25 Striking High Top Dreads For Men To Try

Eye-catching, comfortable, and easy to maintain- high-top dreads styles for men are everything you want, packed in one. These amazing “dos” are probably one of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of all time! They are dramatic and edgy and provide just the right attitude and flair to your look.

You can also customize the “dos” however you want to add your personal touch and style. That’s why the dreadlock styles have gained popularity amongst fashion-forward males of all ages and ethnicity now more than ever.


What Is High Top Dreads?

High-top dreads are a modern, fashionable way of styling full-head dreadlocks on your manes. These rope-like strands are neat and clean and much easier to maintain than the others. They also offer styling versatility so that you can attract all the attention while looking uber cool and confident.

So, if you are looking to change things up in your hair, the high-top dreads deserve your consideration!


How To Style High Top Dreads?

There are a whole lot of ways to style your high-top dreads. From tying them in a ponytail to creating a bun, twists, or even letting them flow freely, the options and your freedom are endless when it comes to adorning your dreadlocks with versatile “dos”. 


High Top Dreads vs Full Dreads

There are very few differences between high-top dreads and full dreads. As the name suggests, full dreads are dreadlocks all over the head. Each and every strand of your tresses are turned into dreads without any fade or undercut.

However, when talking about high-top dreads, we are referring to a hairstyle that features dreadlocks just on the top rather than on the entire head. Usually paired with an undercut or fade, the high-top dreads are just for the top.


How To Do High Top Fade Dreads?

Doing dreadlocks isn’t as difficult as you may think. It’s actually an effortless process. Let’s learn how to do dreads in your manes for even easier understanding.

Step 1: Separate And Twist The Strands

Start by combing your tresses to remove any kinks successfully. Then, take a small section of hair, around 1×1 inch, and twist it slightly so that it remains separated from the rest. Continue doing this until all the tresses are twisted. Each section of strands will be a different dread after you are done.

Step 2: Apply A LOC Cream

After you are done separating all your hair, take an individual portion and apply a loc cream thoroughly. Make sure to rub the cream precisely before moving to the next section.

You need to apply the cream to every section of the tresses that you have made.

Step 3: Twist And Twist

When the manes are well-moisturized, start twisting them completely using your trusty rattail comb. Insert the comb at the root of each section and twist and pull it downwards, right till the end. After you pull it downward successfully, you will notice that you have created a small yet perfect dread.

Keep twisting and pulling the rest of the sections until all the tresses are turned into dreads.

Step 4: Let Them Dry

Once you are done creating the dreads, let them dry completely before flaunting them proudly. Also, remember that it’s better to let the dreads set for a day or two before trying any dreadlock hairstyles in them.


Easy And Sexy High Top Dreads Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you have long, short, natural, or straight hair; with neat lines, twists, and buns, you can create fantastic high-top dread hairstyles in your hair. However, if you lack imagination and ideas for men’s dreadlocks styles, go through our guide below. We have made a list of the most amazing high-top dread hairstyles for men of all ages and races.


1. High Top Fade Dreads

high top fade dreads

Give your high-top dreads a modern, fashion-forward finish by getting a subtle medium fade on your manes. It is a cool and clever way to show off the chic locks on the top without being too jarring or ghastly. For more symmetry and contrast, tie the dreadlocks in twists and buns!


2. High Top Freeform Dreads

high top freeform dreads

Style your freeform high-top dreads at the side to give a whole lot of structure and definition to your “do”. Wearing the locks like this not only balances your features and draws attention to your handsome face but also ups your style quint greatly.

What’s more interesting is that this hairdo is extremely adaptive. Depending on your preference, you can try it on both long and short dreads.


3. Twisted Dreads

twisted dreads

Attractive, trendy, and versatile- there could be nothing better to describe the appeal of twisted dreads than these. The twists in the strands create an amazing texture in the manes and provide just the right bit of visual appeal to your overall outlook.

Tie them in a high bun or let them flow freely, the twisted dreads would never let you down.


4. Braided High Top Dreads

braided high top dreads

Braiding in the dreads can be an exciting and protective hairstyle to sport. It doesn’t matter what type and style of plaits you choose for your locks; they will never fail to add an interesting touch to your overall appearance.

However, remember to keep the dreadlocks thin to make braids effortlessly.


5. Dreads Long

dreads long

The high-top dreads in long hair are a great way to make a style statement. Moreover, because of the length, you have the freedom to try a whole lot of styles that you couldn’t try otherwise. Adorn the manes with versatile “do” every now and then; you will never be bored again, man!


6. Short High Top Dreads

short high top dreads

If you have short high-top dreads, create this reversed pony for a uber-chic hairstyle. Gather all the dreads from the top and tie them with a suitable rubber band.

However, rather than putting them at the back, tie the strands at the front to change things up severely. It will make for an effortlessly cool look, without any doubt.


7. High Top Dreads Ponytail

high top dreads ponytail

Try versatility! Make a ponytail with your high-top dreads!

Even though this hairstyle is easy and quick to create, its appeal is universal and makes you look as stylish as ever. You can wear it for a black-tie event or pair it with high-street fashion, either way, a dread pony would look good on you.


8. Semi-Freeform Dreads

semi freeform dreads

For an interesting approach to your high-top dreadlocks, let them fall freely anywhere on your head. This is a great way to show off your natural hair texture while paying the least attention to your hairstyle.

However, if you want a bit of definition on the locks, pair it with a low or mid fade while keeping the top intact.


9. Two Strand Twist

two strand twist

The two-strand twists are an intelligent and modern way to update dreadlocks instantly. Make thin, precise twists all over your head and then combine two twisted-dreads together for a unique look. Make sure to secure the end of the double-strand twists so they remain in place for days.


