25 Classy Greaser Haircuts For Men You Should Try At-Least Once

Even though the greaser haircuts for men are very 1950s style, they haven’t lost their charm and acceptance even in the newer century. Men of the 21st century still drool over these vintage yet extremely fashionable hairdos because of the edge and structure they provide to their outlook.

It doesn’t matter if you have longer, shorter, or even natural hair, the signature features of a greaser haircut will never fail to add the right amount of suaveness to your dapper appearance.


What Is the Greaser Haircut Called?

A greaser’s haircut is also called a pompadour or a rockabilly. These three names of this haircut are equally popular; hence, it is known by all these names.


How Do You Cut a Greaser Haircut?

It’s always better that you get an iconic haircut like the greaser haircut at the salon rather than trying it at home. However, if you are confident enough, you can definitely cut a greaser at home. And to make the experience smooth and easy for you here is an in-detail guide, just for you to follow.

Step 1: Start With Clean, Dry Hair

When cutting your hair, always start with clean and dry strands. It is particularly important because cleaned manes ensure precise cuts. If your hair is greasy, there are chances that you will experience uneven, asymmetrical trims in your strands.

Step 2: Cut Through Your Baseline

Take your trusted trimmer clip, and start cutting a baseline in the tresses using a comb. Work on the flat surface first and the gradual move to the hairline. Keep the length as per your preference.

While cutting the baseline, make sure that you keep the top strands long and intact. These tresses will make the rockabilly greased hairdo look interesting and perfect.

Step 3: Refine The Perimeter

After you are done with the baseline, use the number 1 clipper guard to precisely refine your hairline’s perimeter. It will give the cut definition and structure.

Step 4: Finish Off

Once you complete all the cutting and trimming, comb the top hair backward to create your desired “do.” Don’t forget to apply a gel or wax before the combing to give the manes a sleek, greased appearance.


25 Rockabilly Greaser Haircuts for Men

Made popular during the 50s, greaser haircuts for men are still popular even today. Even though it was limited to pompadour, quiff, and mullet, the modern greaser rockabilly offers versatility. Go through the various options f this vintage hairstyle that you can try in your manes to look your most stylish self.

1. Modern Greaser Haircut

modern greaser haircut

A very trendy take on the vintage greaser cut, the modern rockabilly “do” is versatile and chic. Keeping the strands long and voluminous in the middle and shorter in the sides, this haircut redefines “striking style” in every possible way.

Also, because it has the right bit of modern touch, you can also pair this greaser haircut with your casual wear too.


2. 50s Greaser Haircut

50s greaser haircut

The 50s greaser hairstyle was heavily influenced by the pop icon Elvis Presley’s style during that era. Consisting of a slicked-back, low-volume pompadour with slightly shorter sides and back, this “do” is edgy, definitive, and stylish. Perfect for any type of manes, the 50s greaser cut was popular in the 2000s.


3. Slicked Back Greaser Haircut

slicked back greaser haircut

This slicked-back grease hairstyle for men oozes charm and charisma. The sleek volume on the top is not too “on the top” nor too jarring. It has just the right amount of fullness to make you look super natural and polished.

Also, as this hairdo is extremely adaptive, you can try it on any hair length and type without thinking about how it would look.


4. Fade Greaser Haircut

fade greaser haircut

Get a tapered fade with your greased haircut to give it a very modern twist! The faded back and sides are a clever way to maintain a classic look while ensuring comfort and convenience. Ask your hairdresser to give you the right level of fade to go with your personality the best.


5. Old School Greaser Haircuts

old school greaser haircuts

This greaser hairdo is as easy and quick to create as it seems. Make a side part in your hair and let one side fall flat while creating volume on the other. It is simple, and sophisticated, and goes seamlessly with any of your outfits and looks.


6. Short Greaser Haircuts

short greaser haircuts

Because a greased hairstyle is extremely adaptive, it can be done perfectly in your shorter manes too. Put on a medium-hold gel in your hair and pull them back to create the rockabilly “do” effortlessly. Even though it won’t have as much volume because of the length, this hairdo is still charming.


7. Taper + Greaser

taper + greaser

For a modern, trendy take on your traditional greased hair, try pairing it with an amazing taper fade. Featuring extremely shorter manes on the sides and back, the “do” is masculine, unique, yet subtle.

Try combining this hairstyle with a full-grown beard for additional edge and definition.


8. 1940s Style

1940s Style

A less severe version of the classic rock ‘n’ roll, this rockabilly hairdo is still “over the top” and eye-catching. You can pair it with the 40s “street” beard style to make the look even more rugged and dramatic as well.


9. Greaser Haircut For Curly Hair

greaser haircut for curly hair

Even though curls and a greased haircut don’t go hand in hand, they work incredibly well when you style them right. Smear a liberal amount of lightweight gel on all your manes and comb the curls backward with a wide tooth comb. Although some ringlets will fall on your forehead, the “do” will look chic and smart.


10. Greaser Mullet

Greaser Mullet

If you don’t mind a whole lot of attention, this greaser mullet is for you, dude! Even though it has the classical features of a rockabilly, its defined sideburns and long strands at the back make it stand out instantly. For a face-defining cut, never hesitate to try out this incredible “hairstyle”.


11. Classic Elvis Presley

Classic Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley is the man who made the greaser hairstyle famous! Also known as the “Elvis Cut”, it features a subtle pompadour with slightly trimmed sides and back. Nothing too severe or sharp, this classic Elvis hairstyle is perfect for all occasions and attires too.


