25 Modern Pixie Haircut With Long Bangs To Try

A pixie cut with long bangs is terrific on women with fine or thin hair. The short details fake volume, thus pushing everything forward. For the best results, consider your hair texture, and speak to an expert.

Because pixie cuts can be short, they are ideal for long and oval faces. However, they can be worn by women of all ages, even seniors. Furthermore, they pass as a wash-and-go style, requiring little time and maintenance.

Consider a long bang if you want to get bangs with your pixie. These add layers, texture, and volume. The shape of your head may determine the outcome of the style, and what works for other ladies may not work for you. If you have been looking for ideas, there are several ways to pull this style off. Check out the pictures below.


How to Style a Pixie Cut With Long Bangs?

  1. Decide on a style before washing and blow-drying your hair.
  2. Section your hair and style as desired while still wet.
  3. When slightly wet, pull the bang section forward and blow until dry.
  4. Blow dry your hair from the roots to add volume to the bang.
  5. Style with your comb or brush. Apply desired product to keep your hair fresh all day.


Long Bangs with Pixie Cut for All Ages

A stylish pixie cut with long bangs appeals to women of all ages, even kids. We have compiled 25 styles to help you make an informed choice and inspire your next cut.

1. Pixie With Long Bangs And Shaved Sides

pixie cut with long bangs and shaved sides

These shaved sides and long pixie bangs are ideal combinations for fun–loving woman. A regular short pixie seems lifeless when done in plain straight hair. However, adding a shave pushes your hair forward, giving it shape and texture.

Suitable for: Cute oval faces with straight hair.


2. Pixie Cut+Long Bangs+Fine Hair

pixie cut + long bangs +fine hair

Casually voluminous hairstyles can add a lot of sass to your look. This fine pixie cut is stylish and cute. It is also a beautiful way to hide your forehead.

If you’re hesitant about the length, make it similar to the picture. The slightly messy appearance is laid back.

Suitable for: Medium and fine hair. Works for round and oval faces.


3. Curly Pixie With Long Bangs

Curly Pixie with long bangs

You’re on the wrong side if you still don’t own a flat iron. A curly pixie haircut with long bangs can be faked if your natural hair is straight or wavy. To spice up your look, add a pinch of color. That’s your cue to get creative.

Suitable for: Softening angular faces.


4. Long Bangs And Short Sides

long bangs and short sides

If you give this style a shot, you may never want to quit it. It helps you embrace the texture and structure of your natural hair. Although short, the long bangs are exemplary. Consider a diffuser for blow drying. This is also a neat trick for your forehead.

Suitable for: Brown hair and oblong facial shapes.


5. African American Pixie

african american Pixie

Long bangs on pixie haircuts have spunk and personality when done in African American way. Be careful to keep the fringe feminine and versatile. That way, you can add extra styling with bobby pins. Be ready to refresh the style every few weeks if it is done on your natural hair.

Suitable for: Fat chubby faces and black women.


6. Long Bangs With Back View

pixie cut with long bangs With back view

Upgrade your pixie cut with long side accents. Next, go for an all-black color, highlighting the back view with an undercut. If you have wavy hair, this might be your style. The layered effect helps you balance the cut. If you’re hesitant about going all in, start with this style.

Suitable for: Lovers of masculine backgrounds on feminine hairstyles.


7. With Highlights

With Highlights

A dimensional pixie cut with highlights gives the appearance of a natural hair color that grows on you. Again, this style takes the focus off your double chin, as there’s a lot going on with the hair. Use a shiny spray to bring out the textured highlight.

Suitable for: Women with double chins, fat faces, and thin hair.


8. Short Pixie + Long Bangs

Short Pixie + long bangs

A stacked, colored pixie with long bangs helps a woman to be imaginative. If your hair is thick, you are in luck. This style is ideal for layering it into a pixie while retaining that thickness. To maintain the color, plan to visit your stylist every 4-6 weeks, depending on wash frequency.

Suitable for: thick hair and fun-loving ladies.


9. Layered Pixie Cut

layered pixie cut

Layered pixie cut with long bangs can double as tousled hair, thus creating a soft and edgy look. Anyone opting for a youthful style should do this in a dry cut. Consider speaking to your stylist about the desired length.

While your hair sticks out, your glasses sit comfortably around your ears.

Suitable for: Highlights, love-shaped faces, and ladies with pale skin.


10. Shaggy Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

shaggy pixie cut with long bangs

Women with blonde hair can try a shaggy pixie cut with subtle undertones. This tone breaks the norm of natural colors, giving your hair more dimension.

However, the messy look is the endpoint, and it requires expertise. To keep the style functional, apply styling cream.

Suitable for: thick medium hair.


11. Spiky Pixie Cut + Long Bangs

spiky pixie cut + long bangs

This spike pixie cut is a top choice for extra height and length on smaller faces. Asian women with naturally textured hair may consider this as it allows the texture unfolds. In addition, the simple yet long bangs add an air of sophistication to the entire look.

Suitable for: ladies with smaller faces, it heightens their frame.


