Why Do You Lose More Hair in the Summer?

Do you lose more hair in the summer?
If this question hits you after you start losing chunks of hair during the hotter months of the year, your worries are legit. That is because you actually lose more hair in the summer. Several studies over the years have concluded that hair loss increases by a whopping 6% per day in summer than in any other season around the year. And hence, if you notice you are shedding more hair in the summer, your concerns are probably genuine.



Reasons to Lose More Hair in the Summer?

There are several reasons you are experiencing more hair fall during the hotter months of the year. We have discussed them briefly below so that you know exactly what’s going wrong.

The Blazing Sun

Even though the bright sun is delightful during the summer, it can be highly damaging to your hair. The sun’s UV rays, along with the high heat, suck up all the moisture from your manes and scalp and make them incredibly dry and brittle. And when the strands become dehydrated, they suffer from breakage, and hair falls in no time.


Excessive Sweat

Another reason you lose more hair during the summer is because of excessive sweat. When your scalp sweats due to the hot weather, it makes the hair roots weak and sensitive. Weak roots tend to come off easily and quickly, leading to extreme hair fall during the hotter months of the year.


Chlorine Water

If you are a water babe, nothing can actually keep you away from hitting the pool during the summer. As much fun and happening as it sounds, the chlorine water in the pool can damage your hair and result in excessive hair fall. As chlorine is a harsh chemical, it strips of moisture and dries out the hair shaft from within. Dried strands tend to be more sensitive and prone to breakage and damage.


Air Conditioning

Being in an air-conditioned room is a norm in summer. However, the cool air from the air conditioner can be extremely damaging to your hair. It strips off all the natural oils and moisture from your manes in no time, making them incredibly dry and prone to breakage.


How To Prevent More Hair Loss in the Summer?

We know you are proud of your hair, and we understand why. A head full of gorgeous hair not only enhances your overall beauty but also improves your confidence. And that’s why, when you start losing chunks of strands, especially during the hotter months of the year, it’s a matter of concern.
Let’s discuss some preventive measures you can include in your haircare routine to reduce hair fall successfully.


Never Forget A Heat Protectant

It doesn’t matter if you are hitting the beach, lounging by the pool, or just going out for work. The blazing summer sun will take no time to suck up all the moisture and nourishment from your hair and dry it out. Apply a heat protectant or sunscreen for hair before you go out to protect the manes from falling.


Wear A Hat Or Scarf

For extra protection of your tresses, wear a hat or scarf whenever you go out. These hair accessories shield the manes and protect them from damage and falling.


Adopt A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Because several factors during the summer can strip moisture from your manes and make them dry and brittle, a deep conditioning treatment is a must. It will hydrate the tresses from within and ensure that the strands don’t break off anytime soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Season Does Hair Fall Out the Most?

Unfortunately, you lose the most hair during the summer.
However, try creating a proper and effective hair care routine to reduce hair shedding to a minimum.


Do You Lose More Hair in Summer Than Winter?

Contrary to popular belief, you actually lose hair in the summer rather than in the winter seasons.


Wrapping Up

It’s not only us, but several medical studies also concluded that you lose more hair in summer. And now that you know the truth and also have an idea of how to prevent that, don’t lose any more hair this summer. Try maintaining a proper haircare routine and make it a “no hair fall” summer for you.

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