12. For Short Black Hair

for Short Black Hair

Because black hair has an incredible thickness, it’s actually super convenient to create a classic greaser look in them. This “do” effectively removes a considerable amount of hair weight and ensures extreme comfort while contributing to your style too.

Try to keep the middle strands small if you are not a fan of excessive volume.


13. Greased Side Part

Greased side part

Greased hair with a side part is everything you need for a polished, professional look. Inspired by the 50’s fictional characters, like Don Draper, this hairdo is sleek, sexy, and suave. Wear it with formal or semi-formal attire, it will never let you down, man!


14. Pompadour With Small Part

Pompadour with Small Part

This modern pompadour is not too high or severe as the classic one. However, it also doesn’t lack the charm and elegance that you want in your manes. Paired with a light, small part, this hairdo is just the right combination of classic and on-trend! Style it with a medium-strength gel to keep the strands in place.


15. Greaser Haircut With Quiff Style

Greaser haircut with Quiff Style

The quiff on your greased hair has to be one of the most timeless hairstyles for men of all time! This iconic “do” has gone through its fair share of changes and customization yet is still loved by all.

Find out the quiff length and volume to personalize the style for yourself too.


16. Messy And Sassy

greaser style haircut for Men

Your greased haircut doesn’t always have to be sleek and perfectly combed into place. You can also rock them into a messy “do” to change things for good. The untidy, “out of place” tresses all over your head give the look a very rebellious vibe and let you look free rather than incredibly put together.


17. Grey And The Greaser

greaser style haircut for Men

Grey hair shouldn’t stop you from sporing a charismatic rockabilly hairstyle in your manes, dude!

Adorn your sensuous silver tresses in a voluminous combed back “do” and rock the world with confidence. This trendy, chic hairstyle with an equally silver beard is just the “cherry on top” for your mature personality and would never fail to grab eyeballs. Age is just a number for you!


18. Classic Greaser Hairstyle

greaser style haircut for Men

If you are not a fan of elaborate hairdos, try the classic, timeless rockabilly style in your manes. It is subtle, cool, and yet impactful. Try to do it with a soft pomade so that the strands don’t look rigid and hard. Make sure that the tresses appear thick without being too severe.


19. Classic Greaser Jelly Roll Hairstyle

greaser style haircut for Men

This is a super exciting haircut for men to feature even in the modern era. To create this look, perfectly comb all your hair up and forward on the sides. Then, roll the tresses from either side in the middle to give them a unique look. Make sure to spritz on some holding spray to keep the “do” intact in place.


20. Rebel Rockabilly

greaser style haircut for Men

Show off your risque, rebellious side with this fantastic vintage hairstyle from the 50s. Inspired by a mullet, this rockabilly “do” also features a few strands of hair on the nape of your neck to give it a very retro vibe.


21. Full-Volume Greaser Pompadour

greaser style haircut for Men

If you have a head full of thick hair, just try out this interesting greased haircut without sacrificing any volume and bounce. Cut into a medium length, this “do” takes off a whole lot of hair weight from your head for a versatile and super comfortable hairstyle.

What’s interesting about this cut is that because you already have a whole lot of volume naturally, you don’t have to apply any additional wax or gel to create the thickness.


22. Greaser Combed Back With Undercut

greaser style haircut for Men

Try this minimal, combed-back hairstyle in your tresses if you want something simple and perfect. The low sleek-backed “do” is a modern take on the classic rockabilly style and the right for your everyday outings.

As it is easy and quick to create, this greased hairdo makes for a perfect pick for all the stylish busy men out there.


23. Greaser Rock’ N’ Roll

greaser style haircut for Men

Embrace the sexy greased hairstyle with a big, voluminous Rock’ N’ Roll!

Featuring excessive volume from the front to the back with low-faded sides and precise sideburns, this hairstyle is everything vintage. Wear it to a theme party or a rock ‘n’ roll concert, this high “do” won’t ever cease to attract attention toward you.


24. Greaser Hairstyle With Volume

greaser style haircut for Men

This greased haircut is all about volume and body. Use a good quality volumizing spray on your manes to create the OTT volume at the top and front.

For maximum drama and definition, bring all your volumized tresses front while keeping the sides and back flat. It will highlight the bigger manes even better.


25. Wavy Greaser Hair

greaser style haircut for Men

Show off your luscious waves with just the perfect greased haircut for men! tell your hairdresser to cut all the tresses shot while keeping a few wavy strands at the front. The slight waves at the front create smart coordination and draw attention to your face.

Maintain the texture of the waves for added dimension to your appearance.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Keep Your Hair Greaser?

There are several ways you can keep your hair greaser to maintain your look. From using your favorite hair gel to applying pomade and hair oil, the options are endless for keeping the manes sleek and greasy.

Also, to make sure that the strands are always greasy, try to limit the frequency of washing them with shampoo. Regular shampooing strip off the natural oils and make the hair dry and brittle rather than oily and sticky.


What Does Greaser Hair Symbolize in the Outsiders?

Although a greaser’s hair is stylish and sexy to you, it might not translate the same vibe to outsiders. To many outsiders and onlookers, greasers’ hair symbolizes the gang the wearer represents rather than just a stylish hairstyle.


Who Influenced the Greaser Hairstyle?

The greasers’ hairstyle was heavily influenced by singers like Elvis Presley, Eddie Cochran, and Johnny Burnette. Even though many variations of this style have emerged throughout the years, these “rock ‘n roll” singers have made them popular, no doubt of that!


Wrapping Up

The variations of greased hairstyles for men are pretty endless. You can mix and match these dos keeping the original concept unbothered. And with the variations we discussed above, you would never feel out of ideas and inspiration when doing one in your manes. Try the style you like and let us know your thoughts.

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