20 Iconic Dutch Boy Haircut For Women

Vintage, versatile, and vibrant, a dutch boy hair cut for women would never fail you with its charm and chicness. This classic, stylish hairdo has been a favorite among fashion-forward women since the 1920s because of the drama and edge it brings it the whole look.

It doesn’t matter if you are a couture queen or a BOHO-chic; a dutch boy haircut would never miss to “up” your style quint greatly.


What Is a Dutch Boy Haircut?

A Dutch boy haircut is a vintage women’s bob haircut that features straight hair cut horizontally in the same length above the neck with straight bangs.
Created by actress Mary Thurman in the early years of the 1920s, this bob haircut quickly gained popularity because of obvious reasons. It was not only extremely stylish but low-maintenance too. Every other fashionista in that decade and after that sported this haircut to show their style sense to the others.


20 Stunning Women Dutch Boy Haircut

Women’s dutch boy haircuts have taken over the fashion scene in recent years, and rightfully so. This hairstyle is comfortable, convenient, and super stylish- all at the same time. If you want to switch up your hairdo for something shorter and sexier, a dutch boy cut is the “One” for you.


1. Dutch Boy Bob

dutch boy bob

Channeling a mushroom shape with prominent sideburns, this bob haircut is anything but ordinary. Featuring thick, exaggerated bangs at the front with a round-shaped bob all-around, this “do” is stylish and timelessly chic.

If you have a round or oval face, it will look exceptionally good on you.


2. 1920s Dutch Boy Hairstyle

dutch boy hairstyle 1920s

If you want to make a statement with your hairstyle, the 1920s dutch haircut is the way to go. The short bob paired with a faded nape expresses your rebellious side while maintaining your feminine, stylish appearance alike. Try it on your sleek straight hair for maximum appeal.


3. Dutch Boy Haircut With Micro Bangs

dutch boy haircut of the 70's

Micro bangs can create unique visual appeal to your whole look. When paired with a short dutch boy haircut, these baby fringes ensure a statement-making style and draws all the attention towards you.

Also, because the fringes are eye-catching, they will focus on your beautiful eyes and face and make you stand out effortlessly.


4. Dutch Boy Haircut On A Girl With Black Hair

dutch boy haircut on a girl with black hair..

When you pair your black hair with a razor-sharp, nose-length bob, the result is fiercely beautiful. While the peach black tresses draw attention, the sharp cut frames the face to make you stand out. Pair it with bright red lips and subtle makeup for maximum appeal.


5. Dutch Boy For Short Hair

Dutch boy for short hair

A dutch boy’s haircut for short tresses is relaxed, comfortable, and stylish. The short round bob cut around the head creates a lot of volumes and bounce in the manes and never makes your look lackluster.

For better visual interest, you can add symmetrical bangs to this already appealing haircut.


6. Long Hair Dutch Boy For Women

Long hair Dutch boy for women

Keeping your hair just above the shoulder can be an excellent way to show off your sleek black manes. Featuring the same length strands all around the head, this dutch boy haircut frames your face and makes it look slimmer and sexier.

You can play with the length to match your face shape and personality completely.


7. Dutch Boy Haircut With Eye-Reaching Bangs

With Bangs

Try “forehead covering” bangs with your dutch boy haircut to highlight your facial features. The perfectly-cut fringes will not only draw attention to your eyes but will also frame your face to accentuate your features perfectly.

Be it black, blonde, or brunette, the eye-reaching bangs will never fail you, girl!


8. Without Bangs

Without bangs.

If you are not a fan of bangs yet want to adorn your tresses with a dutch boy cut, you can always try one without the fringes at the front. The sleek, middle-parted bob creates an excellent symmetry in your look and makes your facial features more prominent.


9. French Dutch Boy Haircut

9. french dutch boy haircut

This French haircut redefines style and chicness like none other. The short, chin-length blunt bob draws attention to the jawline and gives your dutch boy haircut a modern vibe. Pair it with couture or high-street fashion; this “do” looks good with any outfit you wear.


