35 French Braid Hairstyles For Men! Your Ultimate Style Guide

Braids are classy! However, french braid hairstyles for men are even more elegant and more stylish. A perfectly-made french braid not only looks good but also ups the style quiet greatly. And that’s why it has taken over as one of the coolest new hairstyles for men in recent times.

It doesn’t matter if you are black or white or have long or short hair; this edgy and versatile braid is extremely adaptive and can be created on anyone with any hair type, texture, and ethnicity.


How to French Braid Men’s Hair? A Step-By-Step Guide

Making a french braid in men’s hair is quite easy and effortless if you know the proper steps. Let’s discuss how to french braid men’s hair so you don’t have to run to others again.

Step 1: Prepare The Hair

Because you are going for an intricate hairstyling process, hair preparation is extremely important. Start with clean, washed hair. Make sure to comb the manes thoroughly to remove any kinks and knots completely. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to make the braid easily.

Step 2: Gather The Hair And Section Them

From the hairline, gather a tringle-shaped hair and start sectioning it off. Make 3 equal parts and start creating a basic 3-strand braid.

However, as you go down, start including newer strands of hair from either side of the braid. Make sure to alternate the sides to make the braid more alluring.

Keep on repeating it until you are done braiding all your manes.

Step 3: Tie And Secure

After making the braid, tie the end with a rubber band so that it doesn’t come off and get messy quickly. You can also spritz on some holding spray to keep the style together for hours to come.


Suave And Stylish 35 French Braids For Men

When making a french braid for men, you might feel out of ideas. However, with our guide in hand, you will always get the right inspiration to create some fantastic braided hairstyles.

Go through the 35 suave french braid men’s hairstyles and find the one you want to try today!

1. Long French Braids For Men

long french braids for men

French braids for long hair are classic! The intricate braids cascading over the shoulder look not only good but also comforting. Your manes won’t ever come in front and irritate you constantly. Try to make several french plaits for versatility in the look.


2. Full-Length French Braid

Full-Length French Braid

Timeless and stylish! The full-length French braids tie up all your hair for a protective hairdo that looks chic too. You can either try this style with a single plait or create 2 braids on each side of the head, either way, it will always look good on your, dude!


3. French Man Braid For Short Hair

French Man Braid for Short Hair

You always don’t need long hair to create amazing French braids! You can make fun and stylish plaits in your short manes too. However, as you have shorter and fewer strands to play with, make sure to use them wisely.


4. French Braid With Taper Fade

French Braid +Taper Fade

For a subtle and “cool dude” look, pair your sexy french braids with tapered sides. The shaved sides create an incredible contrast with the braids on the top and bring out your stylish side. Wear it with a casual outfit or a formal one, this hairstyle will always blend seamlessly with your look.


5. Man Bun With A French Braid

Man bun with a french braid

When you don’t want your long braids to cascade over the neck, you can always tie them in a top bun for incredible comfort. This intelligent hairdo not only ensures a “relaxed style” but also gives your whole look a cool, casual vibe.

Try creating the bun with single, double, or even triple braids to switch things up.


6. Braids With Undercut

Braids with Undercut

Nothing accentuates your French braids more than an undercut in the manes. As it creates a visible difference between the top of the head and the back and sides, it shows off the nicely crafted plaits even better.

An undercut also gives an elegant and structured look to your otherwise ordinary braids.


7. French Braid On Side For Men

French braid on side for men

These French side braids are interesting and versatile. Take strands of hair from the sides and top and make appropriate plaits all over your head. If you have longer manes, gather the ends of the braids and tie them in a ponytail for a stylish yet convenient look. 


8. French Braid With Blonde Highlights

French Braid With Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights are bright, fun, and expressive. The combination of the lighter strands on your darker manes makes the braids stand out even better and draw all the attention toward you. It doesn’t matter how you make the plaits, the blonde will always attract eyeballs.


