25 Cute And Flattering Pixie Cuts for Little Girls

Baby Girl Pixie Cut is possibly the most popular haircut for summer for several reasons. First, it takes the hair off your girl’s face, giving room for the independence that comes with the season. Then, it is stylish and cute.

The typical little girl pixie cut is short. But, several style variants make it an ideal option for girls who love to explore. Since the hairstyle requires little or no maintenance, working moms can count on it to last for a longer period. In addition, pixie cuts are versatile because they are ideal for baby girls and adults.

Girl Pixie cut is a long-term pick you can always count on to give your kid a sophisticated look. When opting for a pixie cut, it is good to consider the shape and features of the face. Here’s a true saying; there is a pixie cut for your little girl.


Unique Pixie Haircut For Little Girl

Universally, girl pixie cut gives your kid an adorable appearance. It is also one of the trendiest cuts for summer. Here are 25 different variants for your girl, in-season and beyond.

1. Little Girl Pixie Cut with Bangs

Little girl pixie cut with bangs

A little girl pixie cut with bangs is ideal for volume and texture. It is better for girls with thin hair or those who prefer less frequent changes to their hair. Luckily, this can graduate into a longer bang, adding a fancy twist to the cut.


2. Short Pixie Cut

Short pixie cut

No other style can accentuate your baby’s chubby face like this. The very short details cover the forehead with enough room for her face. It is a great option for girls with thin and medium hair. Works for family gatherings, casual events, and school.


3. Long Pixie Cut

Long pixie cut

This long pixie cut for the little girl is asymmetrical. It is a more extended version of the previous style. Usually, the cut is not done in a straight form hence the side-swept look. The cut may not be proportional but suits round and oval shapes.


4. Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

Pixie cut for curly hair

These curly tresses are so beautiful that they can be worn anytime. Their blonde highlights add a luscious finish to the style, like something from a kid’s magazine. If your daughter loves trying statement hairstyles, this will be perfect for her.


5. Tomboy Little Girl Pixie Cut

Tomboy little girl pixie cut

Minus the highlights, this is similar to the hairstyle Justin Bieber sported in the ‘baby’ era. Aside from being a classic pixie cut, it is suitable for all ages. The highlights make it even better, plus a boyish touch that she’d find irresistible.


6. Pixie With Wispy Bangs

Pixie with wispy bangs

It is hard to pass up on this hairstyle because of the way it gently accentuates her beautiful eyes.

The cut is enchanting, and her smile says it all. Girls with thin hair may consider this since they get to explore a new style and enjoy themselves at it.


7. Pixie Bob For Baby Girl

Pixie bob for baby girl

Something about the pixie haircut makes it a great idea for a little girl. This short pixie bob is edgy and also pretty on textured hair. It combines short and long strands of hair, so the style easily falls into position.


8. Shaggy Pixie

Shaggy pixie

The shaggy girl pixie cut is a product of several layers of hair. This cut is perfect for little girls with voluminous hair and rosy cheeks.

It also requires little or no styling effort, so you’re ready to go anytime. Perfect for kids who struggle with long hair.


9. Edgy Short Pixie

Edgy short pixie

This hairstyle includes a layered bang that is systemically positioned for edginess. The lines and length are perfect for older girls who are in touch with their edgy side. It is a style your little girl can stay comfortable in all day.


10. Little Girl Undercut Pixie

Little girl undercut pixie

Sometimes, keeping her hair punky and edgy is what makes her happy. This bold fashion statement will not only represent her personality but also make styling her hair hassle-free.


11. Blonde Pixie

Blonde pixie

The charm of a girl’s pixie cut cannot fade away regardless of the hair colour. This is an excellent choice for girls with blonde hair. It is free and flawless, requiring no maintenance. The style frames her facial shape elegantly.


12. Little Girl Pixie with Highlights

Little girl pixie with highlights

This is worth considering to add a touch of finesse, texture, and luxury to your little girl’s hair. The hairstyle is not hard to achieve. Its length and color are definite, adding the right balance to the hair. Even with the color streak, the natural roots are kept.