12. Edgy Pixie Cut

edgy pixie cut

The excellent news about pixie with long bangs is that you can be expressive with your eyes. Of course, this includes makeup; however, you don’t need to go over the top. This look is fantastic if you need a new style for this season.

Suitable for: Fine and medium-thick hair.


13. Asymmetrical Pixie With Long Bangs

asymmetrical pixie with long bangs

Here’s another excellent example of a pixie cut but with asymmetry. In addition to the ease you enjoy with style, it is also economical. This popular daily look combines volume, edginess, and texture.

Suitable for: pale-skinned women and professionals.


14. Blonde With Bangs

blonde with bangs

The blonde strands combed forward from the crown stand out sharply against the black, natural hair. Your hair is then swept forward to create a piecemeal, long fringe, revealing a part of your forehead.

Suitable for: urban chics with medium thick hair. Oval, round and heart-shaped faces to flatter individual features.


15. Pixie With Long Bangs For Black Hair

Pixie with long bangs for black hair

Rihanna’s extended pixie cut has had a good run. It inspires professional women who love to keep it strictly business. Add a statement lipstick if you also think of a cropped pixie bang, long bangs don’t care!

Suitable for: Professionals and women with long, oval faces.


16. Defined Pixie Cut With Long Side Swept Bangs

defined pixie cut with long side swept bangs

One of the downsides of a pixie cut with long bangs is that it may enter your eyes. This style makes sure that your hair stays in place. First, the bangs are swept onto a side. Then, flat iron the long bang to create a soft finish and the perfect shine for your hair.

Suitable for: subtle two-toned hair and a soft round face.


17. Long Choppy Pixie

pixie cut with long bangs

Look at this example of a stylish short daily haircut that requires no effort to maintain but always turns heads. This sleek pixie cut has short bangs that are brushed to the side, revealing a portion of the undercut.

For women with a heart-shaped face like the model, short haircuts with bangs are a terrific technique to hide the widest part of the face.

Suitable for: women with wider, heart-shaped faces.


18. Green Pixie with Long Bangs

pixie cut with long bangs

Pixie cuts are widely adopted as everyday hairstyles for no other reason than their simplicity. The trendy pixie cut is an excellent example of achieving a simple chic look for a round face.

Take note of how the longer outside borders of the straight-across bangs softens the line down the sides of the forehead.

Suitable for: women with pale skin and an edgy side.


19. Bejeweled Pixie

pixie cut with long bangs

Here’s a fresh take on the pixie cut that’s unconventional and fun. The drooping blonde layers make the flat, short back and sides more feminine. In addition, it has a scenic part in the front and a length distinction in the bangs, making it both polished and fresh.

Suitable for: small and oval faces.


20. Heavy Pixie Cut with Long Bangs.

pixie cut with long bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for those with thick hair. Try styling this pixie with longer baby bangs to draw attention to your eyes and face. The pixie cut on top makes the whole thing more dramatic, creating a slightly messy and tousled look.

Suitable for: round faces and thick hair.


21. Platinum & Pink Pastel

pixie cut with long bangs

Platinum color can pass as a pastel pink hue, one of the most remarkable ways to wear your long bang. The combination creates a stunning, head-turning style.

However, if you want to touch your natural side despite the color, grow out your pixie to create a beautiful contrast.

Suitable for: pale skin and two-tone lovers.


22. Silver Pixie

pixie cut with long bangs

This classic cut is a safe bet. The roots are black, while the long layers are brushed to one side. The length of the surface gracefully ebbs and flows beyond the trimmed margins. An all-natural silver finish makes it even more stylish.

Suitable for: women with darker roots.


23. Thick Side-swept Bangs.

pixie cut with long bangs

One of the most sought-after everyday hairstyles of the season is guaranteed to emerge from this.

The short haircut is a pixie with thick hair and long bangs that sweep upward from the head. Thicker hair is easier to work with and style when cut into sliced layers, and the sharp angles of this cut can tame the curves of a round face.

Suitable for: thick hair features broad, straight across bangs that are the ideal length for concealing frown lines.


24. Shaved Bob Bangs

pixie cut with long bangs

There’s a lot of chatter about shaved hair and blonde colors. It creates a delicate highlight while adding a touch of asymmetry and flow to simple, tidy haircuts.

This bob cut is designed to complement the soft characteristics of the model’s face. The minor side points draw attention to her cute little ears and frame her eyes well.

Suitable for: light-skinned tones and angular faces.

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25. Spiky Bangs

pixie cut with long bang

Long, spiky bangs on short hair can accentuate the roundness of a face, minimize the width of a heart shape, “shorten” the length of a long face, and “flatter” an oval one.

So even though this looks like an asymmetrical everyday haircut, it could be the best pixie cut for you.

Suitable for: thin and texture hair. A great choice for older women.



Long bangs on a pixie haircut create a sweet medium between a short and long cut. They are a new excuse to switch your hairstyle and shed some strands. Beyond maintenance, long-bang pixie cuts are an easy way to glam up your look and upgrade your hair game.

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