25 Cute And Cool Braided Hairstyles for Little Boys

Cool, fun, and stylish- braided hairstyles for little boys cannot be described any better. Versatile plaits and braids would be the right ones to adopt if you are struggling to find a protective, trendy yet -maintenance “do” for your sonny boy’s hair.

These fantastic styles gained popularity and became the surge in the town because of the comfort and convenience they offer to the kid as well as the parents.


Cute And Adorable Little Boy Braid Ideas

Be it long, short, black, or straight hair, braids’ styling versatility in little boy’s manes is truly amazing. Here are simple and casual 25 braid ideas for toddler hair you can try to make your little one look like a true “SuperStar.”


1. Little Boy’s Tightly Knitted Box Braids

Braids for little boys with short hair

Even though these are regular braids, because they are tightly knitted, these plaits make for a classy, sophisticated outlook. This solid style of braiding makes your toddlers’ tresses look fuller and more voluminous with lots of bounce. Adorn them with colorful beads for a rainbow effect.


2. Little Boy Braids For Long Hair

Little boy braids for long hair

When your little boy is reluctant to have a haircut, adorn his long manes with braids for a change in style. As you have a lot of hair to play with, you can try different types and patterns of pleats to add edge and definition to the look.


3. The Perfect Hairline Braids

Braids for 8 year old

The intricate braids set into neat rows give a very clean and tidy vibe to the look. Started right from the hairline, these plaints promise to give an organic appearance while maintaining top-notch style.


4. Braids In A Line

Braids for toddler boy

For a versatile, chic look in your little boy’s hair, start creating braids from one side of the head and bring them to the other. Such a different braiding style makes him different from the others and helps to gain enough attention from the peers. However, make sure to make the plaits symmetrically for maximum impact.


5. Toddler’s Box Braids

Box braids for little boy

These box braids in your little boy’s hair are versatile, protective and stylish. It doesn’t matter what type or length of manes your toddler has, these braids still manage to create an appealing look without much effort.


6. Tie Them Up

Braid hairstyles for little black boy

This “braids tied up in a ponytail” is a simple yet impressive hairstyle for little boys, especially with longer hair. Parents tend to love this “do” because it is easy to create and low-maintenance. If you are looking for an effortless and comfortable style for your little champ, this is it!


7. Fancy Roped Cornrows

Cornrows for little boy

Create a unique look in your baby boy’s manes with fancy lava red braids. The bright red ribbons in-between the plaits draw enough attention to the hair and also accentuate the facial features. You can switch up the ribbon color every now and then to match the toddlers’ outfits.


8. French Braid With Fade

French Braid with fade

Show off your creativity by making several French braids on your toddler’s straight hair. While a single French twist is classic, a head full of these braids of multiple sizes will help your little one make a style statement.


9. Little Boy Braid With Undercut

Little boy braid with undercut

The faded undercut with long braids not only ups the style quint greatly but also makes for a super comfortable hairstyle for your little boy. This fabulous hairdo is versatile, polished, and removes a lot of hair weight for a cleaner outlook. If your toddler has plenty of hair, try this hairstyle now!


10. Buzz Cut Braid

Buzz cut braid

Your little boy doesn’t need long hair or thick braids to get noticed. Short, buzz braids are just as cool and stylish as the others. Just make sure to create a head full of braids to make a style statement easily.


11. Braided Topknot With Faded Sides

Crew cut and braid

Give your little boy a badass hairstyle with a top knot and fade. Make rows of braids with the top of your baby’s hair and tie them up in a bun. Such a protective hairdo not only draws the attention of the peers but also ensures a very edgy outlook.


12. Freestyle Braids For A Little Boy

Free style Braids for little boy

Skin fade with braids is a good combo for boys, especially if he is proactive and athletic. While the free-style plaits hold all the long hair in one place, the side and back fade ensure incredible comfort and convenience. This is a fantastic hairdo for the warmer months.


13. Zigzag Braided Style

Zigzag braided style

Using zigzag patterns and tight braids, create a super fun and engaging “do” on your son’s manes. The defined, snake-like plaits draw the spotlight towards him and make him stand out even in the most casual of outfits.


14. Mohahwk Braids

Mohahwk braids

Mohawk braids are edgy, dramatic, and give your sonny boy a very rockstar-like vibe. Pair this braided hairdo with colorful ribbons and a funky bandana for an edgier yet fun appearance.


15. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braids are just the perfect one for little boys with thick, long hair. The middle part adorned with 2 thick pleats on either side not only keeps the tresses in control but also makes for a super stylish “do.” You can also make a style statement by adding metal pins and rings to the braids.


16. Twist+Braid


For a unique yet low-maintenance hairdo in your little boy’s hair, try creating twisted braids in them. The twisted plaits with shaved sides are an upgrade from his usual hairstyle and make him look as cool as ever. You can adorn the braids with ribbons and beads for added fun and flair.


17. Braided Ponytail For The Little Boy

Braided Ponytail for little boy

This Viking-inspired braided ponytail helps you to keep your son’s long hair stylish and cool with minimal effort and maintenance. Once you tie it up, you are good to go for weeks. Also, because a high ponytail ties up all the hair from the face and neck, it ensures incredible comfort too.


18. Rocking Braids And Rings

Single braids for toddler boy

Spice up your toddler’s pleated hairstyle with some perfectly placed hair accessories! Matching or contrasting clips and rings added on each of the braids not only hold them tightly in place but also offer a flair to the whole outlook.


19. Designed Cornrows In A Bun

Braids for a 10 year old

Even though cornrows are “a widely done” hairstyle, you can constantly personalize it with creative designs. From various patterns to zigzags and spider braids, you can try anything and everything to match your little one’s style and personality.

You can also add decorative wires and beads for additional edge and drama to the look.


20. Two Braids For Little Boy

Two braids for little boy

Even when the toddlers’ tresses are short with shaved sides, you can still create two tiny braids to add fun and flair to the look. Make sure to secure the braids with clips and rings so that they stay tightly in place and don’t come off even when your child plays.


21. Little Boy Braids with Beads

Little boy braids with bids

Add beads to your little boy’s braids to create a whole lot of fun and visual interest for them. Beads worn here and there in the braids not only provide versatility but also helps your toddler stand out in the crowd!


22. Funky Braid Styles For Little Boy

Funky Braid Styles for little boy

When your boy has fine, thin manes, create a whole lot of braids to provide drama and definition to them. Although fine hair looks flat and lackluster, the funky plaits make them stand out while ensuring comfort and style.


23. Feed in Braids For Little Boys

Feed in braids for little boys

These feed-in braids with heavily-shaved sides combined comfort and style seamlessly. These protective plaits can be done in different ways with different patterns to add shape and texture to your boys’ hair without losing any definition.


24. Colorful Braided Hairstyle

Colorful braided hairstyle

If your toddler is a fan of bright, colorful hairstyles, this braided “do” definitely fits the bill for him. The light pastel hues in bright blonde hair are subtle yet impactful and would surely cheer up the little soul completely.


25. Align Braids With Fade Sides

5little boy 3 strand braid

Try this amazing hairdo on your baby’s manes to make him look uber smart and handsome. The four braids on the top tied in a mini pony are trendy and go seamlessly with any hair type and any age. Moreover, as it features perfectly-trimmed sides, this braided-do creates a perfect symmetry in the overall outlook.


Wrapping Up

Braids on little boys are fun, cool, and stylish. You can change their whole look and vibe by just creating a few plaits here and there in their manes. And with all the different braids we discussed above, you wouldn’t feel out of ideas either.

Try such excellent “dos” in your sonny boys’ hair and let us know your thoughts.

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