

fade with braids on top

In this hairstyle, the vivid fade takes place on the sides of the head and the braids on the top. You can have three to five braids on the top, and that’s with no transparent partition.

The long braids end up braiding against each other and make a thick braid tied up at the end with a hairband.


6. Low Fade With Braids

low fade with braids

Low Fade with Braids hairstyle is mainly the neatest hairstyle for thick hair. You get a low fade haircut to the sides, and a moderate amount of hair exists. The braid starts just where the fade ends.

The top side hair is divided into two portions with a middle part. And two tight and tidiest braids are made there that look thin in the front and thick in the back.


7. Temp Fade With Braids

temp fade with braids

Temp fade with braids is one of the most fantastic looking hairstyles for men. The temp fade looks fabulous with the mid-level thick beard. Besides, the unique braid pattern finishes the hairstyle with a cool look.


8. Bald Fade With Braids

bald fade with braids

If you want a hairstyle that will make your overall look sharp and subtle, you can try bald fade with braids. In this style, you get thin braids at the top of your head. The braids are tied together in the end just like a ponytail.

A bald fade is applied to the rest of the head. So, you remain with a tiny bit of hair on the surroundings.


9. Fishbone Braids With Fade

fishbone braids with fade

Fishbone Braids with Fade is a critical hairstyle that requires a stylist’s supervision if you want to make it perfect. Usually, the fade is deep, and most of your hair is shaved off.

You get a fishbone-shaped crossed braid right at the middle of your head and two separate curved braids to the sides. All the braids join at the end, with a rubber band getting into a bun.


10. High Top Fade With Braids

high top fade with braids

High Top Fade with Braids consists of a very dense top fade with a noticeable French braid. A considerable amount of hair is shaved off neatly from the sides and the back of the head.

At the top middle, you get the French braid neatly done with a rubber band, just like a ponytail.


11. Braided Dreads With Fade

braided dreads with fade

Dreadlocks in long hair look amazing itself. In this style, the dread-locked hair is adjoined in a thick braid that looks ginormous. The braid starts from the top of the head and ends at the hair end.

The rest of the head is shaved with a moderate fade which is noticeable.


12. Black Mens Braids With Fade

black mens braids with fade

This hairstyle is very similar to box braids. But the braiding sections are designed a little differently. The braids are tied up in front of a bun and are ornamented with round crystal clips.

You’ll get a low taper fade in Black Men’s Braids with Fade hairstyle.


13. Burst Fade With Braids

burst fade with braids

Burst Fade cut is a sharp-looking haircut alone. It consists of a subtle design on the faded section. When the style combines with braids, it looks more fabulous. The braids are done on the top, from front to backward in four to five sections.

It ends at the back bottom and is tied up in a bun.


14. 2 Braids With Fade

2 braids with fade

This style goes perfectly with a precise cut beard. The fade is a low top fade and there are two braids on the top of your head. Braids are done, making a middle part here for two sections.

Lastly, the braids are adjoined by tied up in a ponytail with a rubber band.


15. French Braids With Fade

french braids with fade

French Braids with Fade is a perfect hairstyle for short hair owners. The look consists of a taper fade cut. On the top middle of your head, you get a classic French braid, and on the sides, you get two thin regular braids.

All the braids end up adjoined at the back of your head.


16. White Mens Braids With Fade

white mens braids with fade

By hearing the name, you can get it, White Men’s Braid with Fade is a hairstyle for white men. The style especially suits people who are white and have brown shaded hair.

The fade here is a high taper fade cut and the braids take place at the top of the head, ending with a ponytail.


17. Braids With Fade On Side

braids with fade on side

Braids with a fade on the side have the best fade on the sides. The hair is dreadlocked and braided with a puffy look altogether. In this hairstyle, the braiding is done creating small sections of dread hair.

The sections are taken and braided in one particular braid. The fade in the front has an excellent design that looks sharp.


18. Twist Men’s Box Braids With Fade

twist mens box braids with fade

Twist Men’s Box Braid with Fade can be considered as the Box Braid, but for shorter hair length. The fade in this hairstyle is a mid-low fade, and the box braid is done the same.

Ends of the braids are tied with thin rubber bands and remain individual. The hairstyle goes best with a clean, shaved look.


