30 Coolest Butch Cuts to Confidently Rock this Season

The butch cut has proven to be an all-time favorite compared to other styles that come and go with seasons. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it requires minimal effort to maintain while giving anyone rocking it a stylish appearance.

Besides, this haircut is a timesaving cut that keeps the hair short, neat, and uniform. Due to its effortless maintenance, it has gained popularity among military men, athletes, professionals, and teenagers. You should consider this style if you are looking for a no-stress, no-fuss haircut. Read on to find 30 really cool stylish butch haircuts for men.


What is Butch Cut?

A butch cut is a hairstyle for men featuring short even-length hair. The most defining characteristic of this style is the uniform length. Generally, the length of the butch cut ranges from ¼ – ¾ inches. It is referred to as a burr cut when cut shorter than this length.

The best part about the butch cut is that it’s quite easy to achieve. You only need a guard number of 3-5. Contrary to popular opinion, the butch cut is far from boring. There are many variations to this style that makes it fitting for any season!


Butch cut Vs. Burr Cut Vs. Crew Cut

While the butch, burr, and crew cuts belong to the buzz-cut family, they are different. Although you may not spot the difference initially, experts can see it miles away. The butch cut is slightly longer than its counterparts and requires a guard number of 3-5.

On the other hand, the crew cut is quite similar to the butch cut and is often considered a variation of the style. However, in the butch cut, the hair is cut evenly, whereas the front hair is left slightly longer in a crew cut. The longer length opens endless possibilities for styling and variations, making it easy to add a fade.

The burr cut is the shortest of the three haircuts and is usually about ½ inch in length. Also, It requires a guard number of 1-2. Another difference among the three haircuts is that the butch and burr cuts are easy to achieve, while you might need to make an appointment with your barber for a perfect crew cut.


30 Coolest Butch Cuts to Try Out this Season

Whether you are trying to keep it plain or fashionable, the butch cut is a versatile cut that makes maintenance easy! The butch has one of the longest lengths of the buzz-cut family, making it easy to complement it with a fade or undercut. It is no surprise that this style is popular among military men and athletes!

1. Long Butch Cut

Long Butch Cut

This butch haircut is ideal for people who are always on the move. There is not much about styling, but it will get the job done. However, the beards have done a lot to give the appearance a masculine aura.


2. Low-Key Subtle Tapered Sides

Low-Key Subtle Tapered Sides

If you think the butch haircut is boring, try adding a subtle tapered side. Sometimes, the taper is all you need to add contrast to the whole appearance. This style is sneaky yet bold. Try spotting a stubble to balance the appearance.


3. Pocky Line with Drop Fade

butch cut for men

The butch comes in different variations, and this is one of them. For this style, the butch is not taking much of the head, but the pocky line is a major attraction. It gives shape and size to your head. Let’s not forget the cool drop fade in the background.


4. Burr with Butch Cut

Burr with Butch Cut

There are fewer styles that are clean and neat as this haircut. The buzz, butch, and zero fade are the ultimate combo to project that masculine essence. The hair at the top is a butch cut tinged by the side with a burr and completed with a fade!


5. Green Butch Cut

Green Butch Cut for men

Who says the butch cut cannot be used to make a fashion statement! While the haircut has a reputation for being subtle and minimal, there are ways to make it flashy. In this case, adding the green touch keeps all attention focused on you.


6. Long Butch with Side Sways

butch cut

This butch haircut for men is everything fancy. It is ideal for men who like their hair on the longer side. The tight fade blends the style to give a smooth appearance. You can decide to grow your beard or spot a stubble to complete the look.


7. Platinum Butch Cut

Platinum Butch Cut

The first thing you notice about this haircut is the contrasting color of the hair and beard. While the style is more butch with a fade, the platinum color makes the style noticeable. The neatly groomed beard makes the appearance cool-looking.


8. Short Butch with Fade

Short Butch with Fade

This butch haircut is among the ones on the shorter side. It is perfect for men whose hair is starting to thin. But the major attraction is the beard – it takes attention away from the receding hair and focuses on the face.


9. Butch with Designs

butch cut

While most butch haircuts are simple, you can make them versatile through designs or tattoos. The butch and burr cut combination is neat and classy, while the design adds a cool guy vibe to the appearance. Overall, you can personalize this style to your taste.


10. Butch with shave line

Butch with shave line

The shave line is one of the coolest trends right now, and pairing it with this butch cut for men is cool and fancy. While the butch is on the long side, it is swept sideways to give a sleek appearance.


11. Colored Butch cut

Colored Butch cut

Well, this is versatility at its peak! First, the hair spots three contrasting colors, which makes the hairstyle bold and versatile. Also, the temple fade looks subtle, but it enhances the whole cool vibes. Finally, the beard gives a blended contrast that we love.