9. French Braids For Black Men

French Braids for Black Men

Who said french braids are only for straight hair? You can also adorn your natural, black manes with these plaits for a chic look. Just make sure that you are applying the right amount of hair gel to tame the manes and keep them together in the braids.


10. French Faux Hawk Braid For Men

French Faux Hawk Braid for men

If you want to combine your braids with an edgy hairstyle, the faux hawk is the way to go. This amazing top braid is an excellent way to wear your hair and show your hair texture properly.

You can also get a hard part to highlight your braid even better.


11. Men’s Double French Braids

men's double french braids

These double french braids with a precise middle part are an excellent way to show off your styling versatility to the world. They create incredible symmetry in your manes and add just the right amount of drama and depth to the look. Keep the sides faded to shed all the attention towards the plaits.


12. 2 French Braids Cornrows For Men

2 french braids cornrows for men

Combine cornrows with a french braid for some added visual interest in your hair. Even though you would need a lot of time and patience for these “do,” you would love every bit of it when you are done.

For comfort and convenience, tie the braids in a pony or a bun.


13. French Side Braids With A Low Quiff

3 french braids men

When you want to stand out in the crowd, these side french braids with a subtle quiff should be your go-to “do.” This amazing hairstyle brings out your masculine side and gives you a very fashion-forward outlook.

You can also experiment with the number and thickness of the plaits to adapt them to your personal style.


14. Men’s 4 French Braids

Mens 4 french braids

If you are not afraid to experiment, try making 4 french braids in your manes for an exciting outlook. This texturized “do” is comfortable, cozy, and dramatically lifts your appearance.

You can also join these braids at the back to create a super versatile braided pony.


15. Box Braids In French Braid Men

box braids in french braid men

Ready to show off your fun, quirky side to the world? Get these French box braids all over your head. Created separately, these tight plaits are just as cool and stylish but with less hair weight. Also, as this is a protective style, it would prevent breakage and damage in your manes.


16. French Braids For White Men

french braids for white men

This simple french braid on the top of your head is sophisticated and elegant. Take all strands from the middle of your head and make a tight and precise plait with them. At the back, fold the end of the braid to keep things in place rather than letting it cascade.


17. French Men Braid With Shaved Sides

French Men Braid with Shaved Sides

If you don’t mind taking some risque, try this stylish braid with shaved sides in your short manes. Because it features zero-faded sides and backs with a tightly-knitted plait on the top, it oozes masculinity and “good taste” like none other.

Combine this hairstyle with an equally macho beard to up your style quint greatly.


18. French Pigtail Braids

French Pigtail Braids

Don’t shy away from creating braided pigtails in your long, flowy hair! These plaits ensure a face-framing effect and draw attention to your features instantly. What’s more interesting is that you can make these french braids on any type of hair, regardless of their length and texture.


19. Mohawk French Braids

Mohawk french Braids

A french braid in a mohawk is one of the most stylish ways to show off your chic hairstyle to the world. As the completely shaved sides shed all the spotlight just on the mohawk plait, it takes no time for your style to get noticed. Even in a room full of hunks, you will definitely stand out!


20. Multi-Colored French Braids

Multi colored French braids

Can you beat the appeal of these multi-color french braids? The combination of pastel hues in your plaits draws attention instantly and defines your personal style greatly. Play with the color plate for a subtle or dramatic finish.


21. French Braids+ Cornrows

French braids+ Cornrows

French braids are adaptive. Combine them with cornrows in your natural black manes to make the style super fun and funky. You can also add beads, rings, and other hair jewelry to completely own the “do”!


22. Micro French Braid With Skin Fade

Micro French Braid with Skin Fade

The micro braids are a fun approach to your ordinary french braided hairstyle. Because the plaits are super thin and precise, you have the opportunity to wear them in varieties of ways for a newer style every day. Try to pair them with a skin fade to make the braids stand out even more.


23. French Braid With Zig Zag Pattern

French braid with zig zag pattern

French braids with a zig-zag pattern are extremely versatile hairstyles that can be customized to your taste. You can also try different patterns with the plaits to create different looks every time. So, if you are up for a customizable “do,” this is definitely the way to go.