13. Little Black Girl Pixie Cut

Little black girl pixie cut

If your little girl has thick, coily hair, this bold and stylish cut is a great choice. It is especially suited for thick textured hair; short hair and pixie cuts perfectly match. In addition, this style defines curls better and makes them easier to maintain.


14. Asymmetrical Little Girl Pixie

Asymmetrical little girl pixie

The shorter rear layers of this pixie cut for girls are contrasted with the longer front layers. The pixie cut, which is uneven in length, styles itself and stays in place without your help. If your young girl has full cheeks, this style is made for her.


15. Pixie for Little Girl with Glasses

Pixie for little girl with glasses

Sometimes, letting the hair flow is a better option. Dress up this girl pixie cut with glasses that are excellent for the warmer weather. All you need is a smile, the perfect frame, and some sophisticated curly bangs.


16. Little Girl Pixie with Side Design

Little girl pixie with side design

Most wavy hairstyles are overlooked because they are assumed to be unmanageable, especially for little girls.

However, girls with naturally wavy or curly hair will love the versatility of the pixie bob cut, which can be worn down or styled with an undercut.


17. Colorful Pixie Cut for Little Girl

Colorful pixie cut for little girl

Girls with straight or slightly wavy hair will look stunning in this style and the touch of color. Wispy cuts in wavy hair are advantageous because they allow the wearer to arrange their hair in a way that complements the natural curls.


18. Layered Pixie Cut + Bangs + Undercut

Pixie little girl cut

Layered and little girl pixie cut does not conceal hair length. Rather it amplifies the style and hair volume.

The pixie cut with layered bangs is an excellent option for young girls who have trouble maintaining their hair. The Undercut compliments the skin tone perfectly.


19. Little Girl Short Asymmetrical Pixie

Little girl short asymmetrical pixie

This pixie cut for young girls is our favorite since it manages to appear both chic and cute. Your young girl will be the envy of the playground with these cascading asymmetrical curls. If she is tired of long curls, this is a perfect style to fall back on.


20. Pixie Little Girl with Side Shaved

Pixie little girl with side shaved

Your daughter will like this if she isn’t afraid to stand out. This girl pixie cut is jet black with whisps of blonde color. It is the very definition of the phrases daring and electrifying. The style is ideal for her if her personality is just as fiery.


21. Ombre Little Girl Pixie

Ombre little girl pixie

This pixie cut is ideal for mothers whose daughters have naturally wavy hair. The cut takes on a wave pattern all on its own. In addition, the length of hair on one side of the head is subtly ombre, showcasing her adorable face.


22. Messy Punk Pixie for Little Girl

Messy Punk pixie for little girl

Your daughter will appear like a modern-day fashionista with this pixie cut and the soft ombre shade. This style is charming and would be perfect for her if she tried out for a role in a school play.


23. Rock Style Pixie Little Girl

Rock style pixie little girl

Forehead bangs are the cutest part of any little girl’s haircut. So adding them to a pixie cut is a brilliant idea.

With its adorable combination of high colors and sweet charm, this hairstyle will make your young girl the cutest girl in school (and maybe the whole neighborhood).


24. Wavy Pixie Cut for Little Girl

Wavy pixie cut for little girl

Rocking a wavy asymmetric pixie cut, just one of many variations on the pixie style, is ideal for little girls. A side-swept pixie is another name for it. The side sweep features a stylish highlight and a comfortable undercut.


25. Spike Style Little Girl Pixie

Spike style little girl pixie

It looks intimidating because of the Undercut and the waxy finish, but it is a style any young girl can pull off. The Undercut adds a curious element to this Little girl pixie cut. Combined with a pixie cut, it amplifies the volume and the wearer’s appearance.


Final Words.

Most little girl pixie cut makes the wearer chicer and brighter. They are easy to style and can be transformed from one variant to another. If you’re unsure about the length, consider moving from medium to short. Moreover, she can accessorize and add a personalized touch to her cut. If you want your youngster to enjoy their hair journey, remember to help them express themselves.

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