10. Black And Pink Block Colors

dutch boy haircut For women

The particular shade of flamingo pink is bright, vibrant, and fun. Try a color block dyeing technique with black manes to make it even more exciting and versatile. It will create contrast and provide depth and definition to your dutch boy hair.


11. Modern Dutch Boy Haircut

dutch boy haircut For women (2)

Switch up your vintage haircut to create something very modern and chic. The ear-length bob and the baby bangs give your whole outlook a trendy twist and grab the eyeballs in no time. Be it straight, wavy, or curly hair, this “do” would never fail to make you stand up in the crowd.


12. Sexy Copper Dutch Boy

dutch boy haircut For women

Dye your short hair into a bright copper and give yourself a vibrant, “over the top” outlook. Even though a dutch boy haircut is a vintage one, the bright dye will give it a very modern vibe and make you the center of attention in no time.


13. Dutch Boy For Thick Hair Women

dutch boy haircut For women

If you are confused about whether a dutch boy hairstyle would look good on your thick hair or not, don’t be. The shorter length and the bob-shape go incredibly well with thicker tresses and make it easier to style. Because this hairstyle is extremely adaptive, you can experiment with the size to suit your face shape and personal style.


14. Subtle Yet Dramatic

dutch boy haircut For women

The half and half hair color give you the style lift that you have been looking for. The two vibrant colors brighten up your look and provide just the right bit of drama to it. And when you combine them with a sleek, straight dutch boy bob, this “do” would up your style quint extensively.


15. Asian Style Dutch Boy Haircut

dutch boy haircut For women (1)

A dutch boy cut with full fringes looks exceptionally well on straight black Asian hair. While the chin-length strands define the face and make it appear sharper, the full-fledged bands make the eyes stand out.

If you want to add a bit of flair to the manes, try subtle highlights that go well with your peach black hair.


16. Beautiful Violet Dutch Boy

dutch boy haircut For women

When you want your vintage hairstyle to be unique and expressive, try dyeing it with a bright, vibrant violet color. Such a hair color would definitely add the essential fun factor to your appearance and make you look as chic as ever.


17. Blunt Yet Beautiful

dutch boy haircut For women

This short blunt bob is the perfect pick for you if you have thick, straight tresses. As it is super shorty short, this “do” takes away a whole lot of “hair weight” yet still manages to make your hair look fuller. Also, because it is a highly adaptable cut, you can try different hair colors for a versatile, dramatic outlook.


18. Dutch Microbob Haircut

dutch boy haircut For women

This micro bob haircut is calm, comfortable, and chic. Combining the best of two worlds- style and comfort, this “do” is incredibly feminine and edgy. Also, as it doesn’t have any face-framing strands, this hairstyle focuses your face and draws all the eyes towards you.


19. Dutch Box Bob

dutch boy haircut For women

This hairstyle is versatile at its best. With a haircut into the shape of a box with a nape undercut, this “do” not only ensures excellent style but also is exceptionally comfortable.

The different textures in this style also provide volume and bounce in the manes to create flair and fullness.


20. Dutch Boy Haircut With Red Hair

dutch boy haircut For women

Be bold and sport some jewel-toned red hair with your vintage dutch boy hairstyle. The striking red looks flawless with your fair skin tone and adds just the right bit of fun and flair to your whole appearance. If you want all the eyes to stay on you, try this amazing “do” without hesitation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix A Dutch Boy Haircut?

If you have messed up your dutch boy haircut, the only way to fix it is by cutting it even shorter. However, if your initial cut was short, try a pixie or buzz cut to save your day.


Final Words

The style and appeal a perfectly-done dutch boy haircut offers to your whole outlook is unmatchable. If you are in the mood for some “retro meets modern” hairdo, you can always check out the above styling ideas for inspiration. We can assure you that they won’t disappoint.

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