17 Attention-Grabbing Spiky Pixie Cut Ideas To Bolden Your Days

Have you been thinking of making your appearance interesting? The spiky pixie cut is the right hairstyle to get the job done! Besides being versatile, it can also be fun and edgy and gives the wearer a youthful appearance.

The haircut is practical and requires little effort when styling, although you may need to switch up your game regarding its maintenance. Visiting the salon every 3-5 weeks for maintenance may easily become a common routine, although this depends on how fast your tresses grow.


How to Style a Spiky Pixie Cut

Styling a spiky pixie cut is as simple as it sounds and there are many variations to it too. whether you are aiming for a sleek, polished, or messy appearance, there are always ways to get your desired look.  However, you can achieve a simple styling with the following procedure

  1. Once you have washed your hair, prep the hair with a priming spray, after which you blow-dry. You can also add some hair oil before blow-drying, giving your hair volume and sheen.
  2. Use a flat iron to straighten the hair, then massage dry wax into the hair to give it a little extra body.
  3. You can use a comb to make a parting or any other styling pattern you want.
  4. Hit the hair with your favorite hairspray to give it a shiny appearance.

Styling pixie is quite easy, and all these can be achieved within a few minutes.


Classic Spiky Pixie Cuts for An Amazing Makeover

When getting a makeover, we all want that touch that expresses our inner charm while being comfortable to wear all day. It is rare to find a style that expresses versatility and youthfulness, especially among women of all ages.

But the spiky pixie cut is versatile enough to project these attributes. The trick to this haircut is maintaining the texture and volume. Here are some stylish spiky pixie cuts to try out!

1. Short Messy Spiky Pixie Cuts

Messy short spiky pixie cuts

There is a reason why the pixie cut is one of Hollywood’s coolest haircuts! The flyaway texture of the pixie is seriously refreshing in a woman, especially when the style is mostly seen on men.

The slick and laid-back style of the side did justice to the whole appearance.

Suitable for: This style relies on volume to make the style bold and edgy, although anyone who loves it can try it out.


2. Super Short Spiky Pixie

Super short spiky pixie

The shortness of this pixie haircut is seriously cute. While it may look like a masculine cut, you can deny the raw feminity it exudes. The adorable and innocent vibe makes it a must-try, especially if you don’t have time for maintenance.

Suitable for: Women with long or oval face shapes are best suited for this haircut because it gives them a feminine appeal. You can try this with any hair volume.


3. Short Spiky Pixie Cuts

Short spiky pixie cuts

This short spiky pixie cut is the best of both worlds. While it is masculine at first glance, some serious girl power is detected underneath. The platinum spikes and light purple undercut is a nice color combo that gives it an edgy appearance.

Suitable for: while the style may look better on women with oval or heart shape faces, anyone can completely rock the style regardless of the volume.


4. Long Spiky Pixie

Long spiky pixie cut

As you are already aware that longer length means more styling opportunities. However, the blonde tips and dark roots are attractive. The fade may be associated with men, but it doesn’t dim the feminine power of this haircut. The whole style gives a bold and edgy appearance.

Suitable for: The top’s thickness makes it easy to create a blonde and dark color. Women with a longer length and thick volume can try this style.


5. Older Ladies with Glasses

Spiky pixie cuts for older ladies with glasses

Spiky pixie cut is known for creating that youthful appearance that is suitable for older women. while this haircut can be flattering, it will require a bit of effort regarding styling. Although you can try reducing the length to reduce styling time.

Suitable for: Women with oval or round face shapes can try this style, although they may need a bit of volume to pull this off.


6. Spiky Pixie Cuts for Fine Hair

Spiky pixie cuts for fine hair

This is one of the classic spiky pixie cut hairstyles that never seems to go out of trend. The tomboyish and innocent appearance is adorable, while the silver blonde gives room to experiment with color, especially if you love an element of drama.

Suitable for: This style is classic and simple and would fit anyone, especially if you like your hair really short.


7. Short Spiky For Fine Hair

Short spiky for fine hair

Although everything about this hair screams masculine, the appearance is pretty. The style is enhanced by the fine texture of the hair, making the blondness the star of the show. The subtle undercut gives the looks an edgy and serious look. Add some highlights to jazz up the appearance.