12. Caesar Cut

butch cut for men

Fringes are not only adorable for women; they are equally appealing for men. This mini fringe only takes a small part of the forehead. This haircut is perfect for teenagers, especially with the boyish charm you are sure to notice instantly.


13. Mid-Fade Butch Cut

Mid-Fade Butch Cut

One of the best ways to style a butch cut is to apply a fade. While a fade provides a contrast, it makes the whole appearance crisp and neat. You will love the transition from butch to fade as you go down.


14. Butch Cut with a Beard

butch cut with beard

Generally, the butch haircut is minimal, making it easy to pair with any volume of beard. While you may think that thick and volume beards will look unkept, a soft butch pairs nicely with any amount of facial hair, whether stubble or thick beards.


15. Military Butch Haircut

Military Butch Haircut

The butch cut is quite popular among military men, although theirs is almost always a burr cut. However, you can’t miss the crisp and neat appearance associated with this haircut. You can always add a fade or an undercut to make it versatile.


16. Crew cut

Crew cut

Another variation of butch cut for men is the crew cut. While it comes in different styles, this one is particularly neat, crisp, and presentable. The butch transition nicely into the fade, and the stubble adds an appealing aura to the appearance.


17. Modern Butch Cut

Modern butch cut

This haircut is for you if you love things being on the wild side. Here, the hair is allowed to grow out a bit. Depending on your taste, you can decide to do a side-swept or make it spiky. Add some shave line to make it wild!


18. Balding Butch Cut

Balding butch cut

The butch haircut is one of the best ways to hide thinning hair. While it gives a clean and neat cut, it makes the hair look uniform. You can also try adding a fade or beard to make it look appealing.


19. High Fade Butch Cut

High Fade + Butch cut

The contrast in this high fade butch cut for men is appealing. The first thing you notice is the sharp and edgy appearance of the contrast. Also, don’t forget the beards; they make the whole appearance appealing. Perfect for people who want to reduce excess hair.


20. Fade with Butch Haircut

Fade with butch haircut

The fade adds a modern touch to a classic haircut. Although the butch cut is minimal, adding a fade creates an eye-catching effect that is impossible to miss. You will surely notice the diminishing effect as the hair descends towards the temple.


21. Longer Butch Cut

Longer butch cut

The longer butch cut creates endless styling opportunities. You can decide to add a fade or undercut to look. Also, you can make your butch side or front sway masculine and attractive. It is perfect for people trying to reduce volume but still maintains thickness.


22. Butch Cut for Black Men

Butch cut for black men

The variation with style seems endless, especially when working with different hair textures. Wave is common to many African American hair making the hairstyle more stylish. Adding a taper fade to the butch will give the whole appearance a nice contrast.


23. 1950s Butch Haircut

1950s Butch cut

The butch cut is a timeless and classic style. While there are many modern variations today, this side-swept butch is really perfect with the mustache. While the hair is thick at the top, it reduces as it goes toward the temple.


24. Butch Cut for Round Face Men

butch cut for round face men

No matter your hair or face type, there is always a butch hairstyle that matches it. This cut is neat, crisp, and medium-length. This style is bold and clean, unlike other butch cuts that are unnoticeable. Also, you can adjust the style with a fade.


25. Gradual Butch Cut with Fade Temple

gradual butch cut with fade temple

Here is another stylish variation to the butch cut. While in most cases, the butch is uniform; here you have a butch, burr, and a temple fade. The three styles create an appealing contrast that makes it different.


26. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt butch cut

This butch haircut is one of Hollywood’s favorites. It is the signature haircut of many famous actors and even actresses. It’s sharp, neat, and edgy. Besides, it is perfect for people who don’t like to get fuzzy with their hair.


27. Nick Jonas With Butch Cut

Nick Jonas With Butch Cut

This classic Nick Jonas butch haircut is seriously cool. Besides, the fade adds an edgy contrast to the appearance. It is easy to maintain and suitable for almost every face shape and hair type.


28. Adam Levine

Adam Levine

This style is more of a burr cut but with plenty of benefits. First, maintaining this haircut is easy, almost without any fuzz. It is easy to create, simple, and classy. You can never go wrong with this haircut.


29. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy butch cut

We all love the butch cut and beard combo! They are the perfect combo. While the butch is a little long, the fade adds an edgy contrast, creating a distinctive masculine and mature appearance.


30. Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac with butch cut

Oscar Isaac may be famous for his villain role in X-men, but no doubt this butch cut makes him look like an appealing villain. The hair is the same length all through, but the beard multiplies the appealing feature of the style and face.



The butch cut is very versatile and while it is common among military men and athletes, it is not as boring as people think. There are many ways to customize a butch cut and own the style. If you are thinking of getting a butch cut, you can check out some of the coolest one listed above for inspiration! The best part is that it suits all face shapes and hair types.

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