10. High Top Dreads + Taper Fade

high top dreads + taper fade

The top knot dreads with the high taper fade are versatile and unique. While the shaved sides ensure comfort, the knot on the top of your head gives structure to your face and makes it look a lot slimmer. Experiment with the length of the fade to suit your style the best.


11. Highlighted High Top Dreads

Highligheted high top dreads

Your dreads are already eye-catching. However, they stand out even better when you adorn them with bright, vibrant blonde highlights. Try working with a hue that suits your skin tone and goes with your personality seamlessly.


12. High Top Dreads + Undercut

High top dreads + Undercut

The undercut is one of the most stylish additions that you can try with your high-top dreads. The shaved sides and back of this “do”  create amazing contrast and also give the dreadlocks a perfect structure.

If you want the high top to look thicker and more precise, an undercut is a must for you, dude!


13. Mohawk Dreads With Fade

Mohawk dreads with fade

Dreads and mohawks are a combination that goes hand in hand. The strip of locks on the top of your head highlights your “do” and creates enough depth and drama in the manes. Try to sport it with a completely shaved head for an edgy and expressive hairstyle that you will always love.


14. High Top Dreads For White Guy

high top dreads for white guy

Who said high-top dreads are only for black men?

Even when you are white with straight hair, you can still try the dashing dreadlocks in your manes to spice up your style greatly. However, remember that “white men dread” takes effort and time to form. If you have the patience, go for this texturized hairdo, dude!


15. High Top Dreads With Hard Part

high top dreads starter locs

Try drawing all the eyeballs toward you with a horizontal hard part rather than the usual vertical one. Cut right above the ears, it creates a beautiful separation between the dreads and the nape undercut.


16. High Top Dreads In Thick Hair

high top dreads

High-top dreads look incredible on men’s thick hair. They not only keep the tresses altogether but also showcases your natural texture perfectly. Leave the dreadlocks as-is or tie them up in a high bun or pony; they will never let you down.

You can also pair the thick dreads with a sexy undercut to give your overall look a bold yet comfortable appearance.


17. High Top Dreads And Spikes

high top dreads

Styling your dreads in sky-high spikes can make you look more edgy and dramatic. The straight dreadlocks high up in the air with the rest of the head shaved is definitely a fashion-forward look. If you are a risque taker, try these unique, upright dreads now!


18. Dirty Blonde High Top Dread

high top dreads

When you are not a fan of bright, vibrant blonde in your dreads, go for this subtle yet impactful dirty blonde hair color. The muted hue of these dreadlocks goes with almost any skin tone and ethnicity and hence, you don’t have to worry whether it would suit you or not.

Moreover, it also looks incredible with dreads more than any other hairstyle.


19. Man Bun With High Top Dreads

high top dreads

This high-top man bun is versatile and interesting at its best. The sharp design on the faded sides and back makes this look as edgy and dramatic as ever and also ensures the level of comfort you have been looking for. This is an accurate representation of a practical yet super-flattering men’s hairstyle.


20. Long And Knot Hight Top Dreads

high top dreads

Tie up your super-long dreads in a top knot to ensure comfort and convenience all at once. This hairdo is an excellent way to keep all the dreads from flying freely while also maintaining an incredible style.

Also, because it is highly adaptive, you can show your creativity while making the top knot to own the “do” completely.


21. Face-Framing Dreads

high top dreads

These long, face-framing dreads accentuate your facial features while also drawing attention to them. Even though here the strands are cascading on one side, you can let them flow on both sides of the face for an even more noticeable effect. 


22. High Top Dreads In Blue

high top dreads

The cascading blue strands from your dreadlock top knot are stunning and eye-catching. It creates an amazing contrast with the rest of your hair and helps your hairdo to stand out, even in the crowd. If you don’t want to dye the manes blue, you can always use a blue extension for a damage-free style.


23. Thin High Top Dreads With Beads

high top dreads

Dreads don’t always have to be thick, chunky, and over the top. You can also create thin and precise dreads on your manes to change things a bit.

However, even though the dreadlocks on your tresses are thin, they make the perfect texture for a fuller, more voluminous look. Adorn them with beads for a bit of added visual interest.


24. Neon Dread High Top

high top dreads

If you don’t mind some extra attention, dye your dreads in bright and bold neon to show off your joyous, playful side. Such a vibrant color adds just the right bit of fun and flair to your look while shedding all the spotlight on you. So, never shy away from trying some amazing colors on your dreads, man!


25. Dreads With Undercut Design

high top dreads

Own your high-top dread hairstyle with some personalized design in them. Adorn the manes with an undercut to show off your versatile design effortlessly. It is truly a relaxed and casual way to express your creative mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are High Top Dreads Good?

Yes, high-top dreads are good for your hair. As they require less maintenance yet look neat and clean, they are a perfect hairstyle choice if you want to change things up.

To try out something impactful, stylish, and versatile, never hesitate to get dreadlocks in your manes.


How Many Dreads Should Be in a High Top?

You need somewhere between 20-25 dreads to create a decent high top. However, if you have more hair, you can make more dreadlocks for a thicker and fuller top.


How Long Does It Take To Get High Top Dreads?

Even though there is no definite time frame, you would need around 8-12 hours to get high-top dreads. This time duration might vary depending on the thicknesses condition of your hair and the expertise level of the stylist.


Wrapping Up

With these easy and sexy high-top dread hairstyles, you will find just the right inspiration to style your manes perfectly. Go through them and make your imagination your limit. Try mixing and matching the “dos” for something as unique as you!

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