Suitable for: The fine texture of the hair makes the appearance noticeable. Regardless of hair texture, anyone who loves the style can try it out.


8. For Thick Hair

For thick hair

Exotic is one word to describe this spiky pixie cut! The beauty of this style is the thickness and volume, making the appearance bold and beautiful. The undercut makes styling the top thicker hair easy. It is also what makes the look unique and edgy.

Suitable for: This style strives for thickness; while it can work for all face shapes, you need volume and thickness to get the exotic appearance.


9. Spiky Pixie with Bangs

Spiky pixie cut with bangs

The thing about bangs is that they are always adorable regardless of which style or haircut you are pairing them with. Although, the look you are aiming for depends on the way you style it. The rose-gold color makes the appearance unique and exotic!

Suitable for: Anyone in love with this style can wear it regardless of the face shape and hair texture. Also, you can personalize with any color of choice.


10. Shaggy Spiky Pixie

Shaggy + Spiky + Pixie

This is one of the signature haircuts in Hollywood, and deservedly so! The spiky pixie is short, with layers at the back. The fringe is adorable and also helps conceal the forehead and bring attention to the cheekbones. The lighter tips and darker roots personalize the appearance.

Suitable for: Anyone can try this style, although it is a plus if you are trying to conceal a big forehead. This style will do the job perfectly.


11. Edgy Pixie Cuts with Spike

Edgy pixie cuts with spike

Well, that is certainly one bold and daring look. It combines many creatives style in a seamless flow. You have the fade before the shave line and the undercut after it creating a rugged appearance enhanced by the hair’s silky texture.

Suitable for: People with heart and oval face shapes are particularly suited for this style and will be able to pull this off with a bit of volume.


12. Spiky Pixie+ Long Bangs

Spiky pixie cut with long bangs

Although this spiky pixie cut looks like a retro style, you can deny the raw, feminine, and sexy appeal. It is one of those styles that projects a feminine aura and fits almost any color. The look is modern and chic, plus the bangs create styling opportunities.

Suitable for: Regardless of face shape and volume, anyone can wear this style, although it may require more maintenance.


13. Spiky Pixie Cut for Round Face

Spiky pixie cuts for round faces

This is one of the spiky pixie cut hairstyles that is more suited for people with round faces. The different color dynamics personalize the style and also makes it bold. The upright spikes are funky and a must-try if you want to be noticeable.

Suitable for: Round face shape with thick volume, although people with heart and oval face shape can also rock the style.


14. Spiky Pixies and Angled Cut

Spiky pixies and angled cuts

This style is refreshing, especially for middle-aged women. The long angled bangs with choppy layers pair well with any age group and give a sassy and youthful appearance. The undercut gives it a subtle edginess creating a flattering dimension.

Suitable for: This style is particularly adorable on middle-aged women with round faces. However, regardless of the face shape and hair volume, you can try this style.


15. Pixie for Thin Hair

Spiky pixie for thin hair

This spiky cut looks tomboyish and youthful and is a good way to give yourself a new appearance. This style is perfect for middle age women because it gives them a glowing and sassy appearance. Add some highlights to make it dramatic.

Suitable for: Women from different age groups can try this style, but it gives middle age women a youthful appearance. Suitable for women with hearts and oval faces.


16. Blonde Spiky Pixie Cut

Blonde spiky pixie cut

The most spectacular feature is the spiky pixie which projects a strong woman vibe. If you love a dramatic entrance, try doing this style for your makeover. While the bleach blonde looks cool, add pink or blue highlights to make it more noticeable.

Suitable for: It brings out the cheekbones in people with oval or heart-shaped faces, although anyone can try this style.


17. Grey Spiky for Over 40

Grey spiky for over 40

This timeless spiky pixie cut captures the beauty and elegance of women over 40. It is classic and everything feminine, especially with the platinum blonde color. You can also style it differently, although it may require some maintenance.

Suitable for: This style is particularly suitable for middle age women.



The beauty of the spiky pixie cut is the boldness and fun appearance you get. While the style is versatile, not all pixies are suitable for every face shape, so before selecting one, ensure that it will fit your face shape. You can ask your stylist for advice on which style will suit you. In the meantime, you can check out some inspiring ideas above!

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