24. Feed In French Braids

french braid men

If you don’t have enough hair but you still want to sport super classy french braids in your manes, feed-in plaits are your best options. Attach as much extension as you want in your strands to make some amazing braids in your manes. Also, because you don’t have to worry about the strands, you can make as many plaits as you want for styling versatility.


25. Lemonade French Braids

french braid men

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade french braids with them, man!

The thin, micro braids created on either side of the middle part frame your face perfectly and give you a very sharper outlook. As these plaits are tightly-knitted, they offer just the right amount of edge and definition to your manes.


26. Knotless French Braids

french braid men

The effortlessly cool knotless french braids are anything but ordinary. These amazingly cool plaits not only make for a super protective hairstyle but also make you look uber cool and smart. Regardless of your hair type and texture, the knotless braids would go seamlessly with your personal style.


27. Men’s French Braid With Medium Fade

french braid men

The medium fade along with the thick and thin french braids create an interesting contrast on your hair. It doesn’t matter if you have long, medium, or short manes, this edgy outlook would never let you down.


28. Long French Braids With Fade

french braid men

Long braids with completely shaved sides and backs are amazing because this style draws all the attention to the plaits rather than elsewhere. If you want more dimension and drama, make the plaits thicker and longer than usual. You can also put on beads and rings to make the braids stand out even more.


29. French Braids With Afro Twists

french braid men

Combining french braids with afro twists is a great way to show off your hair texture without being over the top. These fusion braids give your manes more structure and help create the neat and stylish appearance you have always wanted. The twisted plaits are also versatile and eye-catchy.


30. Fine Hair, Don’t Care

french braid men

Even when you have fine hair, you can always sport some amazing french braids in them to up your style game by several notches. Just make sure to make the plaits with smaller sections of hair to create incredible texture and give them a fuller appearance.


31. French Braids And Beard

french braid men

Braids and beard goes hand in hand! Pair your long braided manes with some sexy beard to create just the right appeal in your face. Try to maintain the same thickness for both the top hair and facial hair for a more symmetrical look.


32. Micro French Braids With Hair Design

french braid men

This hair design with micro french braids is everything you need for a cool, casual outlook. The various alluring designs on the top give you the opportunity to try out personalized looks while the hard parts put all the spotlight on the design itself. Try out different patterns to suit your style seamlessly.


33. Bright And Blonde French Braids

french braid men

Highlight your style with vibrant blonde French braids in your hair. While the bright hue attracts all the attention, the intricate plaits add extra fun and flair to your manes. Play with the thickness and design of the braids for added visual interest.


34. Men’s Lavish Lavender

french braid men

The light lavender hue in your designed braids makes the look even softer and more interesting. Even though there is a lot of lavender shade to choose from, this particular tone suited the plaits perfectly. For a subtle statement look in the hair, don’t hesitate to try out this color.


35. French Box Braid With A Bun

french braid men

Tying your french braids in a low bun is an unexpected yet stylish way to wear them. If you are going for a formal occasion, then you can create this “do” rather than keeping the ends of the braids flowing. The bun creates a nice balance for a more sophisticated look.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Guys French Braid Their Hair?

Yes, guys also french braid their hair more often than you have anticipated. They are fashionable, comfortable, and convenient. Even though for long, the french braids were considered as women’s hairstyles, men are also trying them in their manes to elevate their look.


How Long Do French Braids Last on Men?

If you maintain the style properly, a french braid on men can last up to two weeks to a month without looking messy and untidy.


Are French Braids Bad for Your Hair?

No. French braids are not bad for your hair. As they tie all the strands together, these plaits are actually protective. However, if your tresses are super dry, there are chances of breakage.


Wrapping Up

All the french braids we discussed above are different from each other and have their own charm and style. Pick the one that suits your persona and vibe completely to look as handsome as ever. Also, try out different braids for different occasions so you never look the same man!

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