19. Little Boy Braids With Fade

little boy braids with fade

It is a hairstyle for little boys who want to keep long hair manageable. You get a top taper fade cut at the sides in this cut. In the front, the fade is not too dense, and there is more hair you can see.

At the top, you get a French braid which ends with a ponytail-style hair band tie.


20. Men’s Braids With Fade For Short Hair

mens braids with fade for short hair

The hairstyle is for men with short hair. You get a high fade cut at the sides in this style. The front fade is very thin, which connects with the sides precisely.

You get thin strokes of braids in the middle of your head and thick separate braids to the sides. All of the braids connect in the end with the help of a rubber band.


21. Braids To The Back With Fade

braids to the back with fade

You can go with this hairstyle if you have medium-length hair. In this hairstyle, the fade is low to the sides and high to the back of the head. The braids are done starting from the front to the back, as the name says.

Four to five individual braids are done and adjoined on the back using a rubber band.


22. Braided Man Bun With Fade

Braided Man Bun with Fade

To do this hairstyle, you need a lot of hair which also should be long enough. The fade is a mid-low fade to the sides and back. You can get your hair dyed in certain places, so it looks vibrant when you make a braid.

The braiding is done in several thin strokes from the front to back and tied up in a bun at the top and back of your head.


23. Mohawk Braids With Fade For Men

Mohawk Braids with Fade for men

The Mohawk Braids with Fade for men is a Mohawk-style hairdo. You get a top high fade in this cut, and the braids are done in Mohawk style.

To do this hairstyle, you need a medium hair length. The hairstyle is highlighted with blond dyed braids.


24. Viking Braids +Shaved Side

Viking Braids +Shaved Side

Viking Braids + Shaved Sides hairstyle is enough to make you look like a boss. The pirate looking hairdo has moderate fades to the sides, which are not shaved off totally.

In this hairstyle, the braids are long and thick, oriented from the front to the back. There are thin braid strokes as well ornamented with rings to the sides of the main braid.


25. Reverse Fade With Braids

Faded Hairstyles With Braids

Reverse Fade with Braids is one of the most extraordinary looking hairstyles that definitely makes you stand out in the crowd. The fade has a lovely sharp pattern that matches the beard style.

The braids are done using the box braid method, but they are tied with a rubber band at the top center of the head.


26. Braided Ponytail And Fade

Braided pontail and fade

Braided Ponytail with Fade is a classic hairstyle. You get a low bottom fade to the sides and back of the head. The braids are done in so many tiny sections. So, you get a bunch of braids.

Lastly, the braids are adjoined together using a rubber band and the rest are kept as a ponytail.


27. Men’s Dutch Braid With Fade

mens Dutch braid with fade

In this hairstyle, you get a duchy look with short braided hair. The fade is a top high fade, and a braid is done at the center of your head, similar to a French braid.

Besides the braid you can see the partings very clearly to the sides.


28. Colourful Braids With Fade

Colourful Braids with fade

This hairstyle is the best for men who want a colorful appearance and show the jolliness in their personality. The look consists of a bottom mid-taper fade to the sides.

On the back, the fade is minor and you get colorful short hair braids at the top of your head going backward from the front.


29. Zig Zag Braids

zig zag braids

Zig Zag braids with fade suit medium sized hair the most. The fade here is high, and the braids are done in a Zigzag pattern. This overall hairstyle will consist of six separate braids.

You can see the zigzag partition very clearly. The braids are tied up on the back into a ponytail.


30. Black Semi Cornrow Braids With Fade

Faded Hairstyles With Braids

Black Semi Cornrow with Braids is a very similar hairstyle to cornrow braids with fade. This hairstyle is just for black hair, and the hair length is a little shorter. You get a low fade haircut in this style.



Can you get a fade with your braids?

Yes, you can get a fade with your braids. Fades and braids separately are great hairstyles. They’re one of the most trending and demanding hairstyles at present. You can combine both hairstyles and get the best look.


Should you get a fade before or after braids?

It would be better if you get faded after braids. That’s because, after getting braids, you’ll clearly understand how you want your fades to be.


What fade should you get with cornrows?

Taper fade or low bottom fade goes the best with cornrow braids. Whether your hair is dyed or black or blond, both the fades would look best with cornrows.



If you’re still reading, hope that you found this helpful article on the best faded hairstyles with braids. Now you can pick up any of the most impressive styles listed above no matter your hair length